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Best CBD Oil for High Blood Pressure

Are you worried about your sudden rise in blood pressure level?

A single dose of CBD oil has proved to reduce blood pressure among individuals.

Another recent study treated nine men with one single dose of oil and it was successful in reducing blood pressure.

The very fact of CBD is derived from cannabis plants might be a concern for some. 

Hence, we have conducted thorough research to help you attain a deeper insight.

Is CBD Oil effective towards lowering blood pressure?

To cut the answer short, yes, CBD indeed leads to a significant drop in the blood pressure level. 

In this article, I am going to offer you an in-depth insight into how CBD works and benefits individuals suffering from high blood pressure.

Several studies like this and this are published online aimed to prove the effectiveness of the oil towards reducing blood pressure. 

The use of the oil helps to smoothen out the blood flow while preventing the damage being done to the arteries and heart.

Furthermore, CBD oil is beneficial towards relieving an individual from the impending stress and anxiety, by slowly targeting a reduction in the blood pressure level.

Individuals with high blood pressure are often seen experiencing inflammation. The oil hence targets to reduce inflammation and thereby reduce the pressure.

I found it extremely useful for lowering my blood pressure level and that of my mother’s, which is why I will discuss several oils that have proved to be the best ones.

Important Factors to Consider before choosing the best CBD Oil:

Here we have considered several factors before choosing the best CBD oil for you.


One of the first things to consider is the source, whether it has been sourced from marijuana or hemp. Hemp and marijuana are consumed in an interchangeable manner and the main difference between the two lies in their concentration.

Marijuana plants come with a high level of concentration, however, hemp has a low level of concentration.

Source of Cannabis

Apart from identifying the extraction source, it is also essential to determine whether the plant has been grown or been sourced.

The quality of the environment is extremely important for the development of high-quality plants. We have looked for cannabis that is grown locally in an organic manner.

Method of extraction

To extract the CBD from the plant, it needs to be extracted with the help of a process. Several methods are employed during extraction.

To consume the best product, it is crucial to consider extraction that is free of any kind of impurity and ensures a high-quality product.

Some of the common methods of extraction are olive oil, CO2 extraction, and solvent extraction.


Another important determinant is the concentration level of CBD. It is usually mixed with a base oil like coconut or olive oil.

Apart from knowing the weight, what we have also considered is the concentration. Reputable brands tend to put forward all necessary details in their packaging.

Isolate or full spectrum

While we were determining the factors, we put a lot of effort into considering whether the CBD is a full-spectrum or an isolate. With the isolated CBD, the products are prepared by isolating CBD from cannabis.

On the other hand, a full-spectrum CBD is prepared with extracts that have multiple compounds in the plant. A full-spectrum CBD is a superior product as it comes with a myriad of medical benefits.

Third-party lab results

The presence of third-party lab results is crucial to understand the potency of the product along with the harmful impurities. 

Some reputed brands test out their products from independent labs and present the information online on the official website.

Which are the best CBD oils for reducing high blood pressure?

1. Fab CBD Oil





Users need to divide their weight by 2 which should be considered as the minimum dosage amount. For example, if your weight is 150lbs, then the minimum amount for you to consume is 75 mg.

Price per mg:

$0.26 per mg

Lab Test:

The third-party lab test results are available on for consumers to view.

Drug Test:

The oil contains an amount of less than 0.3% THC and hence will not show up in the test

Shipping time & Policy:

The orders are shipped within 2-3 business days to all 50 states in the US, Canada, and the UK. Shipping is free in the United States and for orders above $89. 

However, standard shipping costs may apply for orders below the price range.

Return Policy:

The brand offers a money-back guarantee policy and hence if the consumers are not found satisfied; they can refund the order within 30 days of the purchase to avail a complete refund.

My experience:

As you must be aware, FABCbd is a new entrant among the CBD brands in the industry. At present, they only manufacture CBD cream, edibles, and oils.  

I believe in prioritizing quality over quantity and hence I like their sense of marketing. The brand offers both full-spectrum CBD products as well as isolates.

Their hemp plants are grown under complete organic conditions while using the least amount of pesticides. Honestly, I loved the full-spectrum CBD which was one of the best I ever had.

The natural treatment works great and to my surprise, it reduced stress significantly and was able to control my blood pressure level. However, the tropical cream did not do much for me.

I was also surprised to see its price as it was almost 20% lesser than that of the market price.

It is important to note that the oil tincture and tropical comprise 0.3% THC level, however, the chews are completely THC free.


  • ·         Reduces stress significantly
  • ·         Helps you relax, and hence works by its claims
  • ·         Offers both, full-spectrum and CBD isolate products
  • ·         Transparent website
  • ·         Vegan friendly
  • ·         Grown under complete organic conditions
  • ·         Offers third party lab results
  • ·         Affordable price


  • ·         Less available information on the packaging


2. CBDistillery CBD Oil





Dosage usually varies upon the needs and requirements of the user. It is recommended that you initially start with the 250 mg tincture and then get on with the larger amounts.

Price per mg:

$0.12 per mg

Lab Test:

CBDistillery performs independent third-party lab test results are available online on

Drug Test:

It comprises less than 0.3% THC and hence does not show up in drug tests.

Shipping time & Policy:

Customers have the flexibility to choose shipping methods during checking and attain a faster delivery. The website operates from Monday to Friday and packages are shipped free within 48 hours after receiving a payment.

Refund Policy:

Customers can return products within 30 days of purchase to receive a 100% refund. However, the products are tested for inspecting its quality before offering a refund.

   My experience:

 Unlike other types of CBD brands and oils, CBDistillery has put a considerable amount of time and research into creating a highly concentrated product. It offers both CBD isolation along with full-spectrum products.

   The brand is well known for offering pure CBD in many various forms – from the gummies to oils. By combining the power of cannabis oil along with natural plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals, it lets consumers attain quick and powerful effects.

    I started with the 250 mg bottle to initially try out the product. It is quite ideal for me as I needed a quick boost to my health. It provided an economical way of experiencing the first-hand effect of supplementing CBD.

    With a minimum of 8mg per serving, I attained a lot of flexibility that helped me adjust my daily dosage.


  • ·         CBD is third-party lab tested
  • ·         Full-spectrum of cannabinoids
  • ·         Mechanical and natural hemp
  • ·         Transparent website brand
  • ·         Comes in a variety of strength, starting from 250 mg to 5000 mg
  • ·         Hemp is non-GMO and also pesticide-free



  • ·         No such variety in flavor
  • ·         Not a user-friendly website


      3. Joy Organics CBD Oil





Users need to start with a smaller concentration and check how the body reacts to the oil.

Price per mg:

$0.1 per mg

Lab Test:

The brand complies with extensive in-lab testing and is followed by a third-party review. The lab test results are available on and customers can click on the website link to view them.

Drug Test:

The extract only contains zero traces of THC and hence consumers need not fear about drug tests.

Shipping time & Policy:

The oils are shipped within 2-3 business days and the brand offers free shipping.

Return Policy:

Users unsatisfied with the product can request a complete refund of the product within 30 days of purchase.

My experience

The brand is popular for creating an exceptionally clean cannabis oil that is created organically from the industrial hemp in Colorado. Its potency and purity is verified with the help of up-to-date certificates.

Being of the broad-spectrum variety, Joy Organics has its THC been removed. However, it maintains the rest of the cannabinoids and terpenes that are found naturally in the extract.

It is mixed with hemp seed oil and grape seed and the wide variety of the oil flavors are sourced naturally. As I was already under the treatment of another CBD brand, hence I tested the brand out on my mother who was too suffering from high blood pressure.

Thanks to the oil, within a few dosage, my mother took a breath of relief. I was impressed to find a large variety of oil, including 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg.  If the tinctures are not your thing, you can make use of the soft gels that come available in small bottles.

I wanted to get it shipped to one of my relatives outside the United States, however to my surprise; they do not offer international shipping.


  • ·         Extensive lab testing along with a third-party review
  • ·         Zero traces of THC
  • ·         Tested for potency and purity
  • ·         Uses organic hemp-derived from natural seeds
  • ·         Incorporates nano-emulsion technology


  • ·         Not vegan friendly
  • ·         Not affordable
  • ·         Do not offer international shipping


       4. NuLeaf CBD Oil





You can take a few drops of the product under the tongue while holding it for the next 30 seconds followed by swallowing.

Price per mg:

$0.16 per mg

Lab Test:

The lab test results are available online. Customers can log onto to view the results.

Drug Test:

As it comprises less than 0.3% THC, hence consumers can fail the drug test.

Shipping time & Policy:

The oils are shipped to all 50 states in the United States. The brand offers free and fast shipping to anywhere in the United States and takes about 2 to 3 business days to complete the delivery process.

Return Policy:

Any product returned new, unopened and unused within 30 days of delivery are liable for a complete refund. The shipping costs, however, are levied.

My experience: 

NuLeaf Naturals can be cited as one of the most established CBD oil brands in the market. On further research, I found out that it is, in fact, one of the very few brands that keep a completely active log of the storefront locations.

This makes it highly beneficial for the customers to browse the different range of products and buy the one that they are content with.

NuLeaf Naturals sources every raw hemp material from the licensed organic hemp farms located in Colorado. While I have seen several brands claiming to conduct third party testing on the oils, however, most of them have failed to acquire reports.

However, things are different with this brand as it sends all extracts to the labs immediately post the CO2 extraction is done.

 Moreover, I am also extremely impressed by its variety of natural ingredients such as vitamins, hemp proteins, terpenes, along with other phytocannabinoids.

When I logged on the website, I had the flexibility to choose from the standard bottle size of 240 mg to 4,850 mg. With repeated dosage, it has successfully been able to treat several severe conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, seizures, insomnia, and blood pressure.

I wanted to try their topical out to check them out, however, they did not have them. For me, it is not that big a problem anyway!


  • ·         Treats some conditions such as insomnia, migraines, anxiety, inflammation, blood pressure
  • ·         Super potent CBD content
  • ·         Sourced from licensed organic hemp farms
  • ·         Retail storefronts across the United States
  • ·         Promotes third party testing
  • ·         Comprises natural ingredients
  • ·         A large variety of bottle sizes available


  • ·         Absence of company-wide guarantee
  • ·         Not much affordable

       5. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil




Usage usually tends to vary as per the diet, age, sex and the physical condition of the user. The usage usually ranges from somewhere from 4.5mg to 22.5mg. It tends to vary for individuals suffering from a medium-range condition and requires 6mg to 30mg. For more severe situations, consumers need 9mg to 45mg.

Price per mg:

$0.14 per mg

Lab Test:

The lab test reports are available on the official website at Customers can check out the website to attain information.

Drug Test:

All the products are infused with CBD derived from few selected hemp cultivated in the United States and hence will not show up in a drug test

Shipping time & Policy:

The free standard shipping policy takes about 5-10 business days and it largely depends upon the location. It ships to 50 states located in the United States, however, it also ships to U.S territories and also internationally.

Return Policy:

The products can be returned within 30 days to attain a complete refund.

My experience:

Hemp Bombs, recognized as being one of the highest potency CBD products available in the market. Being a 99% pure CBD, it comprises zero trace amounts of THC.

Created from organic and premium-grade hemp grown locally in the United States, the oils are quite sustainable and have adopted environmentally friendly practices.

I was exposed to a large product line, starting from edibles, CBD oil, vape products to gummies. I chose CBD oil and the concentrations range from 125mg to 4,000mg.

As the majority of products are created with CBD isolate, hence only a few are broad spectrum. Acquired from the CO2 extraction process, the products perform independent third-party lab testing.

I found the oils to be very thin, and extremely easy to use. Its application relaxed me out and it took about 60 minutes for the results to be visible. It can sometimes even take about 4 to 6 hours.

If you are looking for a full spectrum CBD, it is however recommended that you try out a different brand.


  • ·         Locally grown in premium-grade hemp
  • ·         Zero traces of THC
  • Extracted through CO2 process
  • ·         Available in a variety of concentrations, ranging from 125mg to 4,000mg
  • ·         Easy to use
  • ·         Faster results


  • ·         Not much option for full-spectrum CBD
  • ·         High potency and hence not suggested for everyone


I would strongly recommend Fabcbd as the one-stop solution if you ask me. I hope you find the article useful and try out the variants as per your needs and requirements.

Let me know your feedback in the comment section as I would be waiting eagerly to hear from you.