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Tampa Dessert Shop Introduces CBD Infused Doughnuts For All Healthy Foodies




CBD Infused Doughnuts

As CBD oil is gaining record popularity and widespread usage, it is only normal to have shops selling CBD-infused desserts for keeping up with this growing trend. Yes, you heard that right, a Tampa based dessert parlour is offering CBD-infused doughnuts in the two flavours of Goji Berry Coconut and Matcha Honeycomb.

More About The Doughnuts

Dough is the “sister” bake joint of the iconic Datz restaurant. Its latest offering is available in two tempting flavours. The CBD oil infused Matcha Honeycomb doughnut comes layered with vanilla fondant icing and topped with honeycomb for adding to its delicacy quotient. Its Goji Berry Coconut flavour on the other hand is a CBD oil infused doughnut which is covered in goji berry vanilla fondant icing and a dash of frozen coconut and freeze-dried goji berries for that extra boost of flavour.

Although CBD is known to have a bland taste, the doughnut bakers have made up for this by adding an extra dosage of sweetness and distinctive flavour which makes them irresistibly delicious for all foodaholics.

The CBD Craze

Be it luxurious restaurants or dainty little cafes, everyone is eager to join the CBD craze for capturing lion’s share of the market for gaining traction. The Farm Bill issued by the federal government in December 2018 legalized the usage of CBD or cannabinoid which is derived from hemp belonging to the cannabis genus. It is known to have extremely low levels of tetrahydro cannabinoid or THC, a psychoactive compound which is infamous for causing the “high” which is commonly experienced by smokers of weed.

Since then, various retailers and companies have shown ample interest in this versatile drug. There was a time when CBD was treated as an illegal drug and listed down under the Controlled Substance Act. This was altered after passage of Farm bill which legalised hemp for being used by consumers for general use.

Popularity Of CBD

THC is infamous for causing stress, depression, anxiety, triggering seizures and affecting other bodily functions like our respiratory and nervous system when used over a long stretch of time. But CBD with its low THC content can actually delight with its magical healing properties. Many of its users have vouched in favour of CBD for reducing pain, stress, inflammation, swelling, anxiety as well as serious ailments like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Usage In Medical Field

The Food and Drug Administration has shown a green signal to usage of CBD for treating two rare forms of epilepsy faced by children. No regulatory framework has been set up by the agency till now pertaining to the distribution, production and consumption of CBD. This is why massive ambiguity can be found amongst consumers and distributors regarding its legality and safety for consumption.


Warning letters have been issued jointly by both FTC and FDA to three companies who had been marketing CBD infused products with the claim of curing Alzheimer’s and cancer. It is deemed illegal to conduct sponsorship or public marketing of the product until the same is confirmed by the agency. These strict rules could not stop retailers and companies from selling edibles infused with CBD to consumers. While many feel that high demand amongst consumers is the main reason behind this, others accredit the changing market scenario and the desire of manufacturers to keep up with the same.

Bottom Line

The Tampa dessert shop will be selling CBD oil infused doughnuts at its South MacDill Avenue shop where each doughnut will be priced at $6. A Datz and Dough spokesman revealed that the team has recently started working on more yummy flavours to prepare beverages, doughnuts and other items infused with CBD oil. Although a CBD cocktail is also in the pipeline of production, there is no specific detail regarding the exact date of its launch.

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