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MX Sports Pro Racing Prohibits Riders/ teams On promoting CBD Products






MX Sports, the organizers of the Lucal Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, says that based on the evolving legal regulatory ambiguity amidst the hold back from the FDA, broadcast standards regarding CBD products prohibits the appearance and mention of any CBD based products during on air production.

This means, teams/riders will not be permitted to wear any apparel or use items with CBD related logos on them during the on-air performance, nor will they be allowed to promote or mention any company or product’s name on air.

Despite of this, MX Sports Pro Racing says that it embraces the financial support that CBD companies may provide its participants and openly welcomes any sponsorship of the CBD products, as long as the participants follow the aforementioned broadcast restrictions.

Team riders and participants can obtain sponsorships and promote hemp derived CBD products, even display logos on their paddock display areas and team rigs during off-air interviews, mention on social media and also promote through other non-broadcast means.

Roy Janson, MX Sports Pro Racing Managing Director said that they recognise how legal CBD could potentially give space and serve as an opportunity for growth of the sport of motocross. Since the USADA does not include hemp derived CBD as a Controlled Substance, many of the participants use it as a recovery supplement.

It is no surprise why companies and organizations would hesitate to contact the MX Sports Pro Racing and their participants for the promotion of their CBD based products. Janson further adds that while they invite and welcome all these opportunities which benefit the organization and the sponsoring companies as well, they strictly abide by the federal regulations.

Currently, the advertising and promotion lies with both, the federal and state regulation on a state-to-state basis. The farm bill in December, 2018 legalized hemp derived CBD with low concentrations of THC, with a maximum of 0.3%.

Despite the legalization of the substance, some lawmakers hold back on their decision halting the legal use of CBD in some states. Hence, the confusion regarding the use of CBD remains strong, also the FDA has set no regulatory framework for CBD infused products which puts companies and consumers into a dilemma whether to use CBD products or not.

Though the federal law allows CBD, the current broadcast network standards and practices continue to ban in-broadcast advertising and promotions for CBD products. Until further clarification and notice, riders and companies currently in the sector can not freely promote or signage CBD products on their machines, items or clothing.

But off-air inclusions, brand logos and verbal mentions are permitted to the participants and company owners. Also, this regulation does not majorly affect participants or riders from securing hemp derived CBD based sponsorships as long as they comply to the rules.

Riders will be required to cover or remove any logo or image that could possibly violate this policy. If any rider fails to comply with them, the individual can be removed from the team race program.

AMA recently issued a new policy for Supercross application and urges riders and teams to understand and learn the distinction between 2 policies, says the MX Sports Pro Racing members.

As of now, riders and teams are liable for seeking their own legal counsel and guidance with regard to the sponsorship programs for CBD products while the ambiguity persists and the MX Pro Racing loosens on their stringent commitments.

On the other hand, despite of the FDA regulations on CBD infused edibles, companies and business leaders are introducing new CBD based foods and drinks continuously. Consumers are advised to ensure how the drug would possibly react and consult with their physician first if they are on any specific on-going medication.

The FDA will hold a public hearing on May 31, to clarify the doubts regarding the production, distribution and possession of hemp or CBD based products. Till then, the vague irregularities keep a strong hold in the cannabidiol space.

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