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Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan from Today




Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan from Today

Marijuana is currently legal for adults 21 and over to own and use, and also to grow in your home.

The legislation takes effect Thursday, Dec. 6, in Michigan — a month after 56 percent of Republicans said yes to Proposal 1. It is currently the Michigan Legislation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, a legislation initiated by cannabis reform advocates that has been in the building for decades.

“That really is as American as it gets,” stated John Sinclair, the poet, and activist whose 10-year prison sentence for possessing two joints triggered the motion that resulted in the initial Hash Bash demonstration in Ann Arbor at 1972. “You can pass your personal laws, you are able to take your initiative. We have demonstrated that again and again.”

Michigan is the first state in the Midwest with authorized Marijuana and the most popular in the country. A decade later Michigan legalized medical marijuana and 45 years following the initial Hash Bash, adults could consume 2.5 ounces of marijuana in their individual up to ten oz in the home and may grow up to 12 plants.

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Driving under the influence — and swallowing marijuana in people — stays prohibited.

Though marijuana is legal now, there’s no method for customers to purchase it. State officials need to begin supplying business licenses from December 2019. Medical marijuana provisioning centers may only promote to card-carrying patients.

“Without a state-approved sales outlets anybody with marijuana for anything apart from medical purposes will probably have needed to obtain it through the black market,” explained Scott Greenlee, president of the resistance effort, Healthy and Efficient Michigan.

Legalization advocates are celebrating what they see as the ending of prohibition, although some cities and townships have taken swift actionto prohibit businesses as the nation develops regulations. A bill pending in the state Senate throughout the lame duck session could severely change the legislation — such as decreasing the tax rate and eliminating provisions for home farming.

Marijuana remains illegal at the national level as it stays listed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance — that means it can’t be transported across state lines or globally.


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