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Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor: CBD Infused Iceys




Ben and Jerry CBD

Having the long-awaited Public Hearing by FDA being conducted last Friday, there still are no solid conclusions that had been reached. What seemed to be a ray of hope for the Food and Beverage producers, is yet to see the light of the day. The bad news: as of now, FDA’s old rules are still in place and their stance on using CBD in food and beverages are still unchanged. The good news, however, is that they still haven’t just chucked the notions of approving the use of CBD in food products, out of the window. After the hearing, the FDA still hasn’t reached a conclusion yet. That’s a good thing, right?

Ben and Jerry’s Certainly Seems to Think So

Like many other supporters of CBD use, Ben and Jerry still choose to take the inactions of FDA back on 31st May to be a good sign.  Like many others, they still believe that winds of change are blowing. With that hope in the horizon, they are considering releasing their new line of Ice Cream, infused with CBD. How much good would it do to enhancing the flavors are still in question, but it’s definitely going to add a little more “oomph” to them, that’s for certain.

However, Ben & Jerry’s had made it abundantly clear that this decision of theirs isn’t going to see fruition until and unless the FDA legalizes the use of CBD in food products. As such, they, like many other supported of CBD, are still waiting for the FDA’s decision on adding CBD into food and drinks.

Recent Survey and Trends

According to The National Restaurant Association and The American Culinary Federation, 75% of the chefs surveyed, believe that CBD added food is the hot new trend in culinary arts. The survey was conducted on 650 professional chefs all across the US, asking them about what they believed to be the best food cooking concepts for restaurants. 3 out of each 4 chefs seem to believe that it’s CBD that’s the hot trend this year.

According to the CEO of Ben and Jerrys, Matthey Mcarthy, they are listening to these demands of the customers and willing to give them what they desire through this new line of ice cream. They only await the green signal from the FDA. However, he also mentions that just following trends is not the only thing they are interested in. They believe that they need a sustainable source of CBD for their products, grown and shipped, right from their home state of Vermont. They claim that adhering to their values when it comes to sourcing, is an important part of their innovative processes when they are looking to create innovative ice cream flavors.


Obviously, with the prominent brands adding CBD into their food products, everyone will want to get on this trend train as well. But the FDA’s regulations are severely limiting this practice. Whether or not we can hope to see the legalizations anytime soon or not still remains to be seen. For now, just like all the other supporters of its use, we can only hope that FDA comes up with their decisions soon, and may it be in our favor.

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