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Texas Unable to Seize Marijuana Users Due to Rising Hemp Popularity



Texas unable to monitor Cannabis

The Texas government has a made it clear that the bill they recently passed permits growing and selling hemp, but excludes the legalization of cannabis in the provisions.

Charles Perry, Republican senator, and sponsor to the said bill have stated that marijuana talks had no slippery slope, in an interview with the Dallas Morning News last May.

However, the bill signed into law by Greg Abbott last June has prompted prosecutors all over the state to drop charges on marijuana possession. They are also unwilling to press new charges due to the lack of laboratory paraphernalia to test for THC levels and distinguish marijuana from hemp.

Texas prosecutors have a huge jurisdiction between themselves—Houston, San Antonio, and Austin—that covers 1/3 of the state’s population, or over 9 million people.

Hemp-derived products have become a hot commodity that incidents such as this cause unintended leniency towards implementing the law. As states continue to take advantage of the growing opportunities to cash in, so does it give birth to consequences like the Texas prosecution is in.

CBD oils, gummy sweets, and other CBD-infused items are all the rage these days. These are processed from the same plant species as the marijuana but without the psychoactive properties that induce drug dependency.

Hemp Legalization is the Root of the Issue

Prosecutors and law enforcers in Florida are facing a similar dilemma after state laws recognize hemp as a legal product back in July.

Houston Forensic Science Center President Peter Stout claims that it’s not only Texas that struggles with cases like this.

Numerous cases have been dropped following the law, which involves more than simple misdemeanors. As of late, 32 cases of felony possession and marijuana delivery were dismissed, announced by Margaret Moore, district attorney for Travis County.

State officials including Abbot and the attorney general said the prosecutors should stop dropping cases just because of the House Bill 1325.

A letter to the prosecution office penned by Republican politicians stated that there is no decriminalization of Marijuana in Texas, and therefore finds no cause in the issue surrounding HB 1325.

Baseless Reasons for Leniency

Harris County’s District Attorney Kim Ogg insisted that one definite requirement for proving someone guilty of possession is a laboratory confirmation.

Prior to the legislative order, presence of cannabinoids was determined on marijuana flowers using a test strip. It takes only a few minutes, and the strip would turn purple if positive for cannabinoids.

Prosecutors defended that testing for all of the state’s marijuana charges would likely overwhelm the few labs available. Furthermore, prosecutors claimed that this would cause severe backlogs. Nevertheless, several prosecutors still go through with marijuana cases as per usual.

El Paso District Attorney Jaime Esparza declared that no cases were dropped following the legislation, as it does not have any effect in trials for possession of the illegal drug.

On the other hand, the issue has been a positive turnaround for people with felony charges.

Fort Bend county lawyer Brandon Ball said a client thanked him for the dismissal of her possession charges, although Ball insisted that it wasn’t his doing but the hemp legalization law.

The Bill further stated that test results are significant in trials since it could prove the suspect’s guilt and validity of the case.

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GOP Congressman Presents CBD Products During Hearing



GOP Congressman bats for CBD

A congressman from the Grand Old Party brought two CBD-containing products he uses personally last Tuesday during a hearing to point out the distinctions between marijuana and hemp.

The House Oversight Committee held a meeting on the incidences of vaping-related issues when Kentucky Rep. James Comer spent his time discussing CBD. He believes that there is still a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding the nature of CBD and THC.

He stated that many people are now using CBD or cannabidiol, including Congress members and the million other Americans like he also does.

Showcasing the CBD Products

Comer showed the products during his time on the floor and likened the difference between hemp and marijuana by parallelizing it with broccoli and cauliflower. He stated that both are from the same family with many similarities, but ultimately different from each other.

He also said that most Americans are taking CBD extracted from the hemp variety and not marijuana, which gives them better and more positive effects than the latter.

Comer discussed his personal experience with CBD preparations, to which he said that the manufacturers and companies he visited produce good, legitimate CBD products. He was formerly a state agriculture commissioner before he came to Congress.

However, he acknowledged the need for more regulations to guide the industry. He pointed out the lack of regulations on CBD oil from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He goes on to say that credible, legitimate companies are pushing for more regulations.

Comer also mentioned the bipartisan letter he penned with 24 other lawmakers, which was addressed to the FDA regarding the agency’s signal so that CBD can be marketed legally.

He also stated that he is a conservative, pro-business person, which normally pits him against regulations. However, it believes that the CBD industry needs to be regulated.

A word from other Congressmen

Glenn Grothman, a Wisconsin representative, called on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deputy director to illuminate the matter regarding the vaping injuries issue, asking whether legal shops that sell cannabis across states contribute to the rising number of cases.

He stated that although THC is still illegal in most states, some states are catching up on the rise of marijuana legalization. Grothman relayed his doubts about whether vape cartridges have also been legalized in states that deem marijuana lawful.

The deputy director responded by saying that she did not know, which prompted Grothman to convey his concern regarding the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, which sounds like trouble for him.

Virginia Representative Gerry Connolly from the Democratic party likened the lack of regulations for vape and vaping products to the federal government’s dismissal of marijuana for many years.

Connolly said that the federal government has failed to classify and categorize marijuana, which makes it seem to him that they have not done a good job regarding such an issue. He noted how it had limited the number of sponsored researches and how proponents are chosen, which is commonly by bias. It has resulted in the government’s loss of control regarding marijuana.

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Massachusetts Raises Regulations in Light of CBD Craze



Massachusetts Raises Regulation on CBD

Many people are lauding CBD as a wonder remedy especially for pets, but as much as CBD or cannabidiol oil is enjoying explosive popularity these days, so do regulations get set in stone.

Some known CBD products have been banned recently in Massachusetts, which led to a lot of surprise and confusion not only to pet owners but also local farmers who cultivate and harvest Cannabis sativa, the source plant from which CBD is derived.

Local Entrepreneur’s Plight

Business partners Andrew Wilkinson and Adam Souza told Boston25 News that they were supposedly a couple of months away from their first harvest of industrial hemp. They have been researching the industry for a time and made several surprising discoveries along the way.

Wilkinson and Souza learned that there was a lot to be uncovered regarding the cultivation of hemp, which is where CBD is derived from. It seems like the growers are at a standstill, what with half the farmers unable to plant their crop in a 750-acre, government-approved land for hemp.

This occurrence may be attributed to the fact that recently rolled out state regulations indicate that most commercially saleable CBD-containing products are banned from being sold. These include food that is mixed with CBD and as well as consumable CBD-infused items that are claiming medicinal or therapeutic effects.

Pet CBD Industry Affected

Some popular CBD oil products for pets are affected by the ban, too.

Angell Animal Medical Center Veterinarian Virginia Sinnott-Stutzman stated that most pet owners use CBD oil for virtually any condition such as urinary incontinence, seizures, and anxiety, among others.

She reiterated, however, that CBD oil does not have any clinical proof relating to the efficacy of such product for animals.

Dr. Sinnott-Stutzman further added that some of the claimed positive results by pet owners are mostly due to CBD’s placebo effect. This is the involvement of a user’s belief in the substance’s ability to cure an ailment.

This rings true for pet owners who firmly believe that their pet’s condition improved after using CBD oil.

CBD oil might be a flourishing product in the pet industry, but it also finds a place in other markets, as Souza and Wilkinson asserts. CBD-infused products like salves, lotions, bath bombs, and cartridges are also fairly available for commercial use.

Wilkinson added that local farmers are deeply affected with such crippling regulations; however, they also cannot do anything save waiting for a turnaround.


Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychoactive derivative of Cannabis sativa, the same source plant from which marijuana is made from. It recently became legalized in many states following the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill into law.

Although the regulations surrounding CBD is hazy, particularly since the FDA has warned against the consumption of CBD-infused products, many supporters are hoping to get fairer and clearer guidelines regarding the said substance.

Currently, CBD in Massachusetts is a topic of confusion, but it can be noted that CBD stores popping up everywhere.

Under the Federal law of the US, CBD oil extracted from hemp is legal.

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Jersey Hemp First CBD Company Allowed in the British Isles to Produce CBD Oil from Hemp Flower Legally



Jersey CBD Company Flower

History was recently made when a Jersey grower became the first and only British company to secure a license that allows them to harvest hemp flower to produce CBD.

Jersey Hemp is currently the only company to receive a green light from the government to harvest the flower of industrial hemp.

This license permits Jersey Hemp to procure hemp flowers to be harvested, processed and stored for cannabidiol or CBD extraction.

The company is the first of its kind to be granted a license in the British Isles, which was issued to give way to CBD production for different markets such as in food, nutrition, and cosmetics.

Jersey Hemp Statement

The license details an allowable estimate of 30 to 40 tons of dry hemp flowers in a year for the company, which is forecasted to have a 3% to 5% CBD concentration.

The Jersey Hemp spokesperson stated that the license would allow the company to compete with other internationally inclined commercial producers and manufacturers from Eastern Europe, Americas and China, wherein all CBD and its related products being sold in the UK usually come from.

The spokesman further said that for three years and a half, Jersey Hemp has cultivated and processed industrial hemp. This year, the company anticipates its third cultivation and the very first to involve hemp flowers.

Commercial Prospect

Senator Lyndon Farnham, Jersey Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture said that she is delighted that the Government of Jersey has chosen Jersey Hemp as the first to receive the said license.

She further stated that the license provides an important economic opportunity for the British Isles. She noted how this significant event allows the island to begin the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp for CBD extraction, which is already a growing market in the UK and the rest of the world.

The locally produced hemp and CBD extraction allow the island to secure a place in the cannabidiol sector, which makes for reliable and controlled CBD supply that is a representative of the locality.

Farnham reiterated that Jersey has significant potential in the CBD market and that the said license is just proof of how they position themselves in the CBD industry, which they intend to excel at, particularly in areas of production, genetics, research, and intellectual assets.

More About CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is a product derived from the cannabis plant, which can contain tetrahydrocannabinol but with a much lower level than that of marijuana. These are only a few of almost 100 different chemical compounds and cannabinoids in the plant.

CBD is currently trending in the UK and internationally because of users’ testimonies highlighting the efficacy of the said substance. However, there are not many known clinical trials that can prove the claims of such products.

As of writing, the only known legal cannabis-infused drug is Epidiolex, which is a purified liquid with CBD, which is used to treat epilepsy in both adults and children.

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