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Britons invest in trendy wellness ingredient -CBD product sales surge by 99%




CBD products

According to a new data, sales of products containing CBD, also known as cannabidiol have skyrocketed by 99 percent in the UK.

Wowcher, an online deals platform reveals that purchases of CBD products have almost doubled in 2019, with Brits rushing for an investigation into the potential health benefits of CBD in edibles and beauty products.

CBD or cannabidiol is a major component found in the hemp plant that is a relative of the cannabis genus plant. It has copious benefits and has anti-inflammatory effects which help treat pain, swelling, reduce anxiety, stress and even help with severe ailments such as epilepsy.

Another significant component found in hemp and cannabis plant, both is THC or tetrahydro cannabidiol which has psychoactive effects and is responsible for the “high” that one feels after smoking marijuana. Cannabis with high concentration of THC if used frequently or regularly for a long period of time can lead to fatal consequences such as mental disorders including concussions, hallucinations, dizziness, forgetfulness, fatigue and dangerous failures, especially the nervous system shutting down.

However, a major difference lies between the concentration of THC found in both the plants. Hemp has hardly 0.3% THC which is safe to use and considered legal, whereas marijuana plant has THC in abundance with heavy concentration.

CBD oil is made from extracting CBD from the hemp plant and diluting it with either hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The product is gaining quite an increasingly widespread popularity with studies claiming how effective it is in treating acnes and the soothing effects on mind.

Celebrities too are now swearing by the product and advocating their love for it. Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Christian Bell and many others have taken over the social media to express their thoughts and support CBD based products.

In fact, Kim K has recently revealed that she is expecting her fourth child with husband Kanye West and plans to have a CBD themed baby shower. She says that the news about the baby boy has made her not just thrilled but also a bit frantic, she further adds that she wants to relax a bit and having a CBD themed party would do it just right.

Her elder sister, Kourtney Kardashian also launched a line of CBD products with CBD gummy bears. Kourtney says that CBD is good for health and helps in relieving stress and pain.

While American market is flooded with products that include CBD, the Wowcher’s data shows that out of all the cities in the UK with cannabis products, London boasts the most sales of CBD products. This is followed by Cardiff and Edinburgh.

“It’s clear that the discussion around CBD’s health and beauty properties, hailed by celebrities, has influenced shoppers to rush for this trending ingredient” says Alexis Harrison, head of marketing at Wowcher.

“The past three months have seen a huge jump in Wowcher’s sales of CBD products – with CBD oil being the most popular. The popularity of CBD shows no signs of slowing, and we’re happy to offer a range of affordable CBD products to our customers.”

Companies are coming up with new CBD products for gaining traction in the consumer market. Research shows that CBD is the next big thing and will help boost the market by billions in the coming years.

CBD infused drinks, candy bars, gummy bears, lotions, creams, roll-ons, other edible and medical products have already launched in the market. CBD has gained major popularity in the beauty industry, it is now being embedded in the form of creams and oils to soothe wrinkles, remove fine lines, give a beautiful touch to the skin.

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