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King Soopers’ New Line: CBD to be on shelves in Colorado




King Soopers’ is a well-known name among the residents of the Rocky Mountains. It’s a brand name owned by Kroger’s and has been a popular supermarket selling retail products. Its main headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, where all its executive decisions are made. One such notable decision that has come to light recently has been their decision to put CBD-based products on shelves for public use.

While being a popular brand name for a one-stop purchasing spree for all your grocery, King Soopers has been around for around 72 years now. However, this is the first time they came up with the decision to put CBD products on their shelves. Selling all sorts of products like a deli, bakery, dairy, frozen, seafood, liquor, snacks, produce, meat and general grocery, they also have a selection of pharmaceutical products, where these CBD products, will most likely, be available.

Official Statements

According to the statement that the King Soopers officials have made to CBS4, they are placing a limited selection of CBD products, derived from hemp and meant for external use only. According to the officials, they have properly reviewed all of these products in terms of their quality and safety and can safely assure their prospective customers about their quality. From the information we have, the products on the shelves will include CBD oils, body lotions infused with Cannabidiol and skin creams.

King Soopers’ rivals such as CVS, Walgreens and Vitamin Shoppe are already selling CBD products in their stores. Other smaller businesses, such as Jeffreys, claims to have huge success with these products. At this point, not trying to take a bite of this apple might not be a wise choice for King Soopers, which probably worked as the prime motivator of this executive decision from their end.

Why CBD?

Denver news channel executive, Nicole Brody, claims that this decision has been made due to the FDA’s recent public hearing on CBD. Although the CBD market has been booming in different parts of the world for a while now, the US government only made the decision to legalize hemp production only very recently. Ever since then, we can see more and more companies putting these products up on their shelves.

If we take a look at the recent research, conducted at Ontario Long Term Association, we learn that CBD is the non-addictive substance in cannabis that does not create a “high” in its users. In fact, it has been known as an effective sleep inducer and has been used to combat problems like Insomnia, anxiety, and stress for a while now. But of course, its main purposes remain as a medicinal substitute to painkillers and epilepsy medication.

Public Response

With so many people in the US already supporting and pushing for the legalization of cannabis, it’s no surprise that the recent decisions by the US government and FDA have been favored by the majority of Americans. With King Soopers’ latest decision of putting CBD on their shelves, we believe that they expect to get more positive feedback from its users and will see good business on these products.

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