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National Farma’s Breakthrough Technology Creates Water Soluble CBD products to Retailers




Water soluble CBD

National Farma, a Texas based company which claims to have made a breakthrough in its water-soluble CBD technology is teaming up with World Hemp Oil, a company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of CBD oil along with creation of custom formulations of CBD products wholesalers and retailers.

With the growing popularity of CBD, companies and retailers have started pushing CBD products on the front shelves of the consumer market. From CBD infused food and drinks to CBD based beauty products including lotions, creams, oils, pills and much more, the U.S. market is currently flourishing with the newly legalized substance.

The farm bill in December 2018 removed hemp derived cannabinoid from its Controlled Substance Act which opened up new path ways for medical research. Since then, companies and retailers have been taking advantage of the compound, releasing products to attract consumers.

CBD is basically a compound found in marijuana plants which has potential health benefits. It helps calm pain, swelling, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia and also treats ailments like Cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Though the FDA still bans CBD from being infused in any edible, companies have been moving around this law, coming up with new products every month. The agency is yet to set a regulatory framework for the safe use of cannabinoid for users in May when it will hold a public meeting for the same.

Water Soluble CBD

National Farma has changed the game of water-soluble CBD to another level by curating high quality bioavailable CBD. The company has used SonoShear technology and its emulsification formula to create nano-emulsions with oil droplet sizes under 50 nm.

This way the oil gets absorbed 10 times more and its beneficial properties also increase significantly. The advanced engineered water-soluble CBD is tasteless and odourless, making it a perfect choice for additives in any edible product, including clear drinks.

Bioavailability explains the rate and percentage at which a substance gets absorbed in the bloodstream. Oil-water emulsions of nutraceuticals and supplements present a severe challenge for many oral and transdermal therapies, because of most of the beneficial molecules remaining hidden inside the oil drops.

As for CBD products which are usually consumed orally, including CBD oil in food and drinks, absorption is typically below 10% due to which the oil’s capability of rendering health benefits gets affected.

In order to derive its highest potential without increasing its potency in the products, National Farma believes that processing the CBD oil with its SonoShear technology will definitely help increase the absorption results by 90% or higher for CBD supplements.

Christopher Cain of World Hemp Oil said that this technology could be a game changer for the CBD industry. Products based on CBD such as tinctures, gel caps, topicals, creams, edibles and beverages would highly benefit from the National Farma’s proprietary water-soluble CBD technology. With this latest creation of increasing the solubility of the substance in different products, the company has offered a cost effective and an efficient solution in the market.

According to a data compiled by the Brightfield Group, the U.S. hemp derived CBD industry is expected to touch $22 billion by 2022 alone. It is one of the hottest ingredients in the U.S. market right now, everyone is looking forward to either create or buy CBD based products, thereby creating a great balance between the supply and demand.

CBD is expected to grow the country’s economy by a boom in the coming years. With multi national organizations and big heads stepping into the CBD space, one can expect it to become one of the highest selling and valued product in the market in the next 5 years.

Consumers’ are curious not just about the medicinal benefits of the compound but also how it can impact their lifestyle, keep them healthy and fit. CBD has come as a sigh of relief to those who had been looking for alternative methods for medical ailments since long.

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