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Restaurants Are Recognizing the Benefits of CBD Infused Foods




CBD Infused Products

CBD is a non-psychotropic part of Cannabis that doesn’t make the user go into a state or intoxication or euphoria. In fact, its benefits are opposite to the stimulant that a lot of people see Cannabis be. But more and more people are starting to realize this fact and the support for the legalization of its use is ever on the rise. With the federal bill for the legalization of hemp production passed, USA is one step closer to the realization of the CBD legalization dream.

The Benefits of Cannabidiol

The purported benefits of CBD include pain-relief, anti-inflammatory properties with an ability to give its users a feeling of calmness, reducing anxiety and improving sleep. The co-founder of a coffee shop named Strava Craft Coffee, Andrew Aamot, claims that this product also helps to cut the jitters that some people feel from caffeine intake.

Although its benefits are not approved by the FDA, CBD supporters still continue to view this product as a herbal alternative to the traditional medicines. In essence, this substance has become a part of the wellness movement and an acceptable alternative to painkillers and sleep inducers.

Some studies even revealed CBD to have some side-effects for some patients with certain conditions. Regardless, people continue to believe in its health benefits and the accounts of users’ personal experiences continue to give CBD some credit as a herbal treatment. But just like any other herbal treatments, it seems to be difficult to either prove or disprove its effectiveness without further research. But that does not stop different companies from adopting this substance for its products.

CBD as a Food Ingredient

Different Denver Bars and Restaurants are now starting to add CBD into their food and beverages as just another ingredient. Hotel Teatro in Denver has recently held a dinner event consisting solely of CBD infused recipes. This event and the idea of infusing CBD into food have been inspired by the company called SuperGood.

Many companies like Strava Craft Coffee, SuperGood, Strongwater and Dram has been infusing CBD into many of its products including ingestible oils, coffee, cocktail bitters, and sparkling water. Cafe Habit Carbon, includes a whole line of different CBD infused recipes such as CBD waffles and Kombucha. Customers can even order up to 12 milligrams of CBD to be added into their beverages or dishes for up to $2.


The underlying reasons behind the adoption of CBD as an ingredient in these restaurants’ recipes might be because of the increased sales it can induce. Since most of its users and the customers claim that this product is able to “calm their nerves” and reduce their stress, helping them sleep better, they are not only thrilled at the idea of a CBD added to diet but also pushing for this change in the US. With the increasing demand for this product, we can believe that there will always be a supply. But whether or not the authorities and the government begins to see their point of view, CBD will continue to be a matter of a much-discussed debate and a taboo for many of the masses.

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