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Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me for Sale in UK 2020

2020 is almost finished, and as weeks and months pass, new and better CBD products are emerging in the UK market. There are new brands, new types and new advancements in the whole CBD industry.

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Sometimes, this can lead to the confusion of many people on how and where they should buy their CBD products, especially since they can be bought practically in every local store.

So, if you are thinking about where to buy your CBD oil and how to get the best value for your money, you are in the right place. In the following text, we’ll be discussing all the questions you might have regarding buying CBD oil near you in the UK, the options you have, the problems that might emerge and ultimately – the best options you have.

So, if you are in need of a new CBD oil and want to finally make a purchase you’ll be happy to make, keep on reading. Here is what you should know:

 Tips to “Buy 100% Pure CBD Oil in UK Near Me” Safely

In order to get the best value for your money, you should opt for buying 100% pure CBD oil. Don’t worry, the UK market has an abundance of different choices, so finding such options won’t be too hard – as they exist. However, so do impure, unsafe CBD oils. This can really confuse you, which is why we have a guide on the things that you should know before committing yourself to a CBD oil purchase:


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 1. Free Trial Scam

In essence, a free trial is a code for “get scammed” when you are buying your CBD oil online. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only such scam in the UK, and it happens in the CBD oil market as well. Sometimes this scam can have a form of “free trial” while other times it might come in the form of a “free CBD oil, only pay for shipping”.

Yes, you’ll get the promise – a free sample bottle. However, this is a popular scam. Usually, the company will charge you a small shipping fee which you’ll pay using your debit or credit card. This is exactly where you get scammed. Somewhere in the terms and conditions that you agree upon will be a recurring monthly subscription in return for the free CBD oil.

This eventually results in a really bad purchase. You’ll most likely end up paying shipping fees and you’ll receive shady-quality CBD oil. To top it off, the company will keep sending you a monthly shipment of CBD oil because of your subscription, and you’ll end up having monthly charges on your card.

To make things even worse, especially considering how unethical these companies are, it can be really difficult and expensive to cancel the subscription afterward.

So, to avoid this from happening, we suggest always reading the terms and conditions on any site you are buying from, especially if it is a new one.

2. Don’t go for Hemp Seed Oil

You should know that there is a difference between hemp and cannabis, which is why there is also a difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. Of course, they share the origin – cannabis, and hemp can be found in the Cannabis sativa L. plant species. However, besides this, they have a really different chemical composition.

For instance, the phytocannabinoids of cannabis, most of which include cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), are associated with different pharmacological properties. On the other hand, hemp seeds are completely without these cannabinoids.

Another difference between CBD and hemp seed oil is the cultivation itself. The external surface of the hemp seeds can be contaminated by the sticky glandular trichomes of the cannabis phytocannabinoids during cultivation. So, if the seeds aren’t cleaned properly, so will the product you are consuming.

To simplify things, we should mention that CBD oil uses the whole plant. On the other hand, hemp oil comes solely from the seeds of the plant. Logically, the CBD oil is made from other parts of a mature hemp plant including the flowers and its stalks. So, if you want to get more CBD, you should opt for a CBD oil instead of a hemp-seed oil.

3. Low CBD Scam

Just because a company says that they are selling CBD oil, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting CBD oil exactly. In fact, some oils might have many other ingredients and only small traces of CBD which won’t do anything positive for you or your health. This is the case when a company or brand says they sell CBD oils, but in fact, the amount of CBD is so low, it ends up being a complete waste of money.  To avoid this and prevent it from happening you should avoid brands and companies that don’t state their CBD clearly.

4. Know your CBD level

There are different types of CBD products and oils, and more importantly, each of those types has different levels of CBD. The level of CBD basically explains how strong or potent your oil is, and ultimately, how much goodwill it does for you.

Many companies pray and act unethically, avoiding at all costs to give out the information the consumers need, and in cases when the consumers aren’t informed enough – the companies profit from it. You should know that CBD products can have different amounts of CBD in them, and the different dosages depend on this.

To avoid being uninformed about the CBD levels of each CBD oil product, you should look for third-party lab testing and transparency. Lab testing reveals exactly how much CBD is in the oil, and the test results should be available for you to see for yourself. The reputable brands have special threads about this on their websites.

 5. CBD/Pound ratio

If you are aiming to get 100% pure CBD oil products, you should know that having a potent product in your hand is your top priority. This way you know that the oil will actually work for you. However, many people remain uninformed about the CBD/pound ratio, and thus, don’t know how to choose their dose properly. Often they end up being unsatisfied as they bought a too weak CBD product that didn’t do anything for them

The general information regarding the CBD/pound ratio is that bioavailability takes time to have an effect. Moreover, the ideal serving of CBD depends on a list of factors. This includes the reasons why you are using it, the CBD levels, genetic makeup, sex, weight and so on.

Even if there are suggestions about the serving sizes on products, you should choose to consume about 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds you weight. It is also suggested to start as low as possible and gradually increase your servings.

Again, this depends on each product and the reasons why you are using it, so it is also important to consult a doctor before you start using CBD oils, especially because even if you do get a completely safe, 100% pure CBD oil, you still might not be able to achieve the results you wish for.

Tips to find CBD oil on Sale Near Me

If you want to find the best CBD oil, you don’t necessarily need to pay a high price. Sometimes, you can find CBD oil that’s on sale and you’d end up getting premium-quality without overpaying for it. Although the general rule of thumb regarding pricings is that the more you play, the better you’ll get, and this simply isn’t always exclusively true. There might be cases where you pay an enormous price and still get bad-quality, not-strong-enough CBD products, as you can with any other product.

So, if you want to get a great quality CBD oil on a good sale, here are some of the things you should have into consideration:

Check if the product has THC or not

Cannabidiol, or CBD, and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, are two of the many different cannabinoids present in hemp. The most important thing about them is that both CBD and THC when present in the body, interact with our cannabinoid receptors and have various effects on our body.

However, there are a lot of differences you should know about them. First, CBD has no psychoactive effect on our body, whereas THC does. Also, CBD is legal in many states, whereas THC is illegal in most. And even in the cases where THC is legal, there are amounts of THC which are allowed. This is the case with the UK too – the CBD products in the UK may only have as much as 0.2% THC.

You are probably wondering – how does this affect you? It does. First, THC can make you feel a “high” and thus, cannot be used when you want to be sober. This is where the difference between THC-free and non-THC-free CBD oils differ.

If you consume CBD oil that has THC, this might result in you failing a drug test, which can have further repercussions in your life.

Besides this, there isn’t another big difference. Especially since the THC is in such small amounts in UK CBD oils that it is impossible for it to make you high.

 Easy pay

Having a convenient way to pay for your CBD oil and all other products you order online is always a good idea. When you have an option for easy pay, you can pay using different methods. These include paying via credit cards, ACH transactions or electronic checks.

Also, besides saving you time and energy, this type of diverse payment method allows the company to use email invoicing, batch uploading and everything else that a sophisticated company should have. Although indirectly, this speaks a lot about the company’s commitment to the convenience of its customers.

So, an easy-pay option is something you should look for in the regular CBD oil company you intend to be loyal to.

 Look for the Refund Option

When a company is sure of the quality of the products they offer, they would guarantee it in every way possible. One of the most popular forms of guarantees for the CBD oil products is in fact – the refund options. Those companies who are responsible and reliable will offer you a refund option, and this is really handy.

First, it guarantees that the company is sure of the product they are selling, thus, they will go out of their way to satisfy your needs.

Second, it ensures that you’ll end up being satisfied. You are making a purchase with the intention of having a high-quality CBD oil, and that is the only thing you’ll be getting. And, in case you don’t get what you expected, you’ll be getting your money back, so the chances of you being unsatisfied are minimal.

Go for Full-Spectrum

Full-spectrum CBD oils, unlike isolates, are made with all or at least nearly all of the compounds that are naturally found in the cannabis plant. In general, this includes CBD but it has other cannabinoids like CBC, CBN, CBG, flavonoids, terpenes, and others. On the other hand, isolates are made by isolating the CBD from the cannabis extract, or by making them artificially in a lab.

As you’d suggest, you can get more benefits from full-spectrum CBD oils rather than from isolates. This is because of various reasons, but the most important one is the entourage effect. The more cannabinoids there are, and the more diverse they are, the easier it is for the CBD to interact with your cannabinoid receptors, thus, it is easier for your body to consume and process the CBD. So, if you are thinking between different CBD oils, a general rule you should follow is that you should opt for a full-spectrum one. In essence, they are more potent and they are more effective.

Check out our coupons!

Discounts can come in different forms, and the more you get, the better the price you pay, right? Most of the time, companies offer coupons and promo codes to bring their products closer to the general masses. Unlike the fake free trial scam where you can actually end up losing a lot of money, coupons are a great way of decreasing the price of the product you intend to you.

Coupons can vary – sometimes they can lower the price by a certain percentage, whereas other times they can have a nominal value. And, you can find them during special promotions, holidays, or if you simply are lucky.

Buy CBD Oil Online instead of the Local Shop

Since CBD oil products are legal in the UK, you can choose where you can buy them, but most people opt for a local shop or an online website. Either of these options are credible and legit, and ultimately leads to a good deal, but it seems that there are certain advantages of online shopping instead of traditional shopping in local pharmacy shops.

First, online shops offer a more diverse set of products, and you have unlimited options to choose from. Unlike local shops that only have a specific set of CBD oils to offer you, and sometimes, they might not have your favorite one in stock.

Moreover, online websites selling CBD oil have numerous different payment methods and other creative ways of making things easier for you. Besides not having to spend the time to actually go shopping for CBD oil, you can easily get more informed about the product without having to talk to the employee for an hour.

Also, online websites offer a different set of promotions and discounts you can use, whereas at local shops you can regularly catch such a discount. Even so, it costs you time and money to actually do the shopping in the first place.

Lastly, online websites that sell CBD oil products are a great way of picking amongst the best companies and brands without having to ever leave the comfort of your home. In fact, they’ll even deliver the CBD oil to you in a really reasonable amount of time.

Buy Best CBD Oil for Sale Online

If you want to get the best possible CBD oil products online, you should know that you need to do a bit of research. After all, the most popular and renowned CBD oil brands work hard on their marketing, trying to make their products more accessible and appealing to the consumers.

However, with so many options and brands to choose from, finding the best ones at the best prices seems like an impossible task. But don’t worry, it isn’t. Some companies are better than others for obvious reasons – they have more satisfied customers, and they’ve proven to be worthy. But which ones? In order to help you out, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the best CBD oil brands you should consider buying from. Here are some:


The first brand you should consider for getting a budget-friendly yet high-quality pure CBD is the CBD Pure brand. This company works in the most professional way possible, offering certified non-GMO hemp oil, and it is free of everything that might be harmful to you – additives and contaminants. The products from CBDPure are quality tested by an independent third-party lab, ensuring nothing but the best quality possible.

Also, we like CBDPure because of their commitment to their customers, ensuring education and transparency at all times.


What we really love about Hempura is that its extracts and products all have less than 0.05% THC and CBN. These substances are restricted in the UK, but more importantly, at such low levels, they are undetectable by drug tests, making their products some of the most potent yet completely safe to use.

Moreover, Hempura’s CBD Oil products are really rich in natural terpenes and active cannabinoids, ensuring that all the positive effects are preserved. This is also thanks to the amazing extraction process they use. In general, Hempura is a renowned UK company that offers reasonably priced products with impeccable quality.

Love Hemp

If you are looking for a great UK CBD oil brand – Love Hemp is the one for you. Their CBD oils are really popular because they are incredibly effective, and yet, they are certified as THC free. More importantly, Love Hemp works hard towards developing and improving their manufacturing processes, and they have third party testing as well. These independent laboratories confirm the quality of Love Hemp CBD oils too.

Also, Love Hemp offers a wide range of CBD products that can meet anyone’s standards and needs. Their diversity is what made them one of the most popular companies across the UK. They offer sprays, oils, chocolate, salves and even beauty products infused with CBD – a little bit of something for everyone.

CBD Life

If you are looking for high-quality CBD Oil in the UK CBDLife UK is a great option too. They bring you all-natural CBD and hemp oils at really reasonable prices on the UK market. You can find CBD Life drops, sprays, capsules, pastes, topicals and edibles that are at amazing prices and with great quality.

What we really love about the CBD oils from CBD Life, however, is that they are really convenient and easy to use, while bringing many health benefits.

For instance, their oils are rich in Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin E and they are non-toxic and completely safe to use. More importantly, their products are vegan and organic, so you can feel comfortable using them, even if you are completely new to them.

All in all CBD Life UK is a great company for those who are looking for a diverse set of products from a single company.

Blessed CBD

Although last on this list, Blessed CBD is definitely a brand that you can avoid easily. They are so committed on bringing high-quality CBD oils on the UK market, they are one of the best-sellers here. They have full-spectrum CBD tinctures that can bring many benefits for your body. Although their manufacturing process goes in the USA, it still doesn’t affect the overall quality, and their oils do meet UK criteria by all means.

Moreover, Blessed CBD is a great company because they have impeccable customer service. They answer questions, care about educating their customers and offer the transparency that a responsible company should offer.


Finding the best CBD oils for you can be a demanding task. There are many available on the international market, as there are in the UK market as well. Between so many options to choose from, you can probably get confused.

But, if you took a step back and read our guide, we are 100% sure that you were able to get a clearer picture of what a good purchase should look like, what should you get out of it, and eventually, how to improve your CBD oil buying routine.

Once you’ve found the best one for you, don’t forget to get the best prices. For that, you should look for all the discounts you can find, including coupons and promo codes. Such things might not look like a big deal, but eventually, it will lead to you saving some money.

So, we hope that we helped you make a great purchase!