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Coromega joins the CBD bandwagon, introduces a new single serving packets of CBD oil




Coromega Max CBD Shot

Coromega (Vista, CA) has entered the cannabinoid or popularly known as CBD space with the launch of a new product, Coromega Max CBD. The company is known for making emulsified fish and vegetarian oils, it holds a strong position in the industry and plans to capture a large market with its newly announced product.

With gamut of products now being introduced and sold in the market as CBD infused, it is time the bigheads of the industry too jumped on the CBD bandwagon and made a move. Coromega comes up with their Coromega Max CBD product to provide precise and concisely measured CBD.

The Coromega Max CBD is curated with a blend of CBD oil, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), and organic cocoa which renders a chocolate flavour. It comes in the form of squeeze shots, with each individual shot containing 10 mg of CBD.

Andrew Aussie, executive vice president and COO of Coromega, in a press release said, “We’re incredibly excited to introduce our very first CBD squeeze supplement.”

He further added that their goal has always been to cater to the needs of the consumers that help maximize health benefits by their emulsified oil blends and with the introduction of the new product, it doesn’t change at all.

The Coromega Max CBD is made with the signature formula and oil expertise to hemp oil says Aussie. Consumers can now revel in the benefits of CBD and MCTs in a one-go, single serving, ideally measured chocolate flavoured squeeze. It is much easier to handle and more convenient to use, far better than messy tincture droppers, these seem quite portable and fuss-free.

One of the biggest benefits of the newly arrived squeeze shots is that it allows the consumers to know accurately how much CBD are they consuming opposed to traditional tincture droppers which prohibits any accurate measures of the substance.

Coromega Max CBD is available at all major retailers, it comes in 24-count jars of 2.5 g squeeze shots – easy to use and completely hassle free – according to the Coromega Vice President.

While the Food and Drug Administration allows legal CBD only in drugs that are used to treat two severe forms of epilepsy in children, companies are bringing new CBD infused edibles everyday to the market. The FDA announced a public hearing in May for regulatory guidelines on edible CBD products.

Despite of this, there are CBD infused gummies, oils, drinks and edible products available in the market. Consumers are curious about the benefits of the substance and are trying out new products which is an unsafe approach.

Recently, the FDA and FTC issued warning letters to 3 different companies for false marketing claims that their products can help cure cancer and possibly reduce severity of ailments such as Alzheimer’s.

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