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Small Scale Tests Show That CBD Can Help Manage Opioid Addiction




Opioid Addiction CBD

Opioids, while used as a prescription painkiller, has been proven to cause addiction among its users. While the use of these substances cannot be avoided in some circumstances, the chemical dependency it creates is a cause for major concerns amongst the medical community. Fortunately, a recent study out yesterday shows some promising results by using CBD as a substitute to contain withdrawals. When combined with controlled doses, CBD can be used to reduce cravings for Opioids and calm the nerves of the dependants.

According to a professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Pharmacology at Icahn School of Medicine, Yasmin Hurd, this is a remarkable breakthrough. This is because the successful production of a substitute non-opioid medication would add enormous benefits to the medical world. This is basically because CBD (cannabidiol) contained in Cannabis isn’t the stimulant that causes euphoria, and thus provides more benefits without the side-effects. While it’s already being used as a prescription medicine with several other rumored benefits, the results of the study show clear signs that at least one of those rumors might have some substance behind it.

The test was conducted among 42 participants of either gender. All of these participants had already been suffering from opioid disorders, namely, heroin, but we’re currently off the drugs. Half of the subjects were given only a placebo pill making them a control group, while the others were treated with pills containing CBD. The second group reported fewer withdrawal symptoms and anxiety and their vitals evidenced similar results. Their heart-rate was slower and the cortisol levels in their saliva were lower.

This result, while still remains to be tested on a larger range of subjects and people who are currently addicted to and using opioids, still carries some big implications. If CBD can indeed be a substitute for Opioids as a painkiller or at least contain their addictive characteristics, this can be a major breakthrough in medicine. More and more people can have access to the medication and pain-killers they need without having to worry about the side-effects they can bring.

There is already medicine out there that can be used to manage Opioid withdrawal symptoms, like buprenorphine and methadone, these are not easily accessible. Besides, most of the rehabilitation centers don’t even offer these medicines as a solution to the withdrawal symptoms. With CBD being a natural substance and being relatively easier to obtain, they can be used by a lot more patients suffering from Opioid addiction than before.

More and more people are now coming to recognize the benefits of using CBD. Citizens of Idaho are voting towards the legalization of CBD as a medicinal alternative to Opioids with the Church’s support. Similarly, a certain ethnocentric group from Chicago is pushing forward for this as well with Texas giving their green light for the hemp legalization bill. With this recent development out in the open, we can expect to see a greater range of use and advancements in medicine on the horizon through the use of CBD as a substitute.

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