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Four-time Champion Iditarod Musher Gives Race Dogs CBD Oil




Some 800 dogs have started the 975-mile journey with their mushers to conquer the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Sunday. Four-time winner Lance Mackey made news when he revealed giving CBD oil to his dogs against head veterinarian’s advice.

Mackey declined the suggestion, citing cannabidiol being excluded in the banned substances list found on the competition’s rulebook.

Enhancing recovery times

Lance Mackey, currently in fifth place at the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, revealed to the Anchorage Daily News that he has been giving his race dogs cannabidiol oil to improve their performance and recovery times.

Iditarod head veterinarian Stuart Nelson has discouraged the use of CBD oil for competing dogs. Still, Mackey went against advice, saying there is nothing in the race’s rule book that mentions CBD oil as a banned substance.

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a derivative of Cannabis sativa L., which is also the source plant for marijuana, an addictive substance containing high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound. On the other hand, CBD is non-intoxicating due to a shallow THC content that causes the high.

CBD for pets has become a famous market currently, with owners praising its health and wellness benefits for animals. It is commonly used to manage pain and treat seizures, among others, despite the federal government’s lack of official standards for the said substance.

Mackey, a cancer survivor, considered getting medical marijuana treatment throughout his four-year consecutive victories from 2007. However, Iditarod barred marijuana use by 2010. He reasoned the other mushers were jealous of his wins; that’s why the ban was enforced.

In 2011, a year after the marijuana ban, Mackey bags his fourth consecutive championship.

CBD oil for pets

CBD oil has gained popularity over recent years for being a miracle remedy for many illnesses. Users have been lauding its efficacy to health conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety and more.

CBD manufacturers have entered the market successfully, producing a variety of products like lotions, gummies, tinctures, and others. CBD pet products have also found a great reception from owners who are curious about cannabidiol for pets.

Cannabidiol-based products for pets are mostly in the form of treats or oil. They are said to deliver promising results for alleviating pain and anxiety. However, there aren’t many studies to solidify the effectiveness of these items.

Pet experts advise that it’s best to consult with the veterinarian about the pet’s specific condition and evaluate whether CBD oil can be one of the viable options to improve their well-being.

About Iditarod

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race started on Sunday, with Paige Drobney, a Pennsylvania native from Cantwell Alaska, taking the lead last Wednesday. She was the first to leave among the mushers at the Ophir checkpoint.

The first to reach McGrath checkpoint was Jessie Royer who received handmade items as a token for the milestone.

The oldest musher to enter the race, Jim Lanier, 79 years old and a retired pathologist, withdrew from Iditarod last Tuesday at Rainy Pass for his well-being amid the virus outbreak.

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CBD and Lupus: New Hope for Autoimmunity?



CBD for Lupus

Pain and inflammation are the two primary symptoms of lupus. As for the disease, it can happen to anyone, and the exact cause of it is a subject matter for researchers to date. 

However, experts consider certain environmental triggers and family history with lupus to be the main factor for this disease.

Other than skin and joints, lupus also affects the kidneys and the other internal organs of the body.

Cannabinoids or CBD have soared in popularity as one of the leading options for the treatment of the condition.

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, approximately 1.5 million Americans have this disease.

But how safe and effective is it? Even if it is safe, how does CBD for lupus works? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

Can I take CBD Oil for Lupus Symptoms?

Notwithstanding the fact that lupus is of four kinds, it is a long-term disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack the healthy cells and leads to inflammation. 

The four types of lupus include the following:

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Cutaneous lupus
  • Drug-induced lupus
  • Neonatal lupus

Despite the existence of different forms of lupus, the fact remains that the symptoms of all these variants of the disease are more or less the same. The symptoms of lupus include the following:

  • Sores around mouth and nose
  • Rash on nose and cheeks
  • High blood pressure
  • Light sensitivity
  • Headaches
  • Fatigues
  • Pain in various body parts, including the joints

CBD acts on the main indicators of lupus, namely pain and inflammation. It plays its role in conjunction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Not only does this system regulate inflammation and pain, but it also takes care of the manner in which the body generates an immune response, but also metabolism, cognition, and sleep.

Endocannabinoids put the receptors CB1 and CB2 in the working mode. While the former takes care of the nervous system, the latter offers relief from pain and inflammation. Anandamide works in conjunction with CB1 receptors, whereas 2-AG works with CB2 receptors.

Studies reveal that CBD can prove to be effective in striking the right balance between these receptors.

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The role of CBD oil in Relieving Inflammation

Lupus is a disease that does not confine itself to a specific part of the body but also extends to the other parts of the body of an individual. More than the disease, it is the inflammation that draws the attention of both the doctors and individuals.

According to a study published in “Future of Medicinal Chemistry”, a scientific journal, anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids can prove useful in the treatment of inflammation.

Though rare, the flare-up of the skeletal muscles is also possible in some individuals. It can result in other complications such as alopecia areata and skin rash. Thus, it is important to address the root cause of the condition which is lupus itself. If you do not get adequate treatment at the right time, it can lead to skin rash and baldness.

One of the effective treatments for such lupus-based conditions is the appellation of CBD oil tinctures. Besides, you can also use CBD ointments for the treatment of skin inflammations.

How CBD Oil Relieves Lupus Pain?

Joint pain is common among all patients with lupus. Most studies highlight that this form of pain is visible among people who wrestle with the medical condition. Interestingly, more than 50% of people with lupus experience joint pain as the first indicator of lupus.

For lupus patients, it is important not to overlook the seriousness of inflamed joints at the initial stages. Not paying attention to its treatment in a timely manner can lead to the development of lupus arthritis at subsequent stages.

On the surface, lupus arthritis may not appear to be as serious as rheumatoid arthritis. However, this doesn’t mean that it is any less destructive or painful. Not getting proper treatment for lupus arthritis can lead to the loss of the muscle tissue of an individual in the long run.

Though the positive results of lupus treatment by the use of CBD does not have any experienced-based evidence, researchers have drawn some inference based on their observations on the study involving the beneficial effects of CBD on rodents.

Researchers did not see any major compilation in rodents while using CBD for the treatment of inflammation and pain; they believe it can also benefit humans alike. 

How CBD Oil helps in controlling Hypertension?

Some people use steroids for the treatment of lupus. However, the use of steroids poses some medical risks for such users. For instance, they are likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems leading to heart failure, and also stroke.

By and large, all these problems relate to the issues in the blood vessels, particularly in the movement of blood to various parts of the body through the blood vessels. 

CBD helps people who grapple with high blood pressure and heart problems by widening the blood vessels. Due to the widening of the blood vessels, other parts of the body get an elevated level of blood flow which helps an individual to effectively deal with the problem of low blood pressure.

Besides, stress and anxiety can also play a role in increasing the chances of developing the problem of hypertension. The end result of these mental issues is depression.

For those who suffer from a mental disorder, the moderate dosage of strong CBD is an ideal option. Among other things, it calms down the nerve and produces a relaxing effect.

The advantages and downsides of using CBD oil for the treatment of lupus and other medical conditions


  • As stated in WHO report, organic CBD oil does not put an individual at risk of addiction. As long as one sticks with the right dosage of this oil, it neither increases hunger nor makes an individual prone to the risk of developing “munchies”.
  • CBD has proven its potential   for the treatment of various physical and mental illnesses . Unlike THC, it doesn’t get an individual high. The intake of CBD oil is linked to heightened confidence and better performance in public speaking.
  • It does well to treat the disorders linked to inflammation. It stands useful for the treatment of internal inflammation. It specifically benefits those who suffer from inflammation due to gout, allergies, vasculitis, and arthritis.

 Organic CBD oil lends a helping hand to the treatment of autoimmune disorders. Inflammation is one of the root causes of autoimmune disorders. Experts believe this can be a reason for which it can also help in the treatment of autoimmune disorders.

  • Opioids and NSAIDs have long been used for the treatment of pain. However, it makes an individual prone to developing side-effects. On the contrary, CBD oil treats pain without causing any side effects. Thus, it is a risk-free remedy for pain.
  • CBD products such as CBD oil are easy to use. You can take it with vape, or you can also have it with food, in the form of pill or lozenges. Perhaps, it is one of those options for the treatment of lupus and other medical conditions, which is easy to ingest or use.
  • In comparison to THC, CBD does not have any major side-effects. As such, most people view it as a favorable and secure option.


  • Some CBD oil products consist of THC, which is important for some people. In certain cases, the combined effect of CBD and THC has a more positive effect on our body.
  • CBD oil is of great help for those who have a hard time sleeping at night. But it can have a diagonally opposite effect on those who plan to stay awake throughout the night. If you use organic CBD oil, you will notice that it causes drowsiness.
  • CBD oil acts differently on different individuals. As an outcome, it is not easy to form opinions about how effective it would be or how well it would act on lupus and other medical conditions. Those who use CBD oil for the treatment of a certain medical condition do it out of uncertainty.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

The side effects of CBD oil, as is the case with its effects, are not clear. However, some of its common side effects include the following:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Parkinson’s disease (if one takes a high dose)
  • Low blood pressure
  • Alterations in the enzymes of the liver

Notwithstanding these side effects, the best part about CBD oil is that it does not turn a user into an addict. As such, the overdose of CBD oil is a rare possibility.

CBD Oil vs. Alternative Treatments for Lupus

When it comes to the treatment of lupus, complementary as well as alternative treatments are helpful in relieving the symptoms. 

The complementary medication works in conjunction with the principal drugs. In other words, such medications act as an adjunct to a prescription drug which is the main medicine for treating lupus. 

On the other hand, alternative medicine acts as a substitute for prescription drugs.

Both these treatments are distinct from one another and work accordingly to relieve the symptoms of lupus. The best thing about these treatments is that they are safe from the possibility of side effects.

However, more scientific research on these treatments is necessary to determine their usefulness in treating lupus.

Some common forms of complementary and alternative treatments for lupus include the following:

  • Ayurveda
  • Chiropractic pain relief treatment
  • Naturopathy and Homeopathy
  • Biofeedback
  • Herbal medicines
  • Wellness programs

The effectiveness of the treatments varies from one individual in the same way as different individuals need distinct treatment methods for lupus. So, you would be better off consulting a certified physician before embracing any of the aforementioned treatments. 

CBD oil in the form of cannabis and hemp oil can be an important source of amino acids. Though it doesn’t directly treat lupus, it helps patients manage the symptoms.

Important Points to Consider while Choosing CBD Oil for Treating Lupus

Given the wider range of spectrum of CBD oil, you need to choose an option that can well cater to your needs in the best possible manner. 

Usually, it is best to choose the full spectrum of CBD oil as it offers the maximum benefits. Not only does it relieve you from lupus but also provides a host of other health benefits.

Before arriving at a conclusion, hang on a moment and consider if your body is sensitive to the allergic reactions that CBD oil may trigger. If your body is less tolerant of the possible side effects of CBD oil, you’d be better off choosing the broad spectrum instead of the full spectrum.

Additionally, you should also pay attention to the following points:

  • Before putting your money on the product, set aside some time for your research. Find out the manufacturer of the product you wish to buy. You would be better off going for a product from a reputed manufacturer than the ones that feature low on the list of manufacturers.
  • Consider your location in the United States. Marijuana or medical CBD is not legal in all the states in the United States, which has fifty states in all. Out of the total number of states, the use of marijuana is permissible only in four states. You can use the medical CBD after getting a physician’s prescription in eleven states.
  • Do not forget to go through the reviews or testimonials of verified customers of CBD products who have tried it for lupus. Though there is a possibility of getting biased reviews on some websites, you can keep away the likelihood of it by taking the reviews of customers from reputed sites into consideration.
  • When buying a CBD product from a store, check if the latter has the legal authority to sell such a product. Apart from ensuring that you are investing in the right product, this move will also prevent the likelihood of getting into legal hassles.
  • Now that you have taken everything else into consideration, the last thing you need to do is check the certification codes. This move will ensure that the product you are buying has been through proper checks and procedures in the laboratories and that the product is trustworthy.

CBD Dosage for Lupus

CBD does not have a uniform dosage due to the lack of any guidelines by the FDA. Plus, its dosage is likely to vary from one person to the other due to the distinction in the treatment of lupus.

By and large, CBD is safe for use and does not cause any major complications. However, this does not put it above all side effects.

One of the best ways to keep the complications of CBD at bay is to take it in a lesser quantity. Besides this, maintaining a balanced proportion between CBD and THC also stands as a vital factor. 

It is a good idea to not overlook any side effects of CBD. Instead, pay a visit to a doctor as soon as possible upon the detection of any complication resulting from the use of CBD in any of its forms.

When it comes to the use of CBD for the treatment of lupus, you should take the final call only after consulting a qualified physician. A doctor will be able to guide you through regarding whether or not to use CBD after examining your current medical condition.

How to use CBD Oil

In broad terms, CBD oil comes across in two forms – tincture and oil. You can take the tincture directly with food, whereas you can take the oil variant along with vape to get relief from pain.

Wondering what’s wrong with the ingestion of CBD oil? The primary reason for it is its taste. When you ingest CBD oil, it leaves an oily taste in the mouth that you may find unusual to your liking. Due to this reason, the recommended way to take CBD orally is to do so with the tincture version rather than the oil variant of the product.

You can also apply CBD products on the skin to deal with inflammation. These days, CBD products such as patches, lotions, and creams are available for this purpose. The use of these products can help you get rid of skin rashes. 

Some dermatologists recommend topical CBD products that can be of great help as an adjunct in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Besides, you can also take CBD products in the form of lozenges, gummies, and pills. 

Is the use of CBD legal?

This is one of the most obvious and frequently asked questions among those who consider using CBD oil for treatment of various conditions, including lupus.

Though there is a lot of information on the Internet in this connection, the data on the majority of the sources are confusing by nature. As a result, you might want to get a clear and straightforward answer to it.

To begin with, the use of CBD products is legal in all the states in the US as long as the concentration of the THC in it is less than 0.3 percent. However, a bill passed in 2018 excludes hemp and the products resulting from it from the list of items that are permissible for use.

Out of the 50 states, seven states permit the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of lupus when a certified physician prescribes it.

On the contrary, the use of marijuana for the treatment of lupus is permissible in four other states. These include Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Hawaii.


Now that you have come to know a lot about CBD and how it works on those with lupus, you may want to know if it is safe for use. The answer to it is “yes” as it does not have any major side effects. But is it effective? It may be or may not be effective depending on your case.

The results are likely to vary from one individual to the other. A lot depends on the type of lupus you have and the response of your body to CBD for lupus. In such a case, consider consulting a qualified physician as they will be able to guide you through on this matter.

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Can We Use CBD To Treat Asthma?



Can We Use CBD To Treat Asthma?

Asthma is one of the medical conditions that we should not take for granted. Over the years, the number of Asthma-affected patients has risen veritably. 

The Global Asthma Report 2018 mentions a concerning fact stating approximately 100 people die per day due to complications created by Asthma. 

More so, it affects around 339 people every year. While this number is increasing unprecedentedly, so are its solutions. 

Although there are many things available as a cure for this terrible problem, for some reason, they do not satisfy the needs of the patients. 

There was still an effective solution missing from the toolbox of Asthma cures.

This is when researchers started to explore the potential of CBD as a cure for Asthma. So, in this article, we will review the claims about CBD with the help of studies.


To understand how CBD works to cure asthma, we have many scientific reports and studies to refer to. These studies explain some properties that CBD possesses which help with many symptoms of asthma.

CBD relieves the inflammation and stops mucus production clogging the airways and resulting in shortness of breath.

It also works effectively as a preventive component to shield the lungs from asthmatic triggers. CBD is also famous for being an effective bronchodilator. 

Unlike other medicines for asthma, CBD does not create feelings of anxiety in the users and also helps in reducing the chest pains. It reduces the frequency of asthma attacks and minimizes the discomfort that comes with the symptoms.

CBD is way better than steroid-based asthma drugs that come loaded with side effects

What is Asthma?

We know the basics about Asthma that it is a condition affecting the breathing process. But before we dive further into the details, it is imperative to know a little more about the condition.

It is a long-term chronic disease that hampers the airways in the lungs (tubes that help the air travel in and out of your lungs and body). What happens in this condition is that the airways suffer from inflammation and become narrow.

What’s interesting is this condition is not age-bound. It can affect an individual from as early as childhood or may manifest later in the adult years.

People suffering from Asthma have to be mindful of triggers such as the cold wind that worsens the condition. 

Types of Asthma

  • Childhood asthma (5 to 14 years of children are prone to asthma)
  • Adult-onset asthma (factors for this  asthma are hormones, stress, smoking, respiratory illness)
  • Occupational asthma (factors are allergic rhinitis, environmental allergy)
  • Seasonal asthma
  • Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
  • Nonallergic asthma
  • Allergic asthma

Symptoms of Asthma

If you are facing these problems, then chances are you may have contracted any type of asthma. You should, in this case, consult a doctor.

  • Pain and tightness in the chest
  • Breathlessness
  • Making a wheezing sound while exhaling is a common symptom in children
  •  Coughing
  • Sleeplessness because of shortness of breath
  • Wheezing and coughing getting worse due to cold or flu

Is CBD Effective For Treating Asthma?

As we know, the need for finding better alternatives for treating asthma was a result of a lack of effectiveness in the available solutions. 

For example, corticosteroids are a steroid-based asthma medicine that is infamous for its side effects. They include mood swings, becoming prone to bruises, problems in eyes, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.

Moreover, using inhalers is not the most ideal option anymore. It leaves the patient with a hoarse voice, oral fungal infections, and sore throat, to name a few.  

Also, leukotriene modifiers like zileuton that have been in use for curing asthma are said to develop depression. It may even lead to having suicidal thoughts and hallucinations.

So, although all these methods have been working for years now, it was time to modify the means of curing the veritably increasing number of asthma patients and casualties every year.

CBD is a natural component that comes from the hemp or cannabis plant. You may also know it as a Marijuana plant. Now, the concern that follows this plant generally is its toxic properties.

This concern ripples down to another one that is if asthma patients should consume CBD or not. Now, let us clear a few things about CBD.

One of the principal reasons CBD is in the constant spotlight as a potential drug for many conditions, hence gaining the title of medical marijuana, is because it is not intoxicating.

The cannabis plant has two principal components – Cannabidiol and THC. It is the latter component for imparting the “high” feeling, not CBD. 

According to this report by the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD has been assessed for many medical conditions such as anxiolytic, analgesic, antitumor properties, neuroprotective, and anti-asthmatic.

There are many reasons why CBD has been on the radar of researchers. A few of the factors include that CBD is not psychoactive, CBD is an effective bronchodilator, it is legal in most parts of the USA and other countries, entails almost no side effects on its own.

It is these characteristics of CBD and the first-hand experience by the users which has given birth to the trend of 89% seniors recommending CBD to others, according to this study.

How does CBD work to cure Asthma?

The study published on HHS Public Access in 2010 talks about the fact that cannabinoids are potent in suppressing allergic asthma triggers. This is possible mainly with the help of Th2 cytokines (molecules that send signals to regulate and mediate immunity, hematopoiesis, and inflammation).

In asthma, Bronchospasms are the standard symptom. This leads to the narrowing of lungs, which ripples down to breathlessness. 

Thus, CBD comes to save the day. One dose of CBD oil eases and reduces muscle spasticity and opens up the airways easing the breathing process.

A report published in 2015 tested the effects of Sativex. It is an oral mixture of CBD and THC in the half-and-half ration. In the study, this concoction was used on many patients of sclerosis.

The results were nothing but promising. The mixture worked well and helped patients experience relief from muscle spasticity. Another study conducted in 2014 showed more or less the same results. 

Where THC is psychoactive and increases anxiety, CBD seems to be an ideal way to win with asthma.

Benefits Of Using CBD For Asthma

So far, we know CBD works for asthma in many ways. Now, let’s move on to the benefits it offers.

CBD is Anti-Inflammatory 

Inflammation is a classic sign of asthma. Whenever a patient comes in asthma triggers such as irritants, allergens, etc., their immune system acts up and inflammation begins.

Consequently, the airways get inflamed and muscle spasm begins while mucus is secreted. All this makes breathing a troublesome task.

Here, according to the study, CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory features. According to a few researchers, this property is owed to its reaction with endocannabinoid receptor CB2. 

This receptor significantly reduces pro-inflammatory mediators such as C fibers.  This is something another study highly supports.

Decreases Asthma-related Drug Anxiety

In the pre-CBD era, asthma medicines like inhalers were in use widely. Although effective, they contain stimulants that cause anxiety, despite being good bronchodilators.

It is why CBD is the better alternative. It has anti-anxiety properties (anxiolytic) that calm the nerves and mind without hyping anxiety feelings in the patients, according to this report.

People tend to use CBD with their inhalers to keep the anxiety at bay, all the while enjoying the goodness of the inhaler and CBD.

Eliminates Production of Mucus

Just like we talked above, inflammation and narrow airways give birth to mucus production in the body which further complicates the breathing process. 

This all happens because of the production of cytokines.  To be specific, the protein cytokines IL-13 is the cause of mucus production. Nevertheless, CBD reduces the level of this protein in the body and hence, reduces asthma symptoms.

More so, patients can also eject the mucus out of the body by coughing to provide a smooth airway for breathing.

Works Great as a Preventative

We all know that prevention is better than a cure. So, why not use CBD as a preventative rather than the cure as well?  

A report in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics supports the fact that CBD has the potential to safeguard the lungs from the symptoms of asthma.

Moreover, this prevention is only with the help of cannabinoid receptors. How? You ask. 

Well, when these receptors get activated, they are capable of protecting the lungs from inflammation when the patients come in contact with any trigger. Thus, patients do not experience any disturbing and painful asthmatic symptoms.

Furthermore, other characteristics of CBD such as the reduction in the production of cytokine and an increase in levels of anandamide in the bronchial fluid also obstruct symptoms from showing.

Helps In Reducing Chest Pains

Chest pains are the worst for asthmatic patients. Though this is not a primary symptom, it nevertheless affects almost 76% of asthma patients. Thus, it makes it a concerning problem caused during the attack.

The chest pains ripple down to shortness of breath and other troublesome symptoms agonizing patients during violent attacks. Thus CBD works as analgesics to subdue the pain, according to this study

It happens by binding the ECS to certain nociceptors (pain-sensing nerves) which trigger the analgesic response.

Are There Side Effects For Using CBD?

Speaking of using CBD products all by themselves pose no threat to the health of the users. CBD is natural, thus it has no toxic chemicals that may harm the body.

Nevertheless, some users have complained of a few side effects they experienced after taking a dosage of CBD. Now, this does not necessarily concern CBD itself.

Sometimes, people may not know they have an allergy to certain components, which by chance, might be present in the CBD. So the side effects they experience are the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

But every individual is, and so is their body. Thus, one body may react in a different way than the other. So, the side effects, however less, differ from person to person.

Coming to the side effects of CBD for asthma, there is not enough research talking particularly about this at the moment. So, little is known of the downside of CBD for asthma.

Nevertheless, there is one concern that surfaced over time – vaping CBD.

Though vaping is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD if you want immediate results, this might not be the best way for asthma patients.

Smoking works as a trigger for asthma, promoting inflammation in the airways.

Certain studies show that smoking increases the risk of attacks. Patients may also develop bullae from smoking marijuana under the age of 45, as mentioned here. This may even create a life-threatening situation for the user.

Some of the side effects you may experience right after using CBD vape are –

  • Formation of Phlegm
  • Breathlessness
  • Wheezing sound from mouth while breathing
  • Coughing
  • Respiratory infections
  • Development of pneumothorax ( in rare cases)

A study published in 2015 also explored the effects of vaping on human as well as mice lung cells. The results showed vaping increased oxidation, toxicity, and inflammation – all are the hallmark triggers for asthma.

Note: Always consult your physician or doctor before you start using CBD. Especially, when you are an expecting or pregnant mother or someone with any medical condition other than asthma.

What CBD Product Is Ideal For Asthma?

Now that vaping and smoking are out of the list of options, we need to find better alternatives.

In order to determine the best way to consume CBD for treating asthma depends on certain factors. They are – the type of asthma you have contracted, metabolism, body weight, sensitivity to THC, frequency, and intensity of symptoms, and ongoing medications.

Now to start, there are two types of CBD – full-spectrum (contains all components of cannabinoids) and broad-spectrum (same as full-spectrum but with the exception of THC).

There is a third option to choose from as well – CBD Isolate. It only contains CBD in the purest form. 

So, here are how you can administer CBD –

Tincture – You can consume tinctures orally and sublingually. You can put a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue for rapid absorption. It is because this area is full of blood capillaries. The effects last up to 8 hours with one dose.

Edibles – This is one of the most popular and travel-friendly ways to try CBD. You can try CBD gummies, cookies, chocolates, powders, etc.

Topical – It includes CBD products such as salve, lotions, creams, roll-one, ointments, etc. Just apply the CBD oil and cream to your forehead for a relaxing effect or around your nose for inhaling naturally.

Tablets – CBD tablets and capsules are also available. However, you may experience the effect after 2 to 4 hours of consumption. 

What is the Dosage of CBD for Asthma?

To experience the magic of CBD, it is crucial to get the dosage right. Overdose will lead to some health complications, even though CBD is mostly side-effects free. It is because the excess of anything is bad. 

Nevertheless, if you go for underdose, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits CBD has to offer for asthma treatment. How is one to decide the right amount of dosage then? 

Since there are not many reports available online debating the ideal dosage for asthma, it is better to consult your doctor for this purpose.

You can start with a dose of  6 to 8mg or 5 to 7 drops at once to see positive results.

Final Words

So to tie everything in a neat bow, CBD is worth it. 

Many pieces of research back the claim of CBD becoming a sought-after and effective way of treating asthma and its inconvenient symptoms. 

What boosts the adoption of CBD as an amazing alternative to the traditional methods for curing asthma is that it is side-effects free.

CBD is a natural component found in the cannabis plant and thus is free of toxic chemicals. To add another jewel to its crown, it is a non-psychoactive compound meaning it does not intoxicate like THC. 

Could we have asked for a better product to combat the condition of asthma? 

There are so many ways to consume CBD that everyone can easily find the best-suited method to administer CBD.

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How Can CBD Help Runners?



How Can CBD Help Runners?

Endurance athletes such as runners have to deal with inflammation all the time. This is normally because of their rigorous exercises, and the desire to push their bodies past the normal limits so they can achieve better and more consistent results. 

For a very long time, their go-to medication for dealing with inflammation has always been ibuprofen. However, with resistance, and potential damages to the liver, in the long run, there was a need for a friendlier, safer, and more efficient alternative. 

CBD oil for runners emerged as one of the favorite natural alternatives to ibuprofen. 

It is not only deadly while dealing with inflammation, but it has also given stellar results as an antidote to anxiety, a perfect sleep aid, and most importantly, a wonderful post-workout recovery booster – all factors of which have enabled athletes to become better at their craft. 

In this piece, get ready to learn more about how CBD can help runners improve certain aspects of their performances.

Will CBD Make Me Feel High? Will I Get Addicted?

For athletes, the last thing you want is to get involved with a substance that may hamper your performance on the tracks. 

With its background, it is normal to think if you will ever get high if you use CBD oil. However, the simple answer to this is a resounding NO. Unlike THC found in marijuana, CBD does not produce euphoria. 

It won’t cause the “high effect” as is always the case with THC. CBD comes directly from the hemp plant – a very close cousin of the marijuana plant.

Does CBD Work?

As a performance athlete keen on quick recovery and improving his performance, the last thing you want is to spend your time and money on something that is not going to work for you. 

Luckily for you, when it comes to whether CBD oil for runners works or doesn’t work, the simple answer is a YES. 

There are lots of evidence from reputable research organizations that suggest that CBD oil can work for most of the conditions that a runner may want it for. 

Though the research in this industry is still young and wanting, there is enough to make you confident that you can safely rely on CBD oil to help you deal with inflammation, recover quickly, make you relax, and grant you a good night’s rest.

However, there are cases of athletes who tried using CBD oil for runners, but they never achieved the results they had hoped for.

If you have experienced zero or very minimal results with CBD oil, it doesn’t necessarily imply that it is not working, but certain factors could make you not get the results you had wanted. Some of the possible reasons why CBD oil for runners may not work for you include the following-:

Your product was not from a reputable vendor

The rise in popularity of CBD oil has seen vendors pop up everywhere, ranging from online stores to reputable manufacturers, and over-the-counter shops to individual street vendors. 

With such a superfluity of sources and vendors, without due diligence on your part, you may not know when you are getting your products from a fake vendor out to make a quick buck from the increase in demand. 

If you get your product from a less reputable vendor, chances are that it may be of very poor quality or it may not even be CBD oil for runners. 

When you use such, you are bound not to get any results. Therefore, research your sources and ensure that you are getting your supplies only from quality and reputable vendors. 

While checking on the authenticity of the vendor, always look for evidence of third party lab tests. Go through the consumer reviews to have an idea of the kind of experience that past buyers have with the product, and always pick your products from lists of well-established brands.

You didn’t use the right dosage

It is possible that you may get your CBD oil for runners from a reputable source, but still, it doesn’t work for you. The main culprit is such a case may be because you didn’t get the right dosage. It is not always a walk in the park to find the right dosage of CBD oil.

The right dosage will always vary from person to person depending on their unique biology as well as their overall state of activity. Therefore,  you must find the right dosage that will work for you.

The best way to find out what dose could be right for you is to start with low doses and work your way up over time until you hit that sweet spot.

Some users prefer to take a daily dose hoping that it could stimulate the endocannabinoid system so that it can get working in their favor, while others prefer to use micro-dosing techniques where they take small amounts during the day over time until they find what works well for them.

A good method that may help you find what dose may be best for you is to use a journal so that you can track how much you have taken and the kind of effects it had on you.

You didn’t give it enough time

CBD oil for runners is not one of those substances which you can expect to get near-instant results. You may not feel anything after a day, three days, or even one week. 

Be prepared to use the oil over several days or weeks, or even months before you start experiencing some noticeable differences.

You are not using the right delivery method

CBD has various delivery methods with the most common ones including tinctures, topical creams, vape oils, suppositories or capsules, and edible treats such as chocolate and gummies. 

These delivery methods have different bioavailability – the rate and the quantity of the CBD that finally gets through to your system. 

For example, gummies and chocolate have to go through the digestive process before they become bioavailable. 

Tinctures, on the other hand, are taken sublingually. Hence, they get absorbed directly into the bloodstream. 

Therefore, if you haven’t noticed any good results from using CBD oil for runners after a while, it may be time for you to review your delivery method.

CBD may not just be suitable for your system

That CBD is popular and is being hailed for its healing prowess doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for everyone. 

You may jump from brand to brand, use various delivery methods, and even work with varying doses but still have nothing to show for it. 

In such a case, it could simply be that CBD oil doesn’t just work for you. You should know that your level of absorption and success at using CBD oil depends on a variety of factors, with some of the most important ones being your genetics, metabolism, and biochemistry. 

You could have a genetic mutation that makes your body naturally produce higher amounts of endocannabinoids which may render the cannabinoids obtained from CBD less effective.

If this describes your situation, it is not the end of the world. There are still several ways you can explore to get all the benefits you would have achieved by using CBD oil as an athlete.

Are CBD Topicals Legal?

Yes, CBD topicals are legal. Feel free to purchase and use hemp-derived CBD in any state within the United States of America.

Is CBD Good for Runners?

Runners usually have to entertain certain nuisances that CBD oil could easily help them clear. 

If you are an athlete or a runner, you will always need something to help you get relief after your sessions and to also get you well prepared for the next race. 

CBD oil has both therapeutic and anti-inflammatory potential that can help runners in the following ways-:

Reduce inflammation – intense training routines demand faster and efficient recoveries. If you are able to recover faster, then you will also have the ability to train more often. 

With the anti-inflammation properties of the oil, you will experience reduced inflammation as well as reduced sciatica pain

Consequently, you will find the pleasure to be on the running track sooner and regularly.

Helps with pain relief – other than the normal muscle aches and sciatica pain, CBD will also help you do away with the normal body pains you are likely to experience as a result of going hard on the tracks. 

This is how you get to reduce your recovery time so that you are ready and fit for the next race or training session.

Help you sleep better – if you are an endurance athlete such as a runner, then you will always look forward to having a wonderful night’s rest. 

CBD oil has been proven to bring relief for conditions such as anxiety and depression that may make you not sleep better at night. 

Also, CBD oil will enhance the production of serotonin in the body. This is the hormone responsible for promoting restful sleep.

It will help you stay calm and relax before a race – if you have a race coming up, then sometimes you can’t just help, but be anxious. This may have a direct impact on your performance during that race.

Since CBD promotes restful sleep and deals with the symptoms of the anxiety of depression, it is just what you need to keep your cool just before a race.

How can CBD Oil help with Foot Pain?

There is enough clinical and anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD oil for runners can help with foot pain. 

For general pains and aches in the leg and foot region, CBD oil has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help in alleviating such pains. 

It is through the same properties that CBD oil is able to deal with pains associated with arthritis and the use of high heeled shoes. 

For runners who end up with blisters on their foot, CBD oil can be used to clean the blisters, and to promote faster healing.

How can CBD Oil help with Muscle and Joint Pain?

Studies suggest that the cannabinoids present in CBD oil may help in bringing relief to muscle and joint pains, including other types of chronic pains within the body. 

Scientists believe that the cannabinoids present in CBD oil attach themselves to specialized receptors known as CB2 receptors that are primarily responsible for managing pain and inflammation. 

Scientists strongly believe that CBD affects how the receptors respond to signals from the brains, and possibly help in reducing inflammation and muscle and joint pains in various parts of the body.

Will I pass a Drug Test with CBD?

CBD alone will never show up on a typical drug test. But, depending on the CBD product you use, there may be trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which will definitely show up on a drug test. 

THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and it is one of the substances usually targeted with the majority of the drug tests. 

Since most of the CBD products have trace amounts of THC, it may show up on a drug test if it is available in more than trace amounts. As such, your test may turn out to be a positive drug test.

What forms of CBD Products can Runners use?

There are various forms of CBD products in the market but not all of them are suitable for runners. Runners need a delivery method that will bring them relief in the shortest possible method. 

As such, the best form of CBD products that runners can use are tinctures and CBD topicals. Depending on what you want to achieve, these are the most bioavailable forms. 

This means that they are absorbed into your system faster and more efficiently. 

They are unlike gummies and chocolates that will have to go through the full cycle of digestion before they can be available in your bloodstream.

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