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MJardin Group declares Medical Cannabis Research Investment in Spain




MJardin Group declares Medical Cannabis Research Investment in Spain

MJardin Group, Inc. (“MJardin” or the”Business “) (CSE: MJAR), a pioneer in cannabis direction, today announced its initial medical cannabis research investment to finance two research on the advantages of cannabinoids on epilepsy and schizophrenia.

Starting in the first quarter of 2019, the research will be run at Salamanca, Spain for a duration of one year, in cooperation with Salamanca University and the Institute of Neuroscience of Castilla y León — two of the primary associations internationally for its scientific study from the nervous system and its ailments.

The study will focus on the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on epilepsy and schizophrenia and will be directed by Dr. Dolores López, Ph.D. and Dr. Manuel S. Malmierca, Ph.D., M.D., both of whom are specialists in bronchial disorders and world famous for their study about the impact of cannabinoids on neurological Wellness

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Christine Halef, BSc Pharm, RPh., SVP, Medical Strategy for MJardin, and Dr. Ashley Masri, ND, Medical Director for MJardin, will oversee the study for MJardin.

Halef based AtlantiCann Medical Inc. along with her history as a pharmacist gives a patient-focused outlook on providing alternative therapy options to states that commonly afflict communities around Canada.

Dr. Masri holds a postgraduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and leverages her scientific background and expertise working with natural health products in patient care to coordinate MJardin’s medical research efforts.

“There’s a great deal of work to be performed from pre-clinical to clinical trials, to understand the medical advantages of cannabis on severe neurological disorders like epilepsy and schizophrenia,” explained Dr. Masri. “Spain is a recognized hub for clinical cannabis study and we are extremely happy to have the chance to collaborate with Salamanca University and the Institute of Neuroscience of Castilla y León to address this research gap and identify opportunities to enhance the lives of millions internationally.”

Dr. Dolores López, Research Full Professor in the University of Salamanca and also Director of this Audiomotor Illness’s Laboratory at the Neuroscience Institute of Castilla y Leon, remarked,”The cooperation agreement between MJardin along with the University of Salamanca opens a Terrific opportunity to transfer university knowledge to society, setting up the chance of new therapies for epilepsy and schizophrenia. This research project will offer advice on security, efficacy and dose of cannabidiol-based medications, and will let us improve the visibility of the research over the scientific community.”

MJardin will leverage the study to steer the attention of the organization’s medical cannabis branch, for example, growth of new products to deal with a variety of neurological conditions and ailments. Following conclusion of these research, MJardin expects engaging with the proper regulatory bodies to start testing and research of its products in Canada.

Since the leaders of MJardin’s medical cannabis branch, Halef and Dr. Masri will center on developing tactical R&D partnerships with reliable research associations to guarantee reliability and security of medicinal products to both doctors and patients.

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“We’re pleased to supply monetary support for this crucial research whilst at the same time bringing and convening a worldwide coalition of specialists to advance medical cannabis research, deepen the business’s comprehension of medical cannabis, guarantee safe and efficient patient care, and develop MJardin’s medical branch,” additional Rishi Gautam, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MJardin.

Around MJardin Group

MJardin is a international cannabis management system with extensive knowledge in farming, processing, retail and distribution. For more than ten decades, MJardin has tasteful farming methodologies, developed state of the art centers and employed vertical integration for and on behalf of permit owners. As a well-capitalized business, MJardin continues to pursue strategic growth and M&A chances across international legal cannabis markets. MJardin is located in Denver Colorado, with offices in Toronto, Canada and Barcelona, Spain. To learn more, please see


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Millennials are Preferring CBD Oil Treatments



Milennials Are Preferring CBD Oil

The CBD Bandwagon has rolled too far to be pushed back into oblivion: or that’s what the recent studies believe. According to the study conducted by the NHS, about 50% of the millennials prefer to use CBD oil over prescription medicine any day. But what does that truly mean for the CBD Market? And why is it so important in the modern day world?

The Study

The National Health Services of England (NHS for short), has been funding different research behind providing better medical services to the patients. Recently, they had commissioned a study on 2000 adult subjects in the United Kingdom, in order to find the number of health-conscious millennials who are preferring to turn towards Cannabidiol oil as medication.

According to the studies, around 30% of the Britons are careful about going to psychiatrists for their mental ailments in the fear of being prescribed medicine that might be overkill for their symptoms; leaving them with severe side-effects and medicine dependencies. 38% of them are leaning towards CBD Oil for treating their symptoms, while 24% of the subjects prefer other holistic methods of treatment. Interestingly, if we separated these subjects with respect to their age, we can see that almost 50% of the millennials in the UK prefer to use CBD as a treatment for their mental ailments.

CBD Benefits

We have already spoken about the benefits of CBD countless times on our website. But for the newer readers among you, a slight recap might be in order for you to understand why so many people are leaning towards it nowadays. First of all, CBD is the component of Cannabis that isn’t addictive. This is a big deal as it helps its user to ensure that he or she will not become dependent on this medicine once he or she starts using it.

Second, it has many reported benefits in the beauty industry, the medical industry as well as in the world of psychiatry. In terms of beauty, its topical use can provide smoother skin, reduce dryness, reduce acne breakouts and ease skin irritation. As for its medicinal properties, it is a great pain reliever and can be considered as an alternative to a lot of other addictive painkillers such as opium.

It works great as a stress-reliever, anxiety reducer and sleeps inducer. But its most prominent use would most likely be the properties that make it suitable to be used as a medication for controlling epileptic seizures. With little to no side-effects, the benefits of CBD is huge.

How it affects the Market

After seeing such a rise in its popularity among different age groups, it’s no surprise that CBD can have a great impact on the market. According to different estimates, the CBD might hold a 17 Billion USD market in the world for beauty treatments and over 20 Billion in combined markets, by the year 2024. With such prospects dangling in the horizon, it’ll hardly come as a surprise if this research incites the British Government to relax some of their laws concerning this substance.

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CBD Helps Pets Calm Down During Firework Stress



CBD Pets Stress

Fourth of July noise

We all love a loud celebration. But our pets? Not so much. With the Fourth Of July upon us, many pet owners are turning to products that can help keep their pets calm during the explosive celebration. Many of the newer products in this category contain the active ingredient cannabidiol or CBD.

Stormy may be an ironic name for a dog because her name definitely doesn’t suit her dislike for loud noises. According to her owner, Hanbee Choi, Stormy is not a fan of loud noises like the vacuum, and of course, fireworks and firecrackers aren’t an exception. She also said that Stormy would hide under places whenever she’d hear the loud noises.

CBD helps pets calm down

Choi dropped by Chuck and Don’s pet store to look for products that will help with her pet’s stress and anxiety. She looked for products that contain the specific ingredient of cannabidiol or CBD. It’s a product derived from hemp that’s a powerful supplement. This particular compound is famous for its many health benefits without the intense side effects.

Elizabeth Hayden, the pet supplies store’s assistant manager says that CBD can cure diseases like a seizure, and also help alleviate pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, etc. More customers are going for any CBD products in the form of a chewable tablet or gummies or concentrated oils. These CBD products are not like prescription drugs from veterinarians wherein you have to slowly wean off pets from it. They can be given to pets as needed, without the need to gradually decrease the dose as with the usual drugs given by vets.

Choi shares that CBD helps keep her dogs calm during car rides. She said that with CBD oil, her dog wouldn’t throw up or have any stomach issues during car rides. It kept the dog calm, allowing him to law down and go to sleep.

Keeping your pets calm during the noise

Staff recommends still placing pets in a quiet place on the Fourth of July or any day where you would anticipate fireworks. CBD-containing products should only be used in conjunction with that. You can place your pets away from windows or open spaces and play some music to drown out the noise.

The staff of the pet store supplies suggests that pet owners consult with their vets first before trying out any CBD products especially if they are also taking other drugs that may interfere with it. However, pet owners shouldn’t worry much about the side effects when using CBD on their pets. Many studies have proven the health benefits of CBD on pets as well as its safety even when taken at high doses or just occasional use.

Ultimately, CBD can be a life-saving supplement for your pets. It has significant calming effects on your pets that you will surely appreciate during times of stress like firework season

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Senators promote cannabis and CBD research



CBD Senators

Cannabis is promoted at the Congress

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the key components of marijuana. It’s becoming more and more popular nowadays for its most sought after health benefits. It’s currently garnering more attention than THC because of its relatively milder and less intense side effects. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana, thus, it doesn’t affect mentation and behavior.

Senators Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Grassley, and Brian Schatz are responsible for the new Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act. They moved that marijuana, as well as CBD research, be a priority to further expand scientific research of medical cannabis and boost the support of its legalization. The bill would change marijuana’s definition in the Controlled Substance Act. This would entail that hemp-derived synthetic equivalent of CBD containing no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol or THC would no longer be considered as marijuana.


The Federal Bill and its Main Provisions

In the said act, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would play a part in making sure medications that contain or are derived from marijuana are regulated and safe. Because of this, extensive research regarding the medical benefits of marijuana and its derivatives should be made. Moreover, licensed doctors can also discuss CBD or marijuana’s medical advantages and disadvantages as a treatment option for their patients.

The senators have stated parents’ testimonies regarding CBD and marijuana in the treatment of various childhood illnesses such as severe epilepsy, which is very difficult to treat through the means of traditional western medicine. Thus, they have ruled in the potential value of CBD in treating these resistant diseases.

The bill would call for a faster and more streamlined process in reviewing medical marijuana research. This would also mean a more efficient development of medicine derived from CBD and marijuana, through the approval of the FDA. Lastly, the bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services [3] to let the Congress in the know about the potential harmful or beneficial effects of marijuana and marijuana-containing drugs on the human body, brain, and mental faculties.

CBD in the modern setting

The use of CBD in day-to-day lives is increasing among more people every day. One of the most common ways people use CBD is through cannabidiol or CBD oil. Among the most frequent reasons for CBD, oil use is pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety. For most people, it even has a positive impact on their focus and mind clarity during the day. It’s been an ideal companion for most people who are under constant stress. As previously mentioned, parents are also trying to use this as a cure for difficult to treat childhood illnesses such as epilepsy. Because of this, lawmakers have made it a priority to expand scientific and evidence-based knowledge regarding marijuana or CBD’s efficacy and safety in treating a variety of medical conditions that are otherwise refractory to modern medicine.

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