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Kannavis cannabis dispensary opens new, larger facility




Kannavis cannabis dispensary opens new, larger facility

Amanda May copes with acute pain associated with arthritis and lots of other states each day — she marks her pain as a six on a scale of 10, however, she has discovered that cannabis works much better than any other medicine at lowering it.

“Instantly, I will feel some of this pain ease up after some time. I was like’Alright, yes, thank you’,” May explained.

May is one of the audiences of patients who came for the grand launch of this Kannavis dispensary and the Kannavis Trading Company’s new site.

Staff state the centre, which is more than 3,000 square feet, are going to have the ability to more effectively assist their increasing number of individuals, and exhibit more CBD products which don’t take a medical marijuana card.

“The new place is just three times the size [of the other centre]. In addition, we have individual restrooms, a larger lobby, and most importantly, we’ve got our Cannabis Trading Company which delivers many different health products such as CBD goods,” Kannavis representative Jordan Baker stated.

The Kannavis trading firm sells CBD items such as lozenges, oils, and creams.

May states being able to get a cream infused with cannabis goes a very long way to settling tummy pains that formerly needed emergency room visits.

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“I do not need to visit the emergency rooms when I am having cramps from the wazoo. I am able to place CBD lotion in my belly and it functions. I never believed a cream would do this,” May explained.

Kannavis was made in 2017 and was initially located in Ijamsville.

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