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7 Best CBD Capsules UK You Can Buy in 2020

Are you feeling like you cannot get the sleep you deserve? Do you feel discomfort from constant pain in your body? Do you have a needling pain in the back, joints or even terrible headaches? If so, have you considered CBD products, or specifically CBD capsules?

Research has shown that CBD products can be extremely helpful for numerous symptoms. However, it’s most important benefit is probably the pain-relieving feature and the fact that it can relax you, thus helping you with relieving anxiety and insomnia symptoms.

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This is exactly why, even those who were strongly against it in the first place, ended up using CBD products on a daily basis. After all, CBD capsules and other CBD products have proven their worth over the past few years, especially since their complete legalization as well as the acceptance amongst general masses. So, that is exactly why now we have people using CBD products for their kids, for the elderly and anyone else who is in need of the CBD benefits.

However, finding the best products, and especially CBD capsules can be a tough job. So, this is where our buyer’s guide and suggestion list come in handy. We promise to take you on a journey in the world of CBD, where you’ll learn all you need about UK CBD capsule brands, the whole market, and you’ll get some insight on how to find the best ones for you and your pain, anxiety or sleep problems.

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The UK market has an abundance of brands, types of CBD products and options for anyone. However, choosing the best ones amongst all these choices can be time and energy-consuming. This is why, you need all the knowledge you can get for getting the best and safest CBD products, for the best prices.

We know that CBD products are legal in the UK, but not all of them are. In fact, in order for a CBD product to be legal, it, as well as the company providing it, must be subjected to a long list of laws and regulations (both local and EU), and it should be safe for you, in general.

Many CBD products do meet this criterion, but even so, finding the best value for your money on this market can be tough. This is exactly why your list and buying guide will come in handy.

So, without further ado,

Here are some of the greatest value-for-money CBD softgels in the UK and products you can find:

Endoca Raw CBD Oil Capsules

The first option for the best CBD product on the UK market is, of course, the Endoca. This brand was established in Holland 10 years ago, and ever since then, they’ve produced some of the highest-quality CBD products in the world.

They grow organically-certified hemp on special, Danish farms in order to ensure the quality they guarantee for. More importantly, they have their own seed bank, and it contains in excess of a 1000 CBD producing strains, ensuring that they do continuous research and development of their products.

The Endoca Raw CBD Oil capsules, in particular, are a great option because of several reasons.

First of all, they are tested for strength and purity, and you know that the package contains nothing less than unfiltered, raw CBD oil with the full spectrum of cannabinoids and compounds. Each capsule contains 50mg of CBD, which makes these capsules pretty strong. In addition to being suitable for vegans, vegetarians, kosher and gluten-free diets because they are organically grown, the capsules are lab-tested in order to ensure the premium quality they have.

Second, hemp oil is extracted using modern technology extraction methods – Natural CO2. This means that all the active compounds are preserved: cannabinoids, terpenes, plant waxes, and micro-nutrients and they all work positively towards aiding your health and wellbeing.

Third, they are easy to consume. If you are a beginner, you’ll need to start consuming up to 3 capsules per day, and if you find that this isn’t enough, you can gradually increase the amount by one with each passing week. This way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the hemp seed oil, Omega 3 and 6, as well as the Vitamin E in the capsules.

CBD Capsules Provacan

The second option for a great CBD capsule option in the UK is Provacan’s capsules. Provacan is a brand that has earned its place here as they offer some of the most convenient products in the UK market. We really loved that they are beginner-friendly, as each capsule contains exactly 24mg of full-spectrum hemp extract.

If you’ve researched the CBD market in the UK, you probably know that Provacan has won awards with its CBD formula, and this formula is exactly the one used in the capsules we are talking about. The capsules have a host of naturally-occurring phytochemicals, meaning there is an added benefit from the capsules, asides from the cannabidiol components.

We’d really recommend the CBD Provacan capsules to those who are looking convenience as a priority, as they are both beginner-friendly, easy to use, yet effective. They have no taste, so, you don’t have to worry about that. And, they are sourced from high-quality, organic and pure EU-cultivated hemp.

Love Hemp CBD Softgel Capsules

Love Hemp is a great brand on the UK market, and it has been proving its worth ever since it was founded back in 2015, which in terms of CBD is like decades of experience. Founded by Tom Rowland and Tony Calamita, the company works hard on development and research on CBD and similar products, all with the purpose of offering innovative, breakthrough technology that will bring us high-quality CBD products.

This is how they improve and advance their manufacturing process as well as their crops. They use high-quality hemp strains that are grown in Colorado, in the USA. Although they aren’t farmed on EU grounds, they still have great quality as they are grown by the sole U.S. Organic Certified grower – Folium Biosciences. All their products, including the Softgel capsules, are made by using supercrigical CO2 extraction for the CBD, and they are subjected to all UK government guidelines and third-party lab testing. In the end, the Softgel CBD capsules are incredibly safe to use, as they contain the proper amount of cannabinoids, no pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals or molds.

Each capsule from Love Hemp is a great way to take CBD oil in your body in a precise manner, as you get exact 10 mg of CBD in each one. Besides cannabidiol, the capsules contain terpenes (limonene and beta-caryophyllene), and cannabinoids. They are made in a really natural form, enabling them to dissolve easily in the stomach and get absorbed faster.

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Capsules

The CBD Life UK is just another brand that you should consider if you want to get a great value you’re your money in great hemp oil capsules. Each of the capsules contains exactly 10 mg of CBD and CBDa, and there are 30 capsules in a package. Although this isn’t much, they still are worthy because of the great potency they have.

Besides being really convenient, as all capsules are, the CBD Life UK hemp oil capsules are great because they are vegan, and they feature coconut oil too. It is great for those who like ingesting CBD supplements without feeling the taste of the hemp whatsoever.

However, you should know that the oral consumption of such capsules requires that you take them with food. So, you should set up a schedule where you have eaten, and only afterward should you drink the capsules.

Also, these hemp oil capsules are pretty straight-forward considering the ingredients – there are only hemp extracts and coconut oil. However, you should know that we are talking about a full-spectrum hemp extract, which is why the capsules contain small amounts of THC. In general, a capsule or two a day is more than enough for relieving pain and anxiety symptoms, and you should never go over the 200mg a day limit.

CBDPure Softgels

Just like all the other companies we talked about before, CBDPure is focused exclusively on CBD oil and products with CBD. However, their softgels are an incredible product that deserves special recognition. First of all, this is because they are really easy to consume, and the process is simple too. Also, they extract full-spectrum CBD oil using a chemical-free CO2 process. If you know a little bit about CBD products, you’d know that this is the best extraction method known to manufacturers.

Moreover, just like all other products from CBDPure, the softgels are made from certified organic industrial hemp grown in Colorado, free of harmful pesticides and herbicides. So, you can be sure that they are great for your health and have no chance of being harmful for long-term use.

Although the softgels aren’t really cheap, in fact, they are some of the most expensive ones in the UK market, they still are great because the company has a 90-day guarantee. Also, as the name of the company suggests, the ingredients are completely pure, so you can expect results within the first few days of using them.

The hemp used in the softgels was chosen selectively because of its high CBD content. More importantly, it is grown with great care in order to produce a high-quality product – the softgels. To speak for the quality of the softgels, there are certified lab tests on all the batches.

Moreover, you should know that the CBDPure Softgels 750 contain naturally occurring cannabidiol, terpenes and other cannabinoids that promote overall well-being. Also, each serving of CBDPure Softgels delivers 25 mg of CBD. This is a great amount for those who are inexperienced or simply want to maintain a good supplement intake regimen.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Capsules

Holistic Hemp Scotland is another CBD capsule option you should consider. These CBD capsules earned their place on this list because of the very reason they are some of the highest-potency capsules on the UK market. After all, they contain full-spectrum CBD extracted using the best method known so far – CO2 extraction. They are natural and they have all the important compounds preserved. In fact, they are water-soluble too.

Being like that ensures that the CBD will easily go in your bloodstream through your digestive tract, and you’ll start feeling the benefits almost instantly.

The thing that makes the Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD capsules unique is that they are available on our market with added turmeric paste extract. In general, each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD which is beneficial by itself, but you also get the added benefits of 20mg of Curcumin and 10mg of Tumerone.

These are beginner-friendly capsules, as they don’t require any effort from your side. A capsule a day is enough to keep your body healthy and relieve the symptoms of anxiety and sleep issues.

 Advance BioTech Natural CBD Capsules

The last but definitely not the least CBD capsule product for anxiety and pain relief is a great Advance Biotech Natural one. These capsules are great because of several reasons.

First, they come from a brand that has a great reputation in the UK market. In fact, it is headquartered here, and as a company, it has years-long of experience in distributing and manufacturing some of the best hemp-based products for the British.

Secondly, their products are continuing to grow in popularity amongst the United Kingdom, especially because the company has a policy on expanding and improving them constantly. This is especially important about the whole manufacturing process. Advance Biotech CBD products are made from high-quality hemp that is hand-harvested from organically certified growers throughout Europe. In fact, they are so good at their job, they even ensure that they grow their products in an eco-friendly manner.

In the end, this results in their products being completely safe and within UK legal requirements. To ensure this, the CBD capsules and all other Advanced BioTech products are independently lab tested.

Third, the CBD capsules are made from organic hemp extract, which sets new standards for the British. The capsules are completely organic, free from all harmful chemicals, and they are also Kosher certified. More importantly, they are also completely vegan.

In general, these capsules are really easy to use, as a dosage of 1-2 is enough to form most people. You should know, however, that the maximum number of capsules you can take shouldn’t exceed 6.

In terms of ingredients, the capsules as they are vegan-friendly have vegetable cellulose castings, and feature 100% Cannabis Sativa L, making them a great value for your money as a 100% natural, organic and non-GMO product.

Buying Guide – How to Shop for CBD Capsules

If you are new to all the CBD products and especially CBD capsules, you are probably confused on where and how to start. But don’t worry, we are here to set aside all your fears and doubts.

First, you should know that the key to making a purchase you’ll be satisfied with is actually being informed. And we aren’t talking about recognizing the names of brands or knowing some of the words. We are talking about knowing exactly what is offered to you and how to find the best CBD product (or in this case capsules) that will serve your specific needs.

However, this can be really demanding. It takes time and energy for doing the research, finding the best sources of information and eventually, processing all of that information.

But don’t worry, here is where we come in. In the following text, you’ll find all the answers you need in order to make an informed decision. Ultimately, knowing what we have to say will save you a lot of money invested in shady products, and it will save you some time too.

So, here are all the secrets towards buying the CBD capsules for you:

 What Are CBD Capsules?

There are many forms in which CBD products come in. They can take the form of oil tinctures, vapes, edibles like gummies and even topical creams. And one of the most popular forms they come in are CBD capsules.

Unlike other types of CBD products, the capsules are unique because they are the simplest and they are a great beginner-friendly CBD product, in general. Yet, even without the fuss, smell, weird flavor and worry, they manage to bring all the positive effects like anxiety, arthritis pain, and other chronic conditions.

In their essence, CBD capsules are pill tablets or softgels that contain CBD oil. Often, the CBD capsules might contain other ingredients, including MCT oil, which is an extract of coconut oil. The companies add MCT oil in the pills because it increases the volume, and it helps your digestive system process the pill.

Usually, CBD capsules are what people call “full-spectrum” CBD. This is important because there are other cannabinoids besides CBD being present in the capsule. These cannabinoids may include CBDV, CBDA, as well as THC.  All of the cannabinoids engage with our endocannabinoid system and the situation is simple – the more the merrier. In terms of CBD professionals, this is the “entourage effect” meaning that when there are more cannabinoids in the product you are taking, your body will ingest the CBD easier, and thus, the product will be more effective.

Even if full-spectrum CBD capsules contain THC in some cases, this shouldn’t scare you. Even CBD products with some THC are legal in the UK. Specifically, on the British market, the companies are allowed to have as much as 0.2% THC, and if you take such CBD capsules, you are on the right side of the law.

CBD capsules can also have different sources. Most of them are sourced from certified and industrial hemp, as this one has low amounts of THC.

 How to Take CBD Capsules

If you’ve ever taken any pill or dietary supplements, you wouldn’t have a problem taking CBD capsules. The process is quite the same. You simply take a glass of water or any other drink you prefer and swallow the pill with it.

Although taking capsules of any kind is easy, finding the right dosage of CBD capsules is another task, and this is also something you should have in mind. For instance, in order to find the right dosage, you need to invest some time.

You should know that the dose of CBD is expressed in milligrams. Specifically, this explains how many milligrams of CBD you will take by taking a capsule. You can pick different-sized bottles, from 30-60 capsules in a jar, but the dose may range. For instance, some capsules might have 5 mg of CBD whereas others might have up to 50mg.

So, how do you find your dose?

Although finding the right dose depends on several individual factors, specific for your body, the general rule of thumb is that you should take 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of your body weight. However, if you aren’t sure, we suggest starting with the lowest dose for your body weight and increasing it gradually (every week) until you reach your optimal dose.

Don’t worry, you won’t develop a tolerance for CBD as you’d do with medication, but still, it is best to start slowly.

 Benefits of Using CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are the primary option for many CBD consumers because of various reasons. The most important ones are these:

Flavourless and odorless

Many people find the natural CBD flavour to be somewhat earthy, as is the cannabis plant itself. So, if you don’t’ want to go through the process of “getting used to it” or risking to use flavoured CBD oils and CBD edibles like gummies (which also have sugars and aren’t always organic), then the CBD capsules are your best option. Most CBD capsules have no flavour nor taste, which is why you don’t get any inconvenience using them. And, you still get the benefit from the CBD, without the earthy taste or smell.

Convenient and easy to use

The moment you find the right dose of CBD capsules, you’ve done the work. Unlike oil tinctures that require measuring over and over again, with CBD capsules you simply drink the pill. The dose stays consistent in all capsules, thus making them a perfect option for those who want hassle-free CBD intake.

Also, because of their convenient packaging, the capsules can be easier to consume especially if you are on a move. You have no chance of spilling them or making a mess.


Although this is not something you should worry about too much, it can still be bothering many people to drink their CBD product with the curious eyes of the surrounding. However, CBD capsules look like any other pill that you might take. So, no more having to avoid or answer questions like why are you putting drops below your tongue.

Are CBD Capsules Safe?

In general, all CBD products, including CBD capsules are safe and they are well-tolerated amongst all people. However, in specific cases, they may cause adverse reactions. Side effects might include diarrhea, fatigue or changes in appetite and weight.

The more important thing you should know about them is that they are known to interact with some medications. This is why, before using CBD capsules, we suggest discussing it with a doctor to ensure that it is absolutely safe for you. This will also help you avoid potentially harmful interactions.

Where to buy CBD capsules near me in the UK?

CBD products and CBD capsules are legal in the UK, as long as they are within the legal requirements of the British government. This means that your CBD capsules should not have more than 0.2% THC and that the THC should not be separated easily from the whole product.

Such legal CBD capsules can be found in two places – most of the local health stores, and of course, from online retailer websites. As long as you are buying from a brand that sells them in the UK, you can easily purchase CBD capsules online.

 Important Considerations for CBD Capsule Shoppers

If you have your mindset on buying CBD capsules for you or your family, we suggest going over the list above if you haven’t, and choosing your products according to your own specific needs. You should know that there are many brands on the British market, but this also allows you to be picky when it comes to the “value-for-money” question.

In general, choose a reputable brand that offers safe and legal CBD capsules, and don’t forget to consult your decision with your doctor.