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Jobless During CoViD-19 Crisis? Don’t Worry! Cannabis Herald’s Hiring Product Reviewers




Even as governments relax the lockdown restrictions the world over, the global economy and livelihoods of people have already taken a turn for the worse. No matter whether you’re a top-ranking corporate official or a grassroots-level sales rep, you may find yourself in a Catch-22 situation.

While most companies and government departments are forced to downsize their teams, a large number of job seekers are undergoing hapless times, desperate to find alternative avenues to make ends meet.

The situation may seem hopeless – fast turning to grim – but it’s not all that gloomy everywhere.

In fact, there are still some Good Tidings for a chosen few, i.e. only if you love and understand cannabis the way we do!

Yes, you’ve heard that right!

Some cannabis products that are legal sell pretty well and so do everything relating to them! And that’s why a handful of companies in this industry are still hiring. One of them is the Cannabis Herald.

The Cannabis Herald, which is a well-known name in the cannabis world, is looking for ‘canna-be’s, who not only love and enjoy the benefits of cannabis, but also know quite a bit about it, its many facets, legalities, and brands, and can shed light on them to help others who can benefit from cannabis.

We, at the Cannabis Herald, are looking for those who love to research, confirm and verify facts and data, as well as try out products from different cannabis brands.

You’ll, of course, get paid handsomely for it! Add to that the fact that you don’t even have to step outside your home! You can work remotely – from the comfort of your own home!

It definitely sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, don’t get too confident! It’s still hard work…and we don’t just hire everybody who loves to smoke marijuana or vape CBD!

This resource portal is hiring people who can give their critical and unbiased opinion on different brands of products and their aspects through the written words as well as…wait for it…talk about – on video!

Do you think you can do that?

If you think you’re up for it, remember, we not only need you to be able to detect and eliminate the bad sheep from the market, but also openly elaborate on them – through your blogs, vlogs, articles, and product reviews – without any bias!

To better understand the positions that are being offered, read on to see if you qualify for them.

Qualifications & Preconditions of the Positions

On the surface, it may seem like getting paid for just vaping or smoking weed. But, it’s NOT!

We’re NOT looking for people to simply enjoy the many benefits of cannabis for free… and GET PAID for it as well!

The Basic Qualifications for working with The Cannabis Herald are…

  • Understanding the inner workings of the industry
  • The benefits of cannabis and its various components
  • The science behind it all
  • The risks and downsides of cannabis
  • The legalities of cannabis and its components
  • Different types of cannabis products
  • Why one product can be better than the others in this ever-growing, ill-regulated marketplace

Note: To work with us, you MUST be:

  • A Legal Resident of The United States of America, Canada, or Europe (where medical marijuana and CBD are legal)
  • 18 years or older (We aren’t gender-biased, but we take the legalities seriously!)

Positions Being Offered

Note: All positions are for remote work only

Product Reviewers – 12 vacancies

To qualify as a Product Reviewer with the Cannabis Herald, one must possess certain QUALITIES. They are:

  1. Flair for writing…and, of course, love for cannabis!
  2. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry
  3. Ability to shred each brand apart and find out what’s great, good, and ugly about every one of them
  4. An honest insight into the cannabis brands and their products
  5. Be a blogger/social media influencer; special preference for those with prior writing/industry experience
  6. Eloquent, confident, and easily approachable attitude, as well as a good screen presence – since you’ll be doing video blogs on unboxings and reviews
  7. Candid and frank opinion on products; candidates with affiliations with any company, brand, or organization will be rejected
  8. Healthy body and mind – We need you to be in perfect health since you’ll be required to smoke weed, use CBD tinctures, and personally test a wide variety of products every single working day – and then write/vlog about them too!

Pay: Up to $100,000 per year

For more information on what the job requires, read the “How Does Product Reviewing Work?” section.

Graphic Designers – 2 Vacancies

To be selected as a Graphic Designer with the Cannabis Herald, the QUALITIES you must possess are:

  1. An eye for the unusual beauty
  2. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry – you will be working on both textual and visual communications
  3. Ability to design eyeball-grabbing designs and images, illustrations, and logos
  4. Strong analytical skills
  5. Knowledge of contemporary industry trends in colors, images, text style, and layout
  6. Ability to coordinate with team members, clients, and vendors to come up with the best designs
  7. Tenacity and persistence to make designs perfect
  8. Patience to get the job done the right way – irrespective of how many times one may have to redo it
  9. Candid and frank opinion on products; candidates with affiliations with any cannabis-based company, brand, or organization will be rejected immediately
  10. Ensure high-quality work at par with expectations on tight deadlines
  11. Understanding of cannabis market and market strategy
  12. Understanding of the brand value and brand guidelines


  • Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing will be preferred; any equivalent work experience will also suffice
  • 3-5 years of experience in graphic design
  • Knowledge of layouts, graphic fundamentals, typography fundamentals, print, and the web
  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS required
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite Required (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign required; other programs are definitely a plus).
  • Compelling portfolio of work over a wide range of creative projects
  • Experience in communicating in a highly regulated environment, like health care, beverage, etc. will be preferred
  • Remuneration: At par with industry standards

Content Writers – 3 Vacancies

The QUALITIES required of a candidate to qualify for being selected as a Content Writer with the Cannabis Herald are:

  1. Flair over the Native American English Language; grasp over writing grammatically correct English
  2. Candid, lucid, and easy-flowing style of writing
  3. Prior experience with content writing for companies relating to the cannabis industry will be preferred
  4. In-depth knowledge and understanding of, and insight into the cannabis industry
  5. Personal experience/knowledge of using cannabis products available in the current market
  6. Unbiased and honest opinion about different brands – candidates with affiliations with any company, brand, or organization will be rejected
  7. Must be detail-oriented, focused, and attentive to individual brand guidelines
  8. Ability to research, analyze, and cull out relevant information, and make well-informed decisions while writing articles and blogs
  9. Blogger/vlogger/social media influencer /writer/journalist in some capacity – those with prior writing/industry experience will be given preference
  10. An adequate understanding of various social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc.
  11. Ability to work independently as well as in a team
  12. Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines without compromising on quality

Remuneration: $50,000 – $80,000

Investigative Journalists – 2 Vacancies

To qualify as an Investigative Journalists with the Cannabis Herald, one must possess certain QUALITIES. They are:

  1. Love for research – Continually research relevant and trending topics to find out what’s happening in the industry
  2. Ability to come up with fantastic story ideas
  3. Should be able to meet deadlines without compromising on the quality of content
  4. Ability to work independently as well as in a team
  5. Prior experience with content writing for companies relating to the cannabis industry will be preferred
  6. In-depth knowledge and understanding of, and insight into the cannabis industry
  7. Develop local sources for stories
  8. Personal experience/knowledge of using cannabis products available in the current market
  9. Unbiased and honest opinion about different brands – candidates with affiliations with any company, brand, or organization will be rejected
  10. Must be detail-oriented, focused, and attentive to individual brand guidelines
  11. Ability to research, analyze, and cull out relevant information, and make well-informed decisions while writing articles and blogs


  1. 3+ field experience
  2. Should be familiar with the AP style
  3. Should be comfortable and confident in giving voice-overs (behind the camera) and piece to camera (in front of)
  4. Open to research and willing to follow up on stories
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication abilities a MUST
  6. Impartial and unbiased attitude while interviewing and writing stories

Remuneration: $50,000 – $80,000

Manager – 1

To qualify as a Team Manager with the Cannabis Herald, you must be:

  1. Experienced with a media agency
  2. Chip in for all of the above positions whenever needed – so read the above positions carefully. A good screen presence, a flair for writing, confident in front of the camera, a good voice with excellent communication skills, as well as good connections and followers on social media are necessary

Remuneration: Up to $100,000 per year

Working Hours for All Positions

8 hours a day; 5 days a week

How Does Product Reviewing Work?

Once selected, we’ll mail you a parcel, containing a variety of products from different cannabis and CBD brands every month. The products you receive may include different strains of cannabis flowers, vapes oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, teas, etc. You will be required to test them out and give your candid, unbiased opinion on how your shopping and user experiences were.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Test out each product personally (even the unboxing is important, i.e. the packaging, its looks, and design, and durability matter too!).
  • Note down your experiences with the product – right from unboxing it to how well the product performed.
  • Check out their websites for all available information, including their lab reports, the technology used, the source of cannabis, etc. The ease of shopping also matters.
  • Get in touch with the customer care reps asking them for more information. Ask them appropriate questions that will help you learn more about the company and the brand. Try and put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and ask those questions – you will find some very interesting questions to ask!
  • Make sure to record everything on video…the final cut must be created by you and send across to us. Your clips must contain unboxing and explainer videos on how well the company and the brand fared in your opinion.

Product Reviewers Are Compensated Handsomely!

To get paid for doing something that you love must be your dream job, right? So, there’s that – the joy of experimenting with cannabis and CBD products and experiencing their benefits!

But wait! That’s not all! Here are your substantial gains from this position:

  1. A pay of up to $100,000 a year towards salary (See details in the Terms and Conditions section)
  2. FREE cannabis products (You won’t be charged for the samples we send you to test every month!)

If you think you’d be interested in such a role, Apply Now!

How Can You Apply?

To apply, first send us the following items/documents:

  1. Your resume
  2. A headshot and/or a 60-second introductory video of you telling us what makes you special and why we should choose you. Talk about yourself, your passion for the industry, and your understanding of it, your vision, of course, why you’re interested in the position we’re offering.
  3. Links to your existing social media accounts/profiles
  4. Links to your existing blogs and/or vlogs
  5. Links to Companies & Brands you follow and explain why
  6. Name 7 street names of cannabis/marijuana/hemp – so we know you’ve tried it out at least once!

Send us all that through this form (Attached Below):

Terms and Conditions

  • This job has been posted by
  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Applicants must be residents of countries where cannabis is legal at least for research/where medical marijuana is legal/where CBD is legal. That includes the United States of America, Canada, or Europe (particularly the UK).
  • Applications sent by current employees of Cannabis Herald or their family members will not be entertained.
  • Cannabis Herald will select these 20 candidates from the list of applicants, based on their understanding, knowledge, and experience with the industry and cannabis use, their skill-set and experience in their respective fields.
  • Applicants will be paid up to $100,000 annually, which will be broken down into parts on a monthly basis, depending on the output volume per month and his/her experience and abilities.
  • The selected candidates will be informed via email within 7 days’ of the closing date of the job posting. The closing date of the posting is [….]. In the event that the applicant fails to respond to this mail within 10 days of sending it out, the application will be considered canceled.
  • On selection, every recruit will be as an “individual contractor” under the understanding that they are not and not to be affiliated to any specific company, brand, third-party organization, agency, joint venture, partnership, or be in any employee-employer relationship with any of the above-mentioned entities.
  • The positions will be conferred solely to the person selected by us and are NOT TRANSFERABLE to anyone by the selected applicant.
  • In the event of an application, the applicant agrees to allow his/her name and image to be used publicly for the interest of the company (Cannabis Herald).
  • Any personal data on the applicant, if used, like prior experience, state/country of residence, etc., will be used ONLY as per the current federal and state data protection legislation. No other personal data retrieved from the applicant will be disclosed publicly or be shared with any third-party entity without the applicant’s prior and explicit consent.
  • Working Hours for all positions: 8 hours/day; 5 days/week

Written by: Ivan Green

About Cannabis Herald

The Cannabis Herald, a trusted online resource destination for everything relating to the CBD and cannabis industry, provides regular updates on cannabis and CBD products and legalized marijuana. Besides, this news site also offers detailed descriptions of responsible farming and manufacturing practices, canna-investments, and business opportunities in the CBD industry.

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Kentucky based CBD company files lawsuit against seed provider

Black Friday Sale 2020 is about to start. With Black Friday knocking our door, it’s a great time of the year to stock up your favourite CBD products and to get your Christmas shopping done. When It comes to shopping, nothing motivates a person more than a great deal. The 2020 Black Friday Sale offers you a wide range of CBD products from trusted brands at an economized rate. 

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Everything you need to know about 2020 Black Friday Sale 


What are the best CBD Black Friday deals and sales?

We have curated a list of different trusted CBD brands for you. Deepening upon your budget or which form of CBD you often use, you can choose any CBD product of your choice. You can even have a look at the official website of CBD brand, read customer reviews to make a decision on which CBD brand is best for you. 

When does the 2020 Black Friday Sale Start?

Black Friday Sale will be live on Friday following the Thanksgiving day.

What will be on sale during Black Friday? 

The 2020 Black Friday Sale will feature CBD products from top brands. During the 2020 Black Friday Sale, you can buy full-spectrum CBD oil drops, soft gels, gummies, and capsules from a well-reputed CBD brand at best discount. 

How do I use the 2020 Black Friday Discount coupon?

  • Go to the official website of CBD brand from which you want to purchase CBD supplement
  • Fill your shopping cart with the products you’re looking for
  • Go to the checkout page, and enter the coupon code in the field and then click on the apply button
  • Your saving will be included in your order summary 

Can I combine other discounts with black Friday coupons?

No. The Black Friday coupon codes cannot be used with any other discounts or coupons. 

I live outside the US? Am I eligible to take part in this Black Friday sale?

Yes. Most of the brands which are included in our list do shipping internationally. 

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CBD for Fever: Scientific Studies



CBD for Fever - Everything You Need to Know

You come home after a long and tiring day at work, feeling awful with a sore throat. Then you check your temperature, and after a few minutes, you lose it by hearing the word ‘fever.’ This is how it starts for most people. 

Fever is a common condition where the body temperature is higher than the average temperature. It is also known as high temperature, hyperthermia, or pyrexia. Fever is usually an indication that your body is working towards keeping you healthy from an infection. 

While mostly fever goes away after a few days with regular doses of antibiotics, there might be another way to get rid of it. Read on to know if CBD can help you with fever.

What do we Know About Fever?

To get treatment and proper monitoring, it is essential to recognize a fever. The average body temperature is typically 98.6°F. However, it can vary from person to person. The average body temperature also fluctuates depending on the time of day. Usually, it is lower in the morning and high in the late afternoon and evening. 

Some other factors, such as menstrual cycle or heavy exercise, can also affect body temperature. You can get fever due to virus, bacterial infection, certain medications such as antibiotics, heat exhaustion, and some immunizations. Sometimes, it can be challenging to know the exact cause of fever. 

To check body temperature, you can use a rectal, oral, or axillary thermometer. While using an oral thermometer, place it under the tongue for 3 minutes. You can use an oral thermometer for an axillary, or armpit reading. 

Can I Prevent a Fever?

Prevention of fever is only possible to the extent that the specific cause of fever is prevented. Fevers are usually caused due to infections. The best way to avoid a fever is to avoid sources of contamination and maintain good hygiene practices. Some ways to do the same are – 

  • Maintain proper hygiene and wash hands frequently 
  • Avoid meeting with sick people
  • Ensure that all immunizations are up to date

What are CBDs? 

There is no dubiety that CBD is the wellness product of the contemporary world. If you live in a state when CBD is legal, you know well that it suddenly went from being sort of around to everywhere all at once. 

Coffee shops are selling CBD lattes, beauty companies are planning to release lotions with CBDs in their formulas, and spas offer CBD facials. Almost everyone from an anxious coworker to an arthritis-suffering man wants to get their hands on CBD. 

For those who still don’t know, cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis. This plant possesses a rich history as a medicine dating back to thousands of years. Today, scientists and doctors across the globe are looking into the therapeutic properties of CBD.

What do We Currently Know About CBD for Fever?

Fever is caused when an area in your brain known as the hypothalamus shifts the set point of your normal body temperature upward. 

Many people are shifting towards CBD for various conditions, one of them being fever. CBD might be able to help you with the above-mentioned symptoms, thereby helping you with fever. Although there is not much evidence about CBD being antipyretic, it is able to treat fever as a symptom for various conditions. 

In a study, two patients suffering from Mediterranean fever went under cannabis treatment.  Doctors found out a remarkable improvement in the condition of both the patients and the severity of attacks reduced. 

As per another case study, a 23-year-old patient suffering from FMF for 15 years wasn’t able to notice any significant improvements despite treatment with 3-4 recommended tablets per day. While some medicines improved ankle pain, there was not much effect on fever. It was only after smoking medical cannabis that he found significant improvement in chest pain and only had a mild fever during attacks. 

CBD is also used to treat fever as a symptom of conditions such as Dravet Syndrome. A severe kind of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome is characterized by seizures that are hard to control with anti-epilepsy medicines. The FDA approved Epidiolex, which is a cannabis derivative to treat the condition. 

Best CBD Oils : Tried and Tested by Our Team

Cannabis Herald recommends buying online from reputed brands. This ensures you get authentic CBD products that are labelled correctly.

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CBD for Other Related Conditions 

Besides fever, CBD can help you with other related conditions too. But this mostly revolves around CBD’s ability to weaken or strengthen the immune system. Well, CBD can actually do both, and it totally depends on a person’s autoimmune condition.

It is possible that your immune system may overreact to some non-threatening internal or threatening external events which leads to an attack against healthy cells in your body. This is usually an attempt to get rid of the threat. It would be great to choose a high-quality CBD product if you suffer from an autoimmune disease

According to another research, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, that help you with body aches and pains. CBD is also capable of relaxing your body and helping you with insomnia. Moreover, as cannabis has the ability to suppress the immune system, it is very likely to have fever-reducing properties. 

Since CBD has so many health benefits, doctors and researchers have carried out various studies and are working on many more. These studies are expected to bring a positive response about CBD. 

The major focus remains on CBD for strengthening a person’s immune system. This is purely based on the fact that a healthy immune system can help combat infections that result in fever. 

Dosage for CBD

It is relatively easy to derive benefits from cannabis. A puff or two of CBD can do the trick for most people. Smoking marijuana, however, is not the only way to seek therapeutic benefits. There are various other ways to experience the medical benefits of cannabis. 

In recent times, the advent of CBD concentrates, non-intoxicating cannabidiol products, and innovative, smokeless products have transformed the way people consume marijuana. But dosing cannabis is a bit of a challenge. While some people find small doses effective, others have to use incredibly high doses. 

Micro-dosing is best for people who wish to avail the benefits of cannabis without feeling high. If you have no experience with CBD, it is better to start with small doses. Take the same dose for some days and observe the effects. If you feel the need to adjust the ratio, do it, but don’t overdo it. 

With CBD, less is more often goes well. Although there are no severe side effects and reactions to CBD, excessive amounts could be less beneficial therapeutically. Cannabis is available in concentrated oil form, tincture, edible gel, infused sublingual sprays, topical salves, and other products. 

How to Buy CBD for Fever?

It is best to get your products from a licensed dispensary if CBD is legal in your state. If not, you can always count on online storefronts or actual storefronts in some areas. But choosing among so many CBD brands can be overwhelming. Many CBD products come mislabelled.

According to a study, 69% of 85 products surveyed had an incorrect CBD or THC on the product label. Moreover, there are high chances that the product you receive has discrepancies. Some CBD brands mislead users with products containing CBD isolate instead of whole plant CBD-rich extract. 

Tips for Buying CBD for Fever 

  • It is in your best interest to look for products made by companies in states that have legalized medical and recreational use of cannabis. 
  • Always opt for full-spectrum CBD rich oil extracts instead of isolate, distillate, or products labeled “pure CBD” or “no THC.” 
  • Instead of looking for total cannabinoid content, search for labels that indicate CBD and THC amount per serving. 
  • Steer clear of companies that make explicit health claims of CBD. 
  • Avoid poor quality CBD gummies made with artificial colors and corn syrup. 
  • Do not hesitate to contact CBD companies directly for your queries.

Bottom Line 

Fever is usually a sign that something out of the ordinary is going on in your body. It is not a sign of concern until it reaches 103 F. When talking about infants and toddlers, slightly elevated temperature signals a serious infection. 

Although over-the-counter medicines can help to treat fever, it is not enough for some people. With CBD becoming popular in the wellness industry, many wonder if it can help with conditions like a fever. As mentioned above, CBD might help in treating fevers caused by pathogens. 

Thus, while buying CBD oil, it is vital to keep your health conditions in mind. Also, make sure of your health goals and the exact purpose of buying CBD. This technique will benefit you in deciding the best type of CBD oil to have. We also recommend you to consult a doctor experienced in CBD use for professional advice.

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CBD for Gallbladder: What does the Science Say?



CBD for Gallbladder

Gallbladder disease (GBD) is a common health concern that affects millions across the world. 

According to the NHANES III, “a total of 20.5 million persons in the United States, 6.3 million men and 14.2 million women, aged 20–74 years, were estimated to have GBD”.

CBD addresses the symptoms of gallbladder problems that cause a lot of discomfort in the patients. But does it actually work? Is it even safe to use?

To understand all of this, we have compiled various studies and researches about CBD and its benefits for gallbladder problems. Read on! 

What are Gallbladder Problems?

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ present under the liver on the upper right section of the abdomen. It stores bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver. This fluid is released into the small intestine for proper digestion of fats. 

Gallstones or cholelithiasis is the most common gallbladder disease. They are hardened deposits of the bile in the gallbladder. 

The size may vary from that of sand grain to a golf ball. The patient can develop one-to-many gallstones at the same time. 

Gallstones mostly affect women above the age of 40. According to the Mayo Clinic, it may happen due to the following:

High cholesterol in the bile: When the liver produces more cholesterol than the bile can dissolve,  the excess cholesterol forms crystals and then gallstones in the gallbladder. 

High bilirubin in the bile: Bilirubin is a chemical that breaks down the RBCs in the body. The body produces excess bilirubin in conditions like liver cirrhosis, biliary tract infections. This leads to gallstone formation. 

Inability to empty the bladder correctly: When your bladder doesn’t get empty correctly, the bile gets concentrated and eventually forms gallstones. 

Types of Gallstones

Cholesterol gallstones: These stones are usually yellow in color. This is a more common type of gallstones that are formed due to undissolved cholesterol. 

Pigment gallstones: Due to the excess bilirubin content, these gallstones are brown and black in color. 

Other types of gallbladder diseases are:

Cholecystitis, Common bile duct infection, common bile duct stones (choledocholithiasis), gallbladder disease without stones, perforated gallbladder, abscess of the gallbladder, and many more. 

Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease

Here are a few common symptoms one may experience:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Fever
  • Chronic diarrhea

Treatment for gallbladder Problems

Depending upon the type of problem, the treatments may include:

  • over-the-counter pain medications, like ibuprofen 
  • prescription pain medications, like hydrocodone and morphine 
  • surgery to remove gallstones
  • Cholecystectomy: surgery to remove the whole gallbladder
  • lithotripsy, a medical procedure where shock waves are used to break stones in the gallbladder and other organs

Can CBD help with Gallbladder Pain and Inflammation?

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD has several therapeutic and health benefits. Pure CBD products don’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) intoxicating compound 

CBD provides relief in gallbladder problems. It also helps in alleviating gastrointestinal symptoms.

People are resorting to cannabinoids as a natural alternative to usual pain medications. This is because drugs like NSAIDs and prescription medicines can have long-term adverse side effects. 

CBD is arising as a potential treatment for gallbladder problems due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

The ECS is responsible for regulation of pain, sleep, memory, mood, immune response, and other functions in the body. 

CBD works to maintain homeostasis (balance) in the body to inhibit the pain sensation, a major symptom of gallbladder diseases.

A 2013 review talked about the role of the endocannabinoid system and the phytocannabinoids in chronic pain management.

Best CBD Oils : Tried and Tested by Our Team

Cannabis Herald recommends buying online from reputed brands. This ensures you get authentic CBD products that are labelled correctly.

fabcbd oil

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joy organics cbd oil

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Joy Organics

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How does CBD help with Gallbladder problems?

According to a 2017 study, “CBD is mostly devoid of adverse psychoactive effects and possesses anticonvulsant, analgesic, anti-anxiety, antiemetic, immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotectant, and anti-tumorigenic properties”.

As mentioned above, CBD not only aids in gallbladder problems but also takes care of the gastrointestinal issues. It also supports gut health and relieves digestive issues.

It works to protect the intestinal cells and gallbladder from chemical or inflammatory damage and inhibits the development of harmful diseases. 

Based on the studies and researches available, here’s how CBD can help the patients with Gallbladder and GI issues:

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection or injury. Chronic inflammation is a common symptom in people suffering from the gallbladder and gastrointestinal issues. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and it works through various receptors, fatty acids, hormones, and cell-signaling proteins to reduce the discomfort in the patient.

Pain is another major symptom of gallbladder disease. The pain can be dull, achy, sharp, or sudden depending on the cause. It affects the abdomen to the lower back. 

CBD has analgesic (pain-relieving) properties that can decrease discomfort in the patients

A 2004 study revealed that CBD interacts with the vanilloid TRPV1 receptor to produce its anti-hyperalgesic effect. It was used to treat acute inflammation in a rat model. 

CBD has antinociceptive effects through which it can prevent the detection of painful signals by the sensory neurons. That’s why its effects last longer than the usual painkillers

Heals Leaky Gut   

Leaky gut or intestinal permeability is a digestive condition that affects the lining of the intestines. Here the bacteria and toxins leak from the intestinal walls into the bloodstream.  

The common symptoms of leaky gut are inflammation, abdominal pain, gas, bloating, etc. It can further lead to gallstones and gastrointestinal diseases.

CBD may help in relieving this condition. A 2017 study concluded that CBD can “restore the intestinal barrier integrity, through the involvement of the CB1 receptor”.

A 2012 study showed that “phytocannabinoids have therapeutic potential for reversing the disordered intestinal permeability associated with inflammation”. 

In another 2019 study, it was revealed that CBD when taken with palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) can reduce intestinal hyper-permeability (leaky gut) induced by inflammation. This is also beneficial for people with Irritable bowel syndrome. 

Improves Metabolism

The endocannabinoid system also regulates the metabolic function in the body. It is made up of metabolic enzymes that help in energy storage, transportation of nutrients, and insulin sensitivity. 

A 2012 study investigated the association between metabolic syndrome and the development of gallstone disease (GSD). It concluded that more the components of metabolic syndrome are there in the body, higher is the prevalence of GSD. 

The use of CBD has shown significant development in treating metabolic disorders like diabetes. However, we require specific studies to prove their use for gallstones.

CBD turns the white fat cells into brown to prevent the risk of obesity. This further leads to increased lipolysis, thermogenesis, and reduction of lipogenesis. It, therefore, improves the user’s metabolic health. 

Promotes Brain Health

The discomfort in your gut also affects brain function. A 2019 study talks about this gut-brain connection. 

The inflammation in the gut usually causes brain fog, lack of concentration, and even anxiety. It also leads to inflammation in the brain which could develop into neurodegenerative disease. 

A 2018 review revealed that CBD can attenuate acute autonomic responses induced by stress by activating the 5HT1A (serotonin) receptors. 

Also, it concluded that CBD can show neuroprotective effects by activating the adenosine receptors. It can enhance the signaling of adenosine to mediate immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Pros and Cons of using CBD to Treat Your Gallbladder Problems

Before using CBD for your gallbladder condition, let’s understand its pros and cons:


  • CBD helps alleviate pain and inflammation in the gallbladder.
  • Helps heal leaky gut and promotes overall health by taking care of metabolism and the brain. 
  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “CBD is

generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile”.

  • The patient cannot develop tolerance or get addicted to CBD. It delivers therapeutic benefits without making them ‘high’.
  • Has relatively milder side effects than medication drugs.


  • There are limited studies related to CBD’s efficacy for gallbladder problems. 
  • There’s no standard CBD dosage prescribed for its usage for gallbladder.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate CBD except in the case of epilepsy
  • Due to the lack of regulation and standardization, low quality, mislabelled CBD products are being sold in the market that can be harmful.  

CBD and Alternative Treatments for Gallbladder Problems

Many patients go for complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) to relieve gallbladder pain. They can also prevent the further development of gallbladder diseases. This should be done in supervision of a healthcare practitioner. Here’s what all it includes:

Maintain a healthy weight: Being obese puts you at risk for various gallbladder problems. It is important to maintain a healthy weight, reducing your calorie intake, and indulging regular exercise. 

CBD also helps in improving your metabolism and reduces the risk of gallbladder diseases related to metabolic syndrome. 

Dietary changes: To lower the plasma insulin levels, it is important to make significant changes in your diet. Eliminate fatty foods and refined carbohydrates from your diet. 

Try having unrefined carbs like whole grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables. 

Like CBD, these foods will help in reducing inflammation as they get digested slowly and ensure a steady dosage of sugar in your body. 

Herbal medicine: You can also rely on turmeric, bupleurum, Oregon grape, and coin grass to reduce the painful inflammation caused by the gallbladder diseases. It may also relieve liver congestion. 

CBD is also a herbal compound that comes from plants and treats the health ailments naturally. You can easily add it to your wellness routine.

How to take CBD for Gallbladder?

CBD is available in many forms in the market for you to choose from. Take a look:


The most common way to take Cannabidiol is in the form of oil tincture. As oils are molecular carriers, they hold more cannabinoids than other CBD products. They easily get absorbed into the bloodstream to show desired effects. 

How to use: The best way to take CBD oil is sublingually. You need to put it under the tongue and let it sit for 90 seconds and then swallow it. The effects will appear in 15 to 45 minutes. 

You can also have CBD oil in the form of capsules, edibles like gummies, baked goods. 

CBD Topicals

Another way to use CBD is through CBD topicals. This includes ointments, lotions, and salves. These topicals get absorbed in the skin to provide relief in the affected areas. 

How to use: Apply the cream generously on the upper abdomen or back area at the site of the pain. You can reapply it after 30-60 minutes until the pain reduces.

Pro tip: Always check the ingredients of the topical to check if you are not allergic to any of them. 

CBD Dosage for Gallbladder Problems

Unfortunately, there is no recommended dosage of CBD for gallbladder diseases. It may depend on your weight, metabolism, cause of the pain, and its severity.

Finding the right dosage is a process of trials and experimentation. 

You can either follow the instructions on the package or start with the lowest dosage. 

Increase the dosage as required. Once you get the desired effects, stick to that dosage. 

For further assistance, consult your doctor. 

Side Effects of CBD

Although you cannot develop a tolerance or addiction towards CBD, it is important you do not overindulge in it. 

It may cause some mild side-effects, like:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Headache 

If the side effects become too severe, we advise you to discontinue the use. 

Conclusion: Should you try?

Although there is a long way to go for CBD as a potential gallbladder treatment, the present researches spark a promising light of hope. It may become a natural alternative to the drugs currently being used. 

As CBD can be procured without any proper prescription, the risk of its side effects also increases. It may even interact with your over the counter (OTC) medications. 

Therefore, we recommend you to consult your healthcare provider before taking CBD for any gallbladder problem. They shall let you know if it is safe for you to use given your medical state. 

We hope we helped you understand the efficacy of CBD for gallbladder problems. Stay healthy, stay fit!

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