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Best CBD Gummies in the UK [2020]

We all know that cannabidiol, or as we all know it – CBD oil is a cannabinoid which can naturally be found in cannabis plants. So, this biochemical is found in nature, and as natural as it is, it interacts easily with the endocannabinoid system in us – the humans. The interaction of this kind has a great effect on our health, pain-management system and even mood, so, companies and people are trying to find the optimum ways of taking in the benefits of CBD oils in general.

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CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects either, especially when it doesn’t have other cannabinoids like THC. So, CBD products of all kinds, including CBD gummies are there to help us alleviate the symptoms of numerous disorders and medical conditions.

One of the most popular forms that CBD oil comes in – are in fact, CBD gummies. Who doesn’t like eating the popular Haribo gummy bears, right? They are jelly, fun and have an amazing taste. Imagine if all your medicine came in such a nice, attractive form.

This is exactly why many people opt for CBD gummies instead of traditional CBD oil droplets and pills – they are convenient, easy to carry and even easier to use.

However, since CBD products, in general, were legalized on the UK market, finding the best ones for many people’s needs has been a demanding task. These edibles can come from many brands and in different shapes and sizes, which is why it can be confusing for beginners to choose the right ones for you.

But don’t worry, that’s why we are here. We’ll help you pave the way of the purchase you’ll be happy to make. Just stay with us and keep on reading. We promise you’ll have an informed decision in a matter of seconds.

What Are the Best CBD Gummies?

As we mentioned before, CBD products and CBD edibles are taking the UK market by the seconds. After all, all CBD products are incredibly helpful for numerous reasons, and CBD gummies and edibles do a great job too.

However, in order to get the best possible results and be completely satisfied with your purchase, you need to get the best CBD gummies in the UK market possible. And, since it is legal, finding those can be hard. This is especially true if you are completely new in the world of CBD products too. 


Best Overall

CBDistillery Gummies (30mg)

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Pollen Starter Kit CBD Gummies

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CBD Gummy Rings 25mg

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CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina 300mg

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Hemplucid’s Full-Spectrum CBD Edible Gummies

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So, how do you find the best CBD gummies and edibles in the UK?

Of course – you put it in the hands of professionals who have experience in analyzing and reviewing such products. Our list above will focus on the most important aspects of the best CBD gummies.

You should know that most gummies on the British market contain between 5 and 30mg of CBD, which can result in a mellow interaction but will not get you drowsy. On the other hand, since CBD gummies are ingested orally, they can vary regarding the dosage, and the best ones for you might depend on the optimal dosage based on your weight, age and other factors as well.

The best CBD gummies have CBD oil extracted from hemp plants that have been isolated from THC and don’t get you high.

So, to get the best gummies for you, we’ve done the research. We focused exclusively on non-THC gummies, as these are legal in the UK. Also, we’ve taken into consideration other factors including:

  • Health benefits
  • Possible risks and side effects
  • Potency
  • Value for money
  • Taste
  • Flavour options
  • Brand Reputation

So, with all these things into consideration, thoroughly examined by our expert editors, we present you the best choices of CBD gummies on the UK market:

CBDistillery Gummies

The first and most important company that totally deserves our recognition is CBDistillery. It is a company that is well-known as one of the pioneers in offering great CBD oil products on the British market.

It originated as a product of the joint work of Tom Rowland and Tony Calamita back in 2015 when they realized that cannabidiol might be a life-changer. So, with their goal of bringing quality CBD products on the market, they’ve achieved to make Love Hemp one of the best brands in the UK. We respect them because without cutting corners, they deliver incredible, potent products that have helped thousands of people. Besides this, they’ve gained a great reputation because besides being really present on the market, they invest in the further research and development of the whole CBD industry in the UK, thorough research and development on the manufacturing process.

Another important thing you should know about Love Hemp as a company is that it produces their cold-pressed CBD oil products using the best possible hemp strains which are grown in the sunny fields of Colorado, USA. More importantly, they are known for using the reputable Fedora, Futura and Fermion Sativa Strains, which are farmed by the sole U.S. organic certified grower – Folium Biosciences.

You should know that the process of extraction is done through the modern process, using supercritical CO2. After this, it is sent to the UK, completely following the GMP (good manufacturing practice) government guidelines. In the end, this speaks a lot about the whole quality of the products, and what you can expect from their CBD products, including their amazing, potent CBD Gummy bears.

What’s in the CBDistillery Gummies?

The CBDistillery Gummies are some of the most popular edibles on the UK market because of their quality. They have been subjected to rigorous third-party laboratory testing, ensuring the best quality of each batch. So, you know that each package of gummy bears will contain the right amount of cannabinoids without any harmful chemicals.

In their essence, the CBD gummy bears contain no moulds, pesticides, nor heavy metals, and they been certified as gluten and sugar-free. So, what you do have in the gummy bears is high-quality CBD hemp extracts, gelatin, citric acid, vegetables, glazing agents (carnauba wax), colours (curcumin and paprika), natural flavours (strawberry, orange and lemon) and of course, sweeteners (maltitol syrup).

Who is the CBDistillery Gummies for?

The CBDistillery Gummies are great for those who like to have a THC-free CBD edible product conveniently for all the positive effects of it. Besides this, the probable target-audience of the Love Hemp CBD Gummies are those who are careful about their sugar intake, as these gummies are really sweet and have a great taste, without having the high amounts of calories.

Besides that, you’ll surely enjoy the CBDistillery gummy bears if you are looking for a reliable and potent product with numerous different dosage options, as they are one of the best beginner-friendly CBD edibles in the UK.

Pollen Starter Kit CBD Gummies

The second gummies on our list of the best CBD gummies in UK markets are the Pollen Starter Kit Cbd Gummies. These edibles are one of the most budget-friendly options you have on the British market, and yet, they have a great set of benefits for many people.
In essence, Pollen as a company is one of the brands you can rely on for getting high-quality CBD products at really reasonable prices. For instance, one of the most notable things about this company is their respectful transparency policy. They have uploaded and available all lab-reports for their CBD products, including the ones for the gummies, completely available for everyone who wants to get a good read.
Also, we really love how they have a large set of different edibles and gummies to choose from – so you can choose from numerous tastes including apple, sour bears, peach rings, raspberry and even strawberry, full-spectrum gummies.
Besides being able to choose from the numerous flavours, you can also choose from the several sizes of equally potent gummies from this company, which is another great thing. All the different sizes come in a well-designed container that can be convenient.

What’s in the Pollen Starter Kit Cbd Gummies?

In all the different containers, you can find the same ingredients, you have sugar and invert sugar, alcohol, gelatin, corn syrup, cannabidiol, modified corn starch, wheat, white mineral oil and citric acid, and both natural and artificial flavours.
In general, there isn’t an accurate way to maintain accuracy and consistency of each gummy and the value of CBD in each of them, but the general rule is that a container has 500 mg CBD, which is more than enough for long-term, serious use.

Who are thePollen Starter Kit Cbd Gummies?

We’d recommend the Pollen CBD gummies to anyone who likes to have a large set of options and flavours to choose from, as Pollen as a company takes pride in offering something for everyone. Besides this, their products are potent and strong, so you can expect to get impeccable quality, regarding your flavour of choice.
However, you should note that the gummies contain alcohol, artificial flavours and sugar, so if you are too sensitive to any of these, the Pollen gummies might not be the best option for you. Otherwise, they are potent and can bring you a lot of positive results on your health.


CBD Gummy Rings from CBD Life UK

CBD life UK is another great brand that you should have in mind when looking for a great and reliable brand for CBD edibles in the UK. After all, CBD Life UK is a reputable brand because they offer a great collection of diverse CBD products. Besides their great capsules, topicals and CBD vape pens, they also offer great non-psychoactive CBD edibles, like the Gummy Rings.

The newest edibles from CBD Life UK are exactly these great gummy rings. Each of them has been infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, ensuring that you’ll get the most benefits of the CBD in them. So, this basically makes them perfect for anyone who is looking for a potent gummy edible for daily use.

CBD Life UK is a brand you can rely on, as it has a long and proven history of offering amazing CBD products on the UK market. And, their gummy rings have a great, peach-flavour that provides your body with a lot of benefits through the minerals, healthy fatty acids including Omega-3, and other essential nutrients and vitamins.

What’s in the CBD Gummy Rings from CBD Life UK

Each gummy has no less than 25mg of CBD, meaning you’ll get a lot of benefits from using them on a daily basis, and they have no side effects whatsoever. Besides having to take care of the proper dosage, they are a great all-around CBD product. The rings come in a package of 5 gummies, meaning with each package you get 125 mg of CBD.

They contain nothing more than the natural and essential things – Sugar, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavoring, Natural Coloring, Coconut Oil and of course – Full Spectrum CBD.

Although they are really helpful, we’d suggest starting with a smaller dose if you are a beginner or if you have low body weight, as the gummies are really potent.

Who are the CBD Gummy Rings from CBD Life UK For?

Compared to other CBD edibles that are available on the UK market, the CBD Life UK’s gummies are great for those who want a seamless dosage of CBD in their daily routine. For instance, each ring of the gummies contains no less than 25mg of CBD, and it is a full-spectrum CBD. So, you know you’ll get superior results compared to other, weaker isolate-based CBD edibles.

We believe that these gummy rings are great for those who are sensitive to the natural flavour of hemp. Especially if you consider that most children wouldn’t find it significantly tasty, but could still benefit from it.

So, if you or your children are sensitive to the raw Hemp flavour, you can rely on the CBD Life UK gummies, as their peach flavour makes them attractive for children, offering all the best results you can expect from a CBD product, including a potent way of alleviating different discomforts.

Besides this, the gummy bears are perfect for children and adults altogether, as they have no side effects, and yet, provide your body with numerous fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

CBDFx CBD Gummies

Our third qualifier as the best CBD gummies in the UK are the CBDFX Vegan Gummy bears. These gummies are great because of several reasons. First, although the brand isn’t a really popular one, they seemed to surprise us with the quality of their gummy CBD edibles. They haven’t been on the market for too long and they don’t have strong marketing, but that surely doesn’t stop them from providing the British citizens with some of the best organic CBD products in general.

CBDFX offers a great variety of CBD products including vape juice, gummies, other edibles, tinctures, oils for pets, capsules, oils, drinks, topicals and even terpenes – all depending on what you prefer on getting.

However, the thing that stands out from the crowd is their Vegan gummy bear line, as these are some of the best-tasting yet budget-friendly gummies you can find. They are really tasty for vegan gummy bears, and we appreciate them coming from such a humble brand.

After all, CBDFX is a great brand that offers a different set of CBD products, including the diversification of the potency – so they offer high-quality full-spectrum, isolate and broad-spectrum products on the market, for all the people who want pure CBD products from best ingredients, including organically farmed hemp plants.

What is in the CBDFX CBD Vegan Gummy Bears

What we love about these 100% vegan gummy bears is that they have no corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, making them incredibly healthy for long term use. What you can find in them, however, is organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, water, natural flavours and colours, organic seaweed extract, and of course, organically grown CBD rich hemp oil.

So, you know that these really nice and natural tasting gummy bears can offer you nothing less than a great set of results, without the dangers of getting too much sugar in your body, or anything that might harm your health or sensitive digestive system.

Who are the CBDFX CBD Vegan Gummy bears for?

We’d totally recommend these gummy bears to anyone – children, adults or elderly that want to get the best benefits from a budget-friendly CBD product in a convenient size and packaging, without the harmful ingredients. After all, the gummy bears have no animal gelatin, no corn syrup nor artificial sweeteners, and they are completely vegan and organic – perfect for those who care for their health and without the need to overpay for them.

So, instead of feeling guilty when eating your gummies, now you can rest assured that you get 5mg of active CBD with a single gummy – they are natural, and they come in a significantly generous package of 60 gummies per bottle. Basically, these gummies are like small treats, or as vitamin-supplements that you take on a regular basis. So, if you are looking for a supplement that will be beneficial for your health on a regular level, getting a large bottle of these would be a wonderful purchase for you.

Hemplucid CBD Edible Gummies

The Hemplucid CBD Gummies are great because of many reasons, but mostly because they can do wonders for your EC system. These gummies are incredibly potent, and although somewhat pricey, they are completely worth their value.

First of all, we should note that Hemplucid is a really responsible company with a lot of great customer reviews all over the past, and they’ve continued to prove their worth, over and over again.

Just like most of their other products, the CBD Edible Gummies are great because they give you a great boost and are a great way of improving your health on the long run, and they have extended effects, so you won’t be popping a gummy every hour or so.

What we really love about them is that you can choose from two different sizes, according to your personal preference.

If this is your first time, we’d suggest going with the 5-count bag. On the other hand, if you want to have a stash for regular use, the 30-count bottle will be the perfect size for you and your health.

What’s in the Hemplucid CBD Edible Gummies?

The Hemplucid CBD Edible gummies are great because they have a lot of great ingredients that keep them safe to consume for over a year.

For instance, in the ingredients, you can find organic glucose syrup from wheat, organic cane sugar, citric acid, pectin, ascorbic acids, ad natural flavours and colours from organic apples, pumpkins, black currants and carrots. Of course, they have Hemp CBD Distillate too.

Although these ingredients aren’t the best ones in terms of healthiness, they are great because they ensure a longevity ff the product.

Also, you should know that the edible gummies from Hemplucid come from a facility that also packs peanuts, wheat, soy, and milk products, so you should avoid this one if you have a really sensitive allergy.

Who are the Hemplucid CBD Edible Gummies For?

Those who want a no-fuss, CBD product that will have long-lasting effects will surely benefit the most from these gummies. It is a simple package of gummies, and you get to choose from the different-sized packages as well.

Moreover, we’d recommend the company and these gummies for beginners as well, as they take a lot of pride in educating and giving as much information as possible to beginner CBD users. So, if you reach out to the company to get more knowledge about dosing, using the gummies and any other questions you might have, you can surely expect a positive outcome.

FAQs about CBD Gummies

Many people who are thinking about starting with a CBD product in their life, have a lot of questions regarding them. For our guide to be the ultimate one you’ll ever need, we’ve answered some of the most common and confusing questions you might have. Read on if you want to get a clearer picture of how things are.

What Are CBD Gummies?

You probably already know that CBD products include a wide spectre of different products – you have tinctures, creams, topicals, oils, capsules, edibles and other mixtures of these products. And, one type of the edibles that we mentioned here is in fact – CBD gummies.

The CBD gummies are eatable gummy snacks that contain CBD oil. Of course, CBD gummies are just like the chewable tasty treats you got when you were younger, but now they have a great benefit on your health, thanks to the CBD in them.

Also, CBD gummies contain no THC or contain really small amounts of THC, making it impossible for them to give you a high or make you feel any discomfort, which is why they are legal in the UK. Although, most CBD gummies don’t contain THC at all.

CBD gummies can be bought in the UK legally, and they are one of the most popular types of CBD products amongst parents and people who don’t enjoy the natural hemp-flavour, because unlike other CBD products, usually, CBD gummies differ because they have sweeteners and other aromas that minimize the hemp-taste. This is exactly why many people who use them for their children find them to be quite convenient.

How Do CBD Gummies Work?

Just like other CBD products work, CBD gummies contain cannabinoids that work with your endocannabinoid system, and especially through the receptors in it. Thanks to these receptors, your body takes the CBD from the gummies, producing the benefits in your body.

For instance, the CBD gummies that are non-THC will not give you a high from consuming them, but they will bring you the other beneficial results like alleviating discomforts and pains.

On the other hand, some of the full-spectrum gummies contain THC, but according to UK laws, they must have less than 0,2 % THC, so again, they won’t have psychoactive effects for your body at all. Unlike edibles containing marijuana that might have 30% THC which will give you psychoactive effects, even the CBD gummies that contain THC won’t get you “high” per se, nor make you unable to work or function through the day.

So, in essence, CBD gummies work by bringing you the beneficial effects of CBD in your body, in a legal and safe manner.

A CBD gummy may contain anywhere from 1mg to 100mg of CBD. However, most gummies sold today contain between 5mg and 30mg.

As we’ve noted, the optimal dosage for any given consumer will depend on his/her weight, tolerance to CBD, and desired effects. The table below lists the general CBD concentration ranges for people based on their weight. However, we urge all first-time CBD consumers to begin with a relatively small dose (10mg or less) and then gradually increase the dosage until the desired effects are reached; this will likely create a more pleasurable experience than beginning with a high dose.

What Do CBD Gummies Help With?

You probably already know that CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, and these plants are natural in providing beneficial results for your body. Some of the benefits of CBD have been recognized by international health organizations including the WHO, and some are just recognized by the CBD consuming community. However, in general, there is a consensus that when the cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system bring you a lot of helpful effects for your mood, appetite, sleep and pain.

So, in a few lines, CBD gummies just like other CBD products can help you with alleviating the symptoms and discomforts of:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep disorders and insomnia in general
  • Pain (especially chronic pain)
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Epilepsy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Mood Swings

Besides these, many people noted that they feel relaxation and other positive results from daily consumption of CBD products, which ultimately, leads to improving the overall immune system.

 Do CBD Gummies Have Side Effects?

Just like other products that contain CBD oil, CBD gummies are in general safe. After all, they wouldn’t be legal nor available on the markets today if there hasn’t been thorough research on them altogether.

The relaxing and pain-relieving qualities have been recognized and well documented, and the chance of them having side-effects are minor for the general consuming audience.

However, in some cases, CBD products in general, just like CBD gummies might have a somewhat negative effect on some people. In most cases, this depends on the body weight, the age as well as other personal factors of the person using the CBD gummies. Nevertheless, the side effects might include:

Dry mouth

It is often associated with CBD products, especially since the cannabinoids interact with receptors that control salivation. Also, thirst might occur. However, to address this issue, gummies usually have fruit juice concentration to address this issue.

Lower blood pressure

In case you are taking medication for low blood pressure, we suggest consulting your doctor before taking CBD products on your own. Some people felt a temporary drop in blood pressure from using some CBD gummy products.


This is especially important for those who have regularly upset stomach. If you are one of those people, we suggest starting with the smallest dose possible, which will prevent getting digestive issues.

How to avoid side effects

Know that in most cases, some of the side effects occur due to the other ingredients of the CBD gummies, which is why you should get informed about the whole list of ingredients of a CBD product before you decide to start consuming it. For instance, if you have a sugar-problem, you should probably look for sugar-free CBD gummies.

Are CBD Edibles legal in the UK?

CBD products, including CBD edibles, are legal to buy, sell, own and consume in the UK, as long as they are within the legal framework. So, in the UK, you can use all CBD products including oral tinctures, edible treats and gummy sweets, e-liquid vape oils and other CBD products, as long as you get them from a reliable company that has the certification and licences for providing them.

SO, you can get edibles at the local pharmacy, as they are completely legal. The only thing that you should know about their legality is that they should have less than 0.2% THC, and the THC should not be easily separated from the whole product, i.e. the gummy.

Can you take edibles on a plane UK?

Taking edibles on a plane when flying within the UK is completely legal, as the edibles are legal throughout the states. So, yes, you can take edibles on a plane from one place in the UK to another in the UK.

However, if you are taking an international flight, you should get informed about the legal frameworks of the country you are going to.

In many states in the EU, CBD products are legalized, including CBD gummies. However, the specific rules about each state might vary – some allow higher and some allow lower levels of THC in the CBD products.

We suggest going over the legal frameworks of the specific country you are travelling to from the UK, to see if your CBD edibles are legal there.


We hope that our guide on how to find the best gummies in the UK helped you make an informed decision on how to choose the best chewy treat for you and your family.

Don’t forget, CBD edibles are the most fun CBD products there are, but they should be taken seriously. After all, they bring a lot of positive results for your body, which is why you should take the time to find the best ones for your specific needs.

And we sure hope that our guide made the whole process a bit easier for you.