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New Study shows Smoking Cannabis Improves Your Memory




New Study shows Smoking Cannabis Improves Your Memory

Despite several studies which reveal cannabis intake may harm your memory, a new study is suggesting just the opposite.

A group of investigators in the University of Florida recently released a study demonstrating that smoking marijuana might actually improve memory. The investigators split a bunch of 32 rats and had them perform a set of delayed reaction evaluations, in which the rats could pull on a lever and a food pellet will be launch. The rats performed this job sober, then after having inhaled cannabis smoke.

“Cannabis smoke enhanced functioning memory precision,” the study’s authors noted. Meanwhile, the”placebo smoke didn’t affect working memory precision.”

These findings fly in the face of much other study that indicates consuming cannabis contributes to cognitive and memory deficiencies.

“The overwhelming bulk of study in the animal models and human subjects demonstrates that acute administration of cannabis and cannabinoids causes shortages in tests of cognitive functioning, including memory. By comparison, the recent experiments demonstrate that intense exposure to cannabis smoke improved working memory performance in a delayed response task in rats, especially in females where baseline levels of activity performance were lower than those in men.”

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Research on the cognitive effects of cannabis use generally do not get folks to really smoke marijuana. More frequently, researchers may have participants choose a concentrated form of marijuana’s psychoactive compound THC, or even a synthetic form and assess the results. Hence that the study’s conclusions indicate that the cognitive effects of cannabis might be different dependent on the consumption approach.

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