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Your CBD Storeannounces opening of its 1st CBD store in Sumter’s




CBD oil in Sumter

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Sumter announces the opening of its first store which will exclusively sell retail products made from cannabidiol or CBD. Eugene Jacobs, owner of Your CBD Store- Florence spoke about the opening of Your CBD Store – Sumter at 661 Bultman Drive near Murray’s Donuts on May 4.

Although some of the nearby gas stations and retailers sell CBD oil, Jacob’s new store will offer a gamut of CBD products to the consumers. CBD is popularly known to have health benefits such as treating pain, swelling, reducing inflammation, stress, anxiety, improving sleep patterns and even epilepsy in some cases.

It is a natural supplement which can be effectively used as an alternative treatment to the prescribed drugs and opioids, however it has been legalized only in the U.S. for open sales last December.

Jacobs said that CBD is a natural, non-additive and non-psychoactive compound which doesn’t alter the state of mind in any manner. He also said that being a natural supplement, CBD simply enhances our body’s healing capacity and promotes a healthy living.

CBD has become one of the hottest ingredients in the market, especially after it was legalized.Controversies have always followed the drug due to the stigma attached with marijuana, however cannabinoid derived from hemp with low levels of THC or tetrahydro cannabinoid at 0.3% are safe to consume according to the federal law.

Historically, hemp was a banned substance and was listed under the controlled substance list by the federal government, it was only recently in December 2018 that the drug was removed from the list.

Jacobs said that the Your CBD store franchise has 250 stores open in the U.S. and the franchise will exclusively sell SunMed’s products. The hemp plant used in the extraction process is cultivated in Colorado by a third-party vendor. The medicinal CBD benefits are extracted from the hemp plant and packaged in Florida at the company’s main plant. Then, the finished goods are distributed to consumers through the Your CBD Stores.

Jacobs further confirmed that their products are free from THC, which allows their customers to take full advantage of the products without worrying about its psychoactive effects. He says that though the law allows 0.3% THC in CBD based products, customers who consume them are at a risk of failing random drug tests.

The new store in Bultman will offer a wide variety of CBD products- lip balm, chewing gum, chocolate, candies, pain creams, roll-ons and many others. A person would be assigned the task of attending the customers while they have any query about the products or describe their ailment to get the suited product. This person would basically guide them to the best products that would help in treating their disease.

The store will also have products for pets. Jacobs said that he has got a good support from the medical community, especially pain management specialists and chiropractors.

Though the products do not contain THC, they are still not regulated by the FDA as the agency allows CBD only in a drug to treat two rare forms of epilepsy in children. It has announced to set a regulatory framework soon after the public meeting in May.

“Every time we sell our product, it has a stamped statement that says it’s not been evaluated by the FDA,” Jacobs said. “Just like a supplement you may buy at a vitamin store, our CBD products fall under a natural healing category.”

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