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Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects? Studies Say Yes, It Does




side effects

Discussion forums about Cannabidiol have increased fairly recently since the advent of the plant-based cure.

Informative websites regarding the herbal medicine have also risen, discussing the nature and the healing benefits of CBD oil.

There may be users who trust in the healing properties of plant-based medicine. Alternatively, there are those who question its validity as a curing agent.

But is CBD oil, indeed, worth the people’s trust?

Is it really impeccable in curing nearly a hundred health concerns?

What are its side effects?

Nature and Current Scenarios Involving Cannabidiol Oil

The organic marijuana plant has more than 113 cannabinoids. Although the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major active component of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) comprises approximately 40 percent of cannabis extracts. Also depends on the type of plants.

This component CBD oil has been the subject of myriads of research undertakings for its plenty of uses.

In addition, CBD has been reported to prevent users from getting “high,” blocking this feature of the THC.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider products that consist of CBD as dietary supplements. The reason behind this is because it is a fairly new drug, which is still being studied.

However, despite this declaration of the FDA, dietary supplements that claim to have CBD as a component teem in today’s markets.

Consumers are advised to be wary because CBD in these products is not accurately indicated in the packaging.

The FDA has also warned that, although positive feedbacks and testimonials about the beneficial natures of CBD oil seem ubiquitous nowadays, consumers should personally be vigilant.

Wellness Advantages of Taking Cannabidiol

It has been reported to be capable of treating mild to serious ailments. Among these health concerns are anxiety, bipolar disorder, dystonia, and seizures.

In addition, patients having Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and schizophrenia are reported to have found relief using the oil.

Chain smokers who are finding it difficult to part ways with their unhealthy habits are also saved by CBD oil.

With these wholesome benefits, does taking the oil involves inconveniences as well?

Side Effects of Taking CBD Oil

CBD oil side effects

There have been few reported detrimental effects associated with taking CBD oil. Users of the oil should not be concerned though since those affected are a few in number.

In addition, these potential side effects are manageable.

1) Lethargy and Sleepiness

CBD oil’s effects can vary from one user to another. For some, it is mind-stimulating. They feel awake after taking the oil. In addition, they feel energized and in a better mood.

However, for other users, the oil can make them feel the opposite. When consuming high doses, they would experience drowsiness.

As a safety precaution, it is advisable not to drive. In addition, a drowsy CBD oil user should keep away from using heavy machinery or driving.

2) Increase in Quivering Motion

This likely side effect is linked to patients with Parkinson’s disease.

3) Weakness and Unsteadiness

Users may experience the temporary side effects of lightheadedness. This uneasy feeling is associated with the modest plummet in blood pressure.

To alleviate the feeling of fainting, taking a cup of coffee would help, regulating the body to its normal and proper state.

Furthermore, if coffee is not available, taking a cup of tea helps as well as drinking plenty of water.

These remedies will keep the body hydrated, and the caffeine component of the tea or the coffee will awaken the user’s senses.

4) A Slight Plunge in the Blood Pressure

Some researchers discovered that taking higher dosages of CBD oil can cause a user’s blood pressure to drop in small counts.

The uncomfortable feeling of lightheadedness may inconvenience the users who experience this side effect.

In this manner, users who have been diagnosed with low blood pressure or are under medication because of this health concern are advised to speak to their physicians prior to consuming CBD-based products.

5) Dehydrated mouth

The secretion of saliva in the mouth can be inhibited by the endocannabinoid system. This is possibly a consequence of CBD oil’s engagement into the processes of the system.

Thus, dry mouth is experienced by the oil’s users. This side effects can be managed by drinking hydrating fluids during the time of consuming the product and after doing so.

Hydration can also prevent the unwelcome loss of water in the body or getting dehydrated.

6) Modifications in Appetite

Based on studies by the National Cancer Institute, CBD oil can help stimulate a user’s appetite.

If he is troubled by some disease that decreases his desire to eat, taking the oil will help him regain his appetite, helping his body heal through a healthy diet.

7) Diarrhea

Some users of the oil may experience mild upset stomach, which includes diarrhea.

8) Interaction with Other Medications

It may interact with other drugs like the valproic acid, a conventional seizure medicine that is used to heal bipolar disorder and depression.

The oil is also allegedly interacting with blood thinners. Other mild side effects of CBD oil include feeling irritable, nausea, exhaustion, and trouble sleeping.

Medical professionals and scientific experts may consider it as harmless for most people to take. Serious side effects may happen rarely.

Apparently, the vast majority of users take the plant-based medicine without ever complaining about the adverse side effects at all.

Quite a few would report that they experienced a dehydrated mouth or are discomforted by diarrhea.

In fact, the World Health Organization has confirmed that CBD oil has no effects that indicate that users can abuse it or become dependent on it.

The international organization also affirmed that the oil is “generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile.”

Apparently, impurities present in inferior or substandard CBD oil products are the culprit for the detrimental side effects that have bedeviled the consumers.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to perform careful research about CBD oil products before purchasing.

Consulting with a physician and asking for advice is also an auspicious measure. In this manner, a user would only get the best and the safest CBD oil product and be safeguarded from any health inconveniences.


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Marijuana Concentrate: What it is and why teens use it



Marijuana Concentrate What it is and why teens use it

A new study reveals that more teens are now using the more potent form of cannabis, which is marijuana concentrate. The research published recently also stated that said teens are likely to use and abuse different substances, too.

Marijuana concentrates are significantly more potent in that it contains really high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the component responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana. The concentrate may contain 40-80% (and higher in some cases) of THC in some of the products.

In contrast, the THC amount in a high-grade cannabis plant only averages about 20%.

The Arizona Youth Survey

The study published in August in the pages of the Pediatrics journal is the collated data from teens in the eighth, tenth and twelfth grade in the state, and amounted to almost 50,000 students in all. This study is based on the results gathered in the Arizona Youth Survey.

The research revealed that 33% of the participating students have tried cannabis once or more. Also, 24% owned up to having used marijuana concentrates at one time or another.

The concentrate is often called honey oil or budder due to its honey or butter-like appearance. It is also called by other names like dabs, hash oil, butane honey oil or BHO and 710.

The marijuana concentrate can be mixed to drinks or food, and even smoked using oil pipes or water. Other people like to use a vaporizer or an e-cigarette to inhale the vaporized form of the concentrate.

Among the participants, the 12th graders had a high number of users at 32.9%. Girls had a higher occurrence, and as well as students having parents who weren’t able to finish their high school.

The study also showed that students who use marijuana concentrates are more likely to get ahold of other substances, specifically e-cigarettes, as compared to users who consume other cannabis forms.

The researches further note how the number of students using this form of marijuana might be risking themselves of drug abuse since past studies show that adults exposed to high THC amounts are likely to suffer from cannabis use disorder, psychosis, and cognitive impairment.

UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis director at University of California Daniele Piomelli, Ph.D., PharmD, states that there is no clear reason why many teens use marijuana concentrates. Past trends from the 70s to the 90s only showed people using low THC-containing cannabis.

Concentrate dosage differs the effect

Plant cannabis use is a lot less potent than the concentrate, which means that using stronger marijuana concentrate can also produce greater psychological and physical differences in the user. However, the gravity of the effect will still depend on how much a person uses a substance, which in this case is marijuana.

Assistant professor at Colorado State University Mark Prince, Ph.D., stated that the research shows how frequent and heavy use of cannabis can definitely cause deleterious effects. However, he also adds that not having enough scientific information blurs the line between beneficial and dangerous cannabis use.

Marijuana concentrates the long-term effect

Piomelli stated that there is next to no information about the effects of dabbing or vaping products using marijuana concentrate. This leads experts to believe that the long-term effects of such preparation are still largely unknown.

Lab tests done by Prince and his team looked into cannabis potency and its effect on physical and mental effects but results have been mixed so far.

Field experts are convinced that more research needs to be conducted to determine all its effects, whether long or short term. There is still little to no knowledge about the chronic effect of the said substance.

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Millennials are Preferring CBD Oil Treatments



Milennials Are Preferring CBD Oil

The CBD Bandwagon has rolled too far to be pushed back into oblivion: or that’s what the recent studies believe. According to the study conducted by the NHS, about 50% of the millennials prefer to use CBD oil over prescription medicine any day. But what does that truly mean for the CBD Market? And why is it so important in the modern day world?

The Study

The National Health Services of England (NHS for short), has been funding different research behind providing better medical services to the patients. Recently, they had commissioned a study on 2000 adult subjects in the United Kingdom, in order to find the number of health-conscious millennials who are preferring to turn towards Cannabidiol oil as medication.

According to the studies, around 30% of the Britons are careful about going to psychiatrists for their mental ailments in the fear of being prescribed medicine that might be overkill for their symptoms; leaving them with severe side-effects and medicine dependencies. 38% of them are leaning towards CBD Oil for treating their symptoms, while 24% of the subjects prefer other holistic methods of treatment. Interestingly, if we separated these subjects with respect to their age, we can see that almost 50% of the millennials in the UK prefer to use CBD as a treatment for their mental ailments.

CBD Benefits

We have already spoken about the benefits of CBD countless times on our website. But for the newer readers among you, a slight recap might be in order for you to understand why so many people are leaning towards it nowadays. First of all, CBD is the component of Cannabis that isn’t addictive. This is a big deal as it helps its user to ensure that he or she will not become dependent on this medicine once he or she starts using it.

Second, it has many reported benefits in the beauty industry, the medical industry as well as in the world of psychiatry. In terms of beauty, its topical use can provide smoother skin, reduce dryness, reduce acne breakouts and ease skin irritation. As for its medicinal properties, it is a great pain reliever and can be considered as an alternative to a lot of other addictive painkillers such as opium.

It works great as a stress-reliever, anxiety reducer and sleeps inducer. But its most prominent use would most likely be the properties that make it suitable to be used as a medication for controlling epileptic seizures. With little to no side-effects, the benefits of CBD is huge.

How it affects the Market

After seeing such a rise in its popularity among different age groups, it’s no surprise that CBD can have a great impact on the market. According to different estimates, the CBD might hold a 17 Billion USD market in the world for beauty treatments and over 20 Billion in combined markets, by the year 2024. With such prospects dangling in the horizon, it’ll hardly come as a surprise if this research incites the British Government to relax some of their laws concerning this substance.

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CBD Helps Pets Calm Down During Firework Stress



CBD Pets Stress

Fourth of July noise

We all love a loud celebration. But our pets? Not so much. With the Fourth Of July upon us, many pet owners are turning to products that can help keep their pets calm during the explosive celebration. Many of the newer products in this category contain the active ingredient cannabidiol or CBD.

Stormy may be an ironic name for a dog because her name definitely doesn’t suit her dislike for loud noises. According to her owner, Hanbee Choi, Stormy is not a fan of loud noises like the vacuum, and of course, fireworks and firecrackers aren’t an exception. She also said that Stormy would hide under places whenever she’d hear the loud noises.

CBD helps pets calm down

Choi dropped by Chuck and Don’s pet store to look for products that will help with her pet’s stress and anxiety. She looked for products that contain the specific ingredient of cannabidiol or CBD. It’s a product derived from hemp that’s a powerful supplement. This particular compound is famous for its many health benefits without the intense side effects.

Elizabeth Hayden, the pet supplies store’s assistant manager says that CBD can cure diseases like a seizure, and also help alleviate pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, etc. More customers are going for any CBD products in the form of a chewable tablet or gummies or concentrated oils. These CBD products are not like prescription drugs from veterinarians wherein you have to slowly wean off pets from it. They can be given to pets as needed, without the need to gradually decrease the dose as with the usual drugs given by vets.

Choi shares that CBD helps keep her dogs calm during car rides. She said that with CBD oil, her dog wouldn’t throw up or have any stomach issues during car rides. It kept the dog calm, allowing him to law down and go to sleep.

Keeping your pets calm during the noise

Staff recommends still placing pets in a quiet place on the Fourth of July or any day where you would anticipate fireworks. CBD-containing products should only be used in conjunction with that. You can place your pets away from windows or open spaces and play some music to drown out the noise.

The staff of the pet store supplies suggests that pet owners consult with their vets first before trying out any CBD products especially if they are also taking other drugs that may interfere with it. However, pet owners shouldn’t worry much about the side effects when using CBD on their pets. Many studies have proven the health benefits of CBD on pets as well as its safety even when taken at high doses or just occasional use.

Ultimately, CBD can be a life-saving supplement for your pets. It has significant calming effects on your pets that you will surely appreciate during times of stress like firework season

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