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CBD Company Aims To Help Out Veterans




CBD Company Supports Veterans

Puffin Hemp wants to give back to vets

Veterans now have access to CBD products and hemp. Puffin Hemp’s founder, Emek Blair, states that the company wants to raise and donate up to $1 billion worth of its profits to veterans. He added that since 2015, the company has donated up to $30,000 worth of CBD-containing products and hemp and they aim to donate more.

The company employs an appreciation program wherein enrolled veterans could get free supplies like hemp-derived CBD oil for three months. Blair adds that after the free three-month period, vets can get the products for one-tenth of the cost.

CBD is beneficial, especially for vets

He says that vets have volunteered all their life, risking their safety having gone through unimaginable situations. They wish to provide helpful products to them like CBD. Blair sees this as a moral and ethical requirement for him to do so.

Cannabidiol or CBD has been proven to provide a cure to many physical, emotional, and mental problems. It often comes with a huge price tag, with CBD oils containing only 1 gram of CBD ranging from around $50 to $100. Blair states that sharing their newly developed supplement with the veterans to vets who served the country is a moral duty.

CBD Company made CBD easily absorbed by the body

Blair, who studied chemistry in college, looked into how nutritional supplements can be more efficiently ingested by humans. He states that this led him to give more attention to liposomes and lipids, allowing for more efficient carrying of CBD. This allows the company to donate more of their products.

Blair even adds that when it comes to supplements and food, it’s more of what humans can absorb, not actually what they can eat. According to him, our bodies are not good at absorbing the necessary nutrients we need. Most people who take supplements complain of not feeling any different and not feeling any significant results. He explains that when taking CBD, almost 95% of it becomes rejected by the body and the rest are very difficult to absorb.

He tells us that he’d looked into how babies would get the nutrients from breast milk. From this, he found that through encircling CBD particles with fat, the human body would be able to detect CBD as viable nutrition, allowing for a much greater absorption as compared to ordinary hemp. This is now what he calls liposomal hemp or CBD.

Because of this, the company doesn’t need too much help in making its products. Consequently, they don’t need a large farm for their hemp. Thus, allowing for less use of electricity and gasoline. All of this is part of their environmental friendly principle. He claims that compared to other companies, they only use up to one-twentieth of hemp, allowing them to give away more products to the vets.

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