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St. Vincent’s marijuana bill not for St. Lucia says Cannabis Movement




St. Vincent’s marijuana bill not for St. Lucia says Cannabis Movement

Chairman of the Cannabis Movement, Andre ‘Pancho’ p Caires has refused a historical statement decriminalizing ganja for scientific and medical purposes in St Vincent and the Grenadines, saying it is not for St. Lucia.

In accordance with de Caires, stated the organization seemed in St Vincent’s marijuana bill before it was tabled in parliament.

“We deny that charge, p Caires said, adding that there are a whole lot of flaws. That invoice isn’t something which would actually benefit the farmers of St Lucia.”

He revealed that what’s required in St Lucia is a step that could create a route to upward mobility for those men and women who’ve been brutalized, unfairly imprisoned and discriminated against due to cannabis.

“we would like to provide these individuals an opportunity, it’s, in fact, a job for poverty alleviation,” he told reporters.

The Cannabis Movement Chairman said after people move from the lower end of their society to the middle course, crime will go down.

“The way we’ve made it, we’d have the ability to lessen the food import bill and create jobs,” the outspoken marijuana urge claimed.

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He explained St Lucia will rather, embrace a holistic approach to agricultural growth, using cannabis since the catalyst.

“Many of those other versions — Jamaica; they got it wrong; St Vincent is definitely getting it wrong,” p Caires declared.

He explained when the bill was being debated in parliament in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it split the Rastafarian community due to how in which the step was rolled outside.

“We don’t wish to roll out a statement such as that,” he explained.

De Caires remarked that the bill from St. Vincent only focusses on medical cannabis, adding that it doesn’t go the path of complete legalization.


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