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Port Hardy council has sent a second cannabis application to LCRB for consideration




Port Hardy council has sent a second cannabis application to LCRB for consideration

Another cannabis store could get a chance to start a brick-and-mortar shop in the city.

Port Hardy council voted in favor to have a current cannabis program moved ahead into the Liquor and Cannabis Legislation Branch (LCRB) in final Dec. 11 meeting.

Prior to going to Port Hardy council, cannabis companies seeking to get retail sales might need to undergo B.C.’s LCRB for acceptance. The program will then go back to the council to allow them to determine whether to issue a business license for cannabis retailers.

“If the district must examine it, they need to make a recommendation regarding’no’ or a recommendation regarding’yes’,” Manager of Corporate Services, Heather Nelson-Smith, stated.

“The District of Port Hardy has really allowed cannabis earnings to take place in our zones,” she noticed, with already said that other municipalities might not have completed the legwork in expectation to cannabis legalization past October.

Following a public hearing from June, council made a decision to regulate cannabis sales to zones C-1 (General Commercial), C-2 (Service Commercial), C-3 (City Centre Commercial), M-1 (Marine Commercial), CD-5 (Comprehensive Development), and CD-7. The district put buffer zones set up, which restricts cannabis companies from working at 100 yards from a park or library, 150 yards from schooling solutions, and 150 metres from daycares.

In terms of why cannabis might be permitted to be sold, say a city center commercial zone, Nelson-Smith explained that”spirits is allowed as a principal use in all those zones.”

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“Council believed… that when liquor was allowed as a primary use,” she added, “then cannabis may also be allowed as a primary use. This specific program is at the C-3 zone,” Nelson-Smith stated with regard to Pacificanna Holdings Ltd., a Victoria-based cannabis firm that set in an application to start on Market Street.

“Moving ahead, (LCRB) does demand the local authorities do appointment with the occupants that would be impacted,” she explained, “with this one, since it’s found at the Caribbean and it is unknown about how many homes really are in some of those rental units. We published a note.”

The note has been up for 16 days that allowed for public comments from Port Hardy inhabitants that might be impacted.

“We really did get a request along with an anonymous letter,” she explained. “I needed to confirm whether any of these were inhabitants of the region. The companies aren’t classified as residents. It must be people who reside in the region.”

A request takes a complete name and a complete Port Hardy street address so as to be considered legitimate.

Locals raised worries in the request that centred around the prospect of vape lounges, loitering round the cannabis merchant, and ingestion of cannabis away from the shop. Right now, the district exerts a smoking law bylaw which requires people to smoke (tobacco or cannabis) at least six meters from a service region.

Nelson-Smith remarked that the request will probably be”forwarded to the (LCRB) so they are aware.”

The district plans to inform that the LCRB that there might be signatures located on the request that might not qualify.

Some other concerns raised related to the definitions set out over the city’s cannabis regulations. Since no changes have been made to the cannabis regulations before, any potential changes to this bylaw won’t take effect on the program.

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Nelson-Smith additionally pointed out that the”RCMP, as part of our policy, was consulted on this. They’ve no outward indications with this program.”

Pacificanna will finally have to wait patiently LCRB’s acceptance before heading back to Port Hardy Mayor and Council to get a business license program.


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