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Pet Owners Are Turning To CBD For Anxiety Relief




Pet owners using CBD

We all know how the Fourth of July could be such a huge celebration in the U.S. Parties, celebrations, and fireworks are on the way. With this fun occasion, we should be reminded how loud noises can be disturbing for our little pets at home.

Dogs are noise sensitive

Noise has been long known to be a huge physical stressor among pets, most especially dogs. Pet owners know how dogs would always be barking and hiding under tables and couches during fireworks seasons like New Year’s or Fourth of July.

In a study conducted among dogs and noise sensitivities, it was found that noise sensitivity was associated with pain. Another study has also found that cortisol, cholesterol and triglyceride levels among dogs became elevated after unpleasant situations like traffic noise, further supporting the claim that noises greatly impact a dog’s emotional and physical health.

Because of this, pet owners are turning to pet supplies stores and pharmacies to find something that will calm their pets down or at least relieve some of their stress and anxiety.

CBD products relieve stress among pets

Cannabidiol or CBD is a component of marijuana that’s gaining a significant following among those who are fond of supplements. It’s been proven to relieve stress and anxiety among pets as well. Moreover, it’s also been proven to be a good pain reliever, thus, would be helpful for dogs who feel pain along with stress from loud noises.

Local veterinarians talked about the use of CBD oil among pets. Although there isn’t enough research available for them to actually recommend them, most pet owners resort to pet products containing CBD to solve the pet stress issue during fireworks.

CBD – a good alternative

Anxiety among dogs and other pets include pressure wraps. This is a method of wrapping a dog’s torso with tight cloth or towel to give the body constant pressure. This works by providing comfort, warmth, and distraction of the dog all at the same time. Another solution is behavior modification. Pet owners can do this by making use of desensitization.

Meanwhile, Teresa McLean, a pet owner, said that she would go for CBD instead of usual go-to’s like Benadryl as this usually gives pets the hype. Moreover, Geoff Moser, the owner of the pet store called Dog Beach, states that he recommends CBD products to pets who suffer from arthritis and cancer, among other things. However, he adds that the relief of stress shouldn’t be solely based on CBD products but rather, be based more on a calm and comfortable environment. Furthermore, he also suggests playing calming music to drown out the noise coming from the outdoors. Some ingredients other pet owners turn to are those products that contain thymine, melatonin and other amino acids.

During noisy celebrations like the Fourth of July, it’s crucial that we don’t forget our little ones at home. Pet owners should make sure they remain comfortable and be as stress-free as possible so they won’t have noise anxiety.

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