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FABCBD Offers Spring Sale with Proceeds to Benefit Feeding America




FAB CBD Feeding America

FABCBD, a CBD company from Tampa, Florida, offers a sitewide Spring Sale. All products can have up to 25% off on its products from 4/20 to 4/25. This year’s sale is extra special as the company decides to donate a dollar for every purchase made on the website this week. Each $1 donation amounts to six meals served through the beneficiary for this year’s Spring Sale, Feeding America.

The company aims to gather a $10,000 donation, which is equivalent to 60,000 meals for Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief institution in the US. It is especially significant today as job disruptions, school closures, and health risks brought about by the coronavirus pandemic create a dire need for more support in the food banks sector.

The coupon code for the Spring Sale offer is APRIL25, which shoppers can claim right off the website.


FABCBD is a relatively new player in the cannabidiol market, setting foot within the CBD community throughout 2018. This American CBD company is located in Tampa, Florida, aiming to pioneer a preventative wellness lifestyle for the people.

The company has highlighted its mission to do good by people through partnerships with different nonprofit organizations like Make-A-Wish and lately, the Feeding America network.

FABCBD currently only produces three cannabidiol products, namely its CBD oil, chewable CBD edibles, and topical CBD cream. All of its inventory is sourced from Colorado-grown organic hemp plants. It boats non-GMO, pesticide-free, vegan blend products that are lab-tested and incorporated with botanical terpenes.

The company remains transparent in its formulation, dedicating a separate page for its laboratory reports concerning the different products being sold in their store. The tests are delivered by ProVerde Laboratories, a third-party analytical testing lab catering to the CBD industry.

Every CBD Oil Drops is contained in a 1 oz. Bottle, but the amount of CBD varies per milligram of the preparation. For instance, a 300mg CBD Oil has 5 milligrams of cannabidiol per 0.5 ml, while a 1,200-milligram bottle contains 20 milligrams of cannabidiol per 0.5 ml. There is a higher concentration for bottles with higher milligrams of CBD.

The carrier oil used by FABCBD’s products is the MCT Oil produced from coconuts. The company uses solvent-free CO2 extraction, ensuring that the products are high-quality and undergo an efficient process right from production to sale.

Entourage Effect

FABCBD infuses terpenes and minor cannabinoids, which makes it a Full Spectrum variety. When CBD is combined with such substances, an “entourage effect” is elicited. The entourage effect has a synergistic outcome that boosts the overall benefits of cannabidiol, with some compounds helping to absorb the substance faster.

However, the effects will vary from one person to another. It is, therefore, advisable for users to find out which product suits them best.

Every topical cream and oil drops on FABCBD’s shop are Full Spectrum and contains no more than the legal tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) limit of less than 0.3%. THC is the cannabinoid compound responsible for the psychoactive effects, or the high, that users experience when taking marijuana. Cannabidiol is known to be legal for consumption since it does not have the same impact as its cousin substance. However, the company warns that it cannot guarantee negative drug test results, because CBD can metabolize in a person’s body that may cause a false positive.

The company notes that the Chews contain CBD isolate compared to the CBD oil’s full spectrum formulation. It means that the chewable preparations are free of THC.

Brief on Feeding America

FABCBD’s chosen nonprofit organization, Feeding America, is the country’s largest domestic hunger-relief group. As such, it provides food banks across the nation and responds to national emergencies and disasters.

The organization recently launched its COVID-19 Response Fund, which aims to fundraise for people who are vulnerable in the crisis, facing hunger during this time. It is also working with the US Government to support federal nutrition programs, which includes the School Lunch Program.

Feeding America offers a safe distribution of food, household, and non-food items such as personal care products, diapers, and cleaning supplies to the most in-need members of the community. It commits its platforms, resources, and political will to impact people who need assistance, especially in addressing hunger.

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