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5 Best CBD Creams and Topicals in the UK —2020 Buyer’s Guide

We bet you’ve recently heard about cannabidiol (CBD) and it tickles you from the inside to see what it can offer you. You aren’t the only one.

The non-psychoactive component of cannabis gained a lot of reputation in the past few years, especially since it is a natural, alternative way of health support and well-being.

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Of course, CBD markets are making a huge boom – and the United Kingdom market itself offers a lot of different domestic CBD products. They can come in the form of ointments, salves, balms, topical creams, and even transdermal patches, so how do you find the best one for your needs?

It’s easy, you put your trust in a team of professionals that will help you find guidance towards the perfect CBD oil purchase.

We did a lot of research and we’ve come up with the ultimate buyer’s guide for CBD creams and topicals in the UK. Keep on reading to see which one suits your needs perfectly.

Best CBD Creams in UK:

As we previously mentioned, you might need some help in finding the best CBD creams in the UK, which is where we come into the rescue.

We had in mind the quality of the products in general, the price for value – especially considering the quantity of CBD in the creams, the brand names and their reputation, the customer satisfaction, the quality of the hemp used and everything else that is below the surface.

By doing an in-depth analysis of all the criteria above, we’ve examined each cream and topical, and we gave them scores that led us to the creation of this guide.

We did thorough research having in mind all the most important features and characteristics of CBD creams and topicals, and in the following text we’ll provide you with the ultimate list of the best CBD products you can buy on UK land:


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Soothing CBD Skin Balm from HempTouch

One of the best skin products that has CBD in it is the Soothing CBD Skin Balm from the renowned brand – HempTouch. This balm is one of the smoothest ones, which is where the name comes from. With its amazing texture which helps you apply it, you know that it will help soften your hands and skin.

What we really love about it is that it doesn’t liquify at room temperatures and more importantly, you don’t need to use a lot of it to cover large areas of skin.

It is suggested to use it whenever you feel a need to it, for instance if you are feeling itchy or having a rush, but if you are using it with the purpose of maintaining a healthy skin complexion, we suggest using it on a regular basis. Don’t worry, you can use it for longer periods of time without any side effects, as long as you keep the package in a dry and cool space and away from sunlight.

Basically, the Soothing CBD skin balm is a therapeutic 50ml balm which has great ingredients that soothe your skin, improve the complexity of it, and revitalize it.

We’d recommend this balm for different symptoms including skin discomfort, irritation, redness and hypersensitivity. It certainly does a perfect job to combat irritated and flaky skin, and it soothes the itching and discomfort of the skin altogether. And why wouldn’t it? The dermatologically tested formula is ultra-clean, it doesn’t even have water. The CBD oil is extracted using a cold-pressing method at very low temperatures that don’t dissolve the CBD and keep it intact.

What’s in the Soothing CBD Skin Balm?

The thing that deserves our respect is that the balm is completely vegan friendly, and has ingredients including CBD oil, chamomile, hempseed oil and lavender. All the ingredients in the Soothing CBD Skin Balm are perfectly safe to use for people with sensitive skin, and there aren’t any allergens in it at all.

Who is the Soothing CBD Skin Balm for?

We’d recommend this balm to those who have stressed, dry or dehydrated skin, or those with normal skin.

The creators made sure that the balm can be used by those who have atopic skin which is prone to dermatitis and eczema, so, regardless of how sensitive your skin is, you can rely on it.

In fact, it is so safe, you can use it on the delicate irritated skin of babies and newborns.


  • Has carefully selected herbs
  • Compact package
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Vegan-friendly


  • The quantity of CBD is not clearly stated

Love CBD Hemp Balm

You’re gonna love the Love CBD Hemp Balm. It is an amazing topical with numerous helpful effects for your skin.

Of course, why wouldn’t you when Love CBD as a brand was one of the founding members of the Cannabis Trades Association of United Kingdom. As a company, they work hard on promoting the good practice with hemp and CBD industry.

This is particularly why you can rely on the fact that they are a renowned brand that offers hemp grown in European farms, without the use of herbicides, pesticides, harmful chemicals and artificial fertilizers. They work hard on providing high-quality products on the British market, which is why they use the state-of-the-art CO2 tech. It is the safest one known to man, and it is the most effective way to make CBD oil from hemp without destroying the beneficial effects of CBD.

The same situation is with the Love CBD hemp balm as well. Just like all the other Love CBD products, the hemp balm is 100% organic and made from natural hemp sourced from some of the best EU based farms.

The thing that kept on bothering us during our research and examinations was the miniscule amount of THC left over in the balm. Of course, it is below the maximum levels allowed by the UK laws, but they could’ve worked harder on eliminating all THC.

Don’t worry, there is no chance of you getting high by applying the balm on your skin.

In its essence, the Love CBD balm is a multi-purpose, CBD rich skin balm. Even the hemp has been hand-harvested, which ensures that only the best cannabis flowers have been cherry-picked.

You can choose from different jar sizes (10, 30 and 100 grams) depending on your needs and preferences, and they are all pretty budget friendly considering the amount of CBD in each of these.

What’s in the Love CBD Hemp Balm?

In the Love CBD hemp balm, of course, you’d find Cannabis Sativa L.

However, there is also Shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, Theobroma cacao, Vanilla Planifolia, Rosemary and Beta Caryphyllene. All of these ingredients are incredibly safe and they don’t have an herbicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals. But you should know that besides CBD, there are also small traces of THC in the balm.

Who is the Love CBD Hemp Balm for

If you want to find a nice balm for your skin issues and itchiness, we’d highly recommend the Love CBD balm. It has soothing and healing effects on the skin, and it is one of the best ones on the British market for maintaining a healthy skin routine. However, we wouldn’t recommend using it on people with supersensitive skin or for babies because of the THC presence.

All in all, if you have normal or easily damaged skin – this one is a great option for you.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • Several sizes to choose from
  • Top-quality ingredients


  • Contains miniscule amounts of THC

CBD Salve from Endoca

The best salve you need for regulating your skin conditions is the Endoca’s. It is a serious skincare salve that is very potent and can be the solution to your skin-related problems.

Endoca as a brand offers amazing quality in all of their products, and the CBD Salve is no less. It absorbs easily in the skin, and provides an intense yet long-lasting moisturization. You can even use it in case your skin suffers from the weather changes.

We were very keen to find that the Endoca hemp salve has potent, natural compounds that can easily target particular areas where you feel discomfort. Of course, the slave is completely free of synthetic chemicals, and yet it isn’t greasy, which adds up to the whole effect of easy-apply and easy absorption.

All Endoca Products Are formulated with a synergy of numerous beneficial extracts, which eventually results in having a high-quality salve on the markets.

You wouldn’t expect nothing less from Endoca. After all, they do extract the CBD oil from the hemp using top-notch CO2 extraction methods, and all of their products go through rigorous testing, even if they are cultivated in a completely organic manner.

All in all, Endoca is a brand that is very reputable and people have high opinion of this brand because of all the right reasons.

Who is the Endoca CBD Salve for?

Regardless of what skin type you have, you’ll surely feel the benefits of the Endoca CBD salve. It can be used by anyone, as the topical is basically free from anything harmful.

We’d particularly suggest this salve to those who have more serious conditions, as this is a very potent salve and it absorbs fast in the skin. A small amount of the salve is more than enough to cover larger areas and to alleviate the discomfort you feel on your skin, as it is more than 10 times stronger than most of the similarly-priced salves.

Don’t worry if you use more of it too – it is completely safe and has no side effects whatsoever.

Just remember to apply the salve to a clean area of skin, using your clean hands. We’d suggest using it after taking a shower or a bath.

 You may also use the salve on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have any discomfort, you can use it to maintain a healthy skin complexion.

What’s in the Endoca CBD Salve

If you want to go about your day easily and without any worries, you should know the ingredients of the Endoca CBD salve. Don’t worry, Endoca cannot possibly disappoint you by having shady ingredients, and it only uses organic, food-grade ingredients.

Considering that the CBD oil is absorbed through your skin, you should know what your skin will actually absorb. Of course, the Endoca contains CBD (cannabidiol), coconut oil, beeswax, cannabis sativa seed oil, Citrus Medica Limonum peel oil, Citral, vitamin E and vanilla.

Note that if you are allergic to any of these, you shouldn’t use the salve.


  • Easily absorbed in the skin
  • Food-grade ingredients
  • Renowned brand
  • Can be used on a daily basis


  • Somewhat expensive

CBD Hemp Balm from Elixinol

The Elixinol CBD hemp balm is the perfect topical in terms of skin moisturizing and burn-treatment. This balm is one of the most popular amongst people who have trouble going out in the sun, and we all know that it is really hard do have a vibrant skin when it is too sensitive to heat.

We weren’t surprised to see that the hemp used in the making of this hemp balm is organically grown either. We know that the Elixinol company provides great CBD oil products, and their skin balm is one of the best ones they offer on the market.

People from UK really love having access to it because it is one of the least-greasy balms that easily absorbs in the skin, and it can be used by all skin types as well. It gives a nice vibrant finish, and eventually rejuvenates the skin, minimizing the pores.

The thing that makes the CBD hemp balm from Elixinol unique is the pleasant aroma it has, which we all know isn’t the case with many other CBD topicals. This is particularly interesting if you have into consideration that it is not an isolate but a full-specter CBD product.

One thing is sure, your skin will be thankful by the Elixinol purchase, and you’ll be able to see the difference in no time.

Who is the Elixinol CBD hemp balm for?

Considering that the CBD hemp balm is a fully plant-based formula that has no artificial ingredients added to it, you know that you can expect a really potent balm that will do wonders for you skin routine and skin issues. It is also free of syntetic chemicals, making it perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

We’d really recommend the Elixinol hemp balm to those who have signs of aging on their skin, as the balm does wonders for this issue. It is also pretty effective for irritated, inflamed, infected and overall itchy skin. Its positive effects include moisturizing the skin, making it smoother and alleviating irritation discomforts.

Also, if you aren’t patient enough to give yourself massages each time you apply the balm – you’d enjoy this Elixinol topical. It easily penetrates the skin the moment its slightly rubbed on to the area, and it won’t take a lot of your time either.

What’s in the Elixinol CBD hemp balm?

Besides of course, having CBD oil in the balm, there are also other helpful ingredients like Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, pure Ucuuba Butter, Virgin Andiroba oil, Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary leaf extract, grape seed oil, nerolidol, wintergreen oil and calendula flawer extract.

All of these work in a synergy towards improving your overall skin complexion and giving you a vibrant look.


  • Smells nice
  • Made from the whole hemp plant
  • Good, non-greasy texture
  • Budget-friendly


  • Should not be used by pregnant women

Strong CBD Balm from PharmaHemp UK

The last CBD topical that you must have on your watch-list for the next purchase is the Strong CBD balm from PharmaHemp UK. After all, this family-owned business from Slovenia has been on the British market ever since 2011, and they’ve proven to produce premium CBD extracts and full-spectrum, very potent canabidiol.

Since 2011, the PharmaHemp carefully selects the hemp plants they grow organically, and they cherry-pick with the most attention to detail their plants. Also, considering they grow the plants in Croatia and Slovenia, you know that the hemps and the final products are subjected to GDP and GAP.

Pharmahemp has produced premium CBD extracts and full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD oil) since 2011. This family-owned company from Slovenia chooses only organic crops in micro-locations in Slovenia and Croatia. The hemp plants are carefully selected, grown organically and hand harvested with utmost care under supervision in the subalpine region of Slovenia and Croatia, the final hemp product is produced and handled under conditions of GAP and GDP.

Besides hand-picking and selecting the plants carefully, PharmaHemp uses only potent hemp that has been naturally dried, at temperatures below 35° C, which is why their Strong CBD balm is very potent and helpful to people who are in need of a good CBD topical.

We really loved their Strong CBD not only because it fulfills all our criteria, but also because it is really authentic in terms of design and features.

Particularly, the balm has the power to support skin protection and nourishnes, and helps with skin regeneration. This comes thanks to the high ratio of CBD content – there is 900mg of CBD in a 30ml package.

Also, you should know that the CBD balm from PharmaHemp undergoes thorough testing, and it is completely safe to use by people of all skin types.

Who is the PharmaHemp UK Strong CBD Balm for?

If you are looking for a EU-grown certified organic hemp, made with the best Cannabis Sativa L plants, we highly suggest using the PharmaHemp one. It is non-toxic, has no THC and it is completely safe to use by people of all ages.

Specifically, we’d suggest it to people who suffer from moderate to severe irritation and rashes, as it is really effective and takes very little time for it to work.

What’s in the PharmaHemp UK Strong CBD Balm?

As we mentioned before, the Strong CBD Balm by PharmaHemp comes with a high ratio of CBD (900mg in 30ml). Besides the CBD, it also has other helpful organic ingredients including Shea and cocoa butter, coconut and CBD oil, grape seed oil, Madagascar Vanilla and rosemary essence.

All of these ingredients work perfectly towards improving and supporting skin rejuvenation.

As we said before, the balm is really healthy, and has no scents, artificial dyes, parabens, toxins, or heavy metals. Of course, since it is cultivated in an organic matter, it has no pesticides nor herbicides.




  • Works fast
  • Very potent formula
  • Numerous sizes to choose from
  • Reputable and proven brand


  • Kind of expensive

CBD Topicals FAQs and Buying Guide

You cannot possibly buy your first CBD topical without knowing the most important aspects of them, which is why we took it as our responsibility to keep you as informed as possible. Here are some of the FAQs and the things that you should have in mind before committing yourself to a purchase:

 What are CBD creams, salve and topicals?

CBD creams, salves, topicals and balms are just different terms for a similar product that contains CBD in the formula. All of the aforementioned topicals are basically topical creams that are applied externally on the skin by rubbing, and they provide the benefits of CBD oils and other ingredients found in them, thanks to the absorbing power of the skin.

CBD creams are very popular because they have features of alleviating skin discomforts, but many people use them as skin moisturizers and add them to their daily skin routine.

 How are topicals different than other CBD products?

Unlike other CBD products like pills or oils that are taken by applying under the tongue, topicals have the benefit of being really easy to use, and are often considered as beginner CBD products. However, there are other differences you should know of:

CBD topicals work on the particular area they are applied to, whereas other CBD products have a general effect, so they are more effective when there is an external source of pain or discomfort.

Also, CBD topicals, unlike other CBD products can be often used by children too, as they have the power to alleviate pain.

Lastly, CBD topicals are very safe to use. We aren’t saying that other CBD products aren’t safe, but compared to pills, the topicals are significantly safer and with minimized if not none side effects.

Benefits of CBD Topicals

People from throughout the world have witnessed numerous positive effects from using CBD topicals, and to save you the time to do the research, here we’ll go over the most important ones:

  • Skin moist balance
  • Prevention of aging
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Alleviating pain
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflamatory effects
  • Improve skin’s natural defense system

Side effects of CBD Topicals

Unlike other CBD products that may or may not cause some side effects like dry mouth, anxiety and whatnot, CBD topicals minimize the chance of any of this happening. CBD topicals in general, are very safe to use as most of them have only natural and safe ingredients.

Of course, you might feel some side effects from any topical cream, CBD or not, if you are allergic or sensitive to the other ingredients, which is why you need to be careful when you are buying your CBD cream or balm.

Just try to avoid harmful chemicals, artificial colours or aromas and toxins, and you shouldn’t feel any side effects whatsoever.

Also, note that some people might be allergic to CBD, and if you are, you might have an allergic reaction. In this case, you should visit a doctor.

There is another side effect that you should be aware of – digesting the topical. You should never, ever attempt to eat or lick the topicals. Most of them are meant for external use only, and even if all the ingredients are food-grade, this doesn’t mean they should be eaten and digested. You risk having poisoning, so if this happens to you, make sure to visit a doctor right away.

 Does topical CBD help with pain?

Yes. It has been proven that CBD has a positive effect as a pain alleviator, which is why you can rely on it to help with any pain you might be feeling. Of course, CBD is not a cure for a disease or a condition, but it can surely alleviate the discomforting symptoms you are feeling.

So, if you are feeling any pain somewhere in your body, feel free to apply CBD topicals on it by rubbing it on, and you’ll feel a slight change. This can be the particularly effective if you are feeling some kind of muscle soreness or pain, or if you have a headache for example, you can apply the cream on your forehead.

However, if your pain is the result of a different condition, for instance your stomach hurts because of a digestive system issue, the topical won’t do anything for it. Depending on its strength and potency it might help a little bit with the pain, but this isn’t the solution to your problem.

 How to apply CBD Topicals?

People love CBD topicals because of their very easy and beginner-friendly method of applying. CBD topicals can be applied in several ways, and this can depend on the type of topical you are using and the instruction on the package.

However, the general rule is that you need to apply your topical using your clean hands, and you need to apply it on your skin. The best time to apply the topicals is after taking a shower or bath, or at least after cleaning the area using a wet, soft towel.

In order for the topical to absorb into your skin, you’ll need to rub it in for a minute or two on the area you are feeling pain. It is suggested to give yourself a mini-massage and rub the topical until it starts drying off – this is a sign that your skin is absorbing the CBD.

Don’t worry, most topicals are non-greasy, and the rubbing process doesn’t last too long, so you won’t get tired.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after applying the topical, as CBD topicals have ingredients which are only meant for external use, and should not be digested or get in contact with your eyes.

 How long does CBD cream last?

Each CBD cream is different – especially if they come from different brands. The different CBD creams also have different amounts of CBD in them, making them more or less potent, and more or less effective. This is exactly the reason why the effects of the cream may last longer or not.

It is expected for the effects of the cream to be visible within 10-30 minutes, but when it ends depends on each topical. Sometimes the effects can last for up to 2 hours, whereas in other cases they may last for up to 6 hours.

But this shouldn’t worry you too much, most CBD creams are meant for daily use, and the moment you continue feeling discomfort (pain or itchiness) you can reapply the cream using the method we explained before.

Are CBD Topicals Safe for your Skin?

The answer would be: Absolutely yes. But not ALL CBD topicals. This is why we have this guide.

There are shady brands and companies selling suspicious CBD topicals, which is why you should avoid paying the lower price for your next CBD topical.

If you buy a topical from a reputable brand that cares about its customers and does a good job at providing high-quality CBD topicals, you can be rest assured that their topicals are safe for use.

Considering that there are no side-effects from using CBD topicals, the worst thing that could happen is the abysmal chance of you having an allergic reaction, but it cannot possibly be a severe one, as the CBD companies are subjected to a large list of laws and regulations, and they must follow such standards in order to stay on the market.


We surely hope that we’ve helped you make an informed decision on your next CBD topical purchase.

Yes, we know that there are thousands of them on the market, but luckily for all of us, we can now get feedback from experts and customers on each of the topicals on the British market, which eases up the process of making a good purchase we’ll be happy to make.

So, rub on and enjoy, if you choose some of the topicals on the list above, you cannot possibly go wrong.